Carlz Johnny 5 - Short Circuit Head

by carl74 May 29, 2017
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mind if i ask what size rc shocks you used?

hia pal

if I remember right,.... I used around 130mm to 140mm length between fixing points on the shocks.

Hi guys, printed 90% of head components is there any assembly diagrams been done

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hi there, yes have a look around my forum for pics and help on building mate... or any other help just put a post up and I will try and help
its not that hard to build and you can make things easy if you use the big print bed parts... if you have a big printer that is.

This looks amazing and I'm very excited to start working on this as my next pet project. Is there a forum or group I can join that goes into more detail about printing and assembly? I also saw a "Missing Parts" section, I was wondering are those parts that replace parts from this version or are they additional parts to compliment this model?

hi there, yes you can have a look around my forum for pics and help on building mate... or any other help just put a post up and I will try and help.
as for the missing section there was some parts I forgot when uploading the J5 head parts so you can find them there.
not all the files in that section are for the head but cover the rest of the johnny 5 as well.

is there also an electric part?

This is an amazing model! I'm printing now and looking forward to the build. Question: The detail panels, such as 6-9 or so, seemed skewed, the screw holes are oblong....

Hia mate, if you have a look in my Johnny 5 missing parts... you can download all the re-done detail panels there, hope this helps an enjoy.
Thanks Carl.

I have been printing all the large pieces and everything is going well. The detail panels are all not slicing properly at all. They end up as triangles. I tried repairing them but it is the same. Only the detail panels are doing this.

hi dean ive just re-done all the panels and uploaded them to Carlz Johnny 5 Missing Parts for you....

Thanks, I appreciate it. Building a full size Johnny 5 is going to take some time

Hia pal... when I get back to my windows box I will re-upload the detail set for you mate.

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Thank you Carl,
So far this Johnny 5 is going real well everything fitting well!

looking the part mate from your pic :) well done nice to see someone printing it.... you will have to post some more pic on my group.. be kewl to see your build, and if you need anymore help just let me no mate.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! This really helps, great pictures of the actual Johnny 5! So much better than the movie screen grabs i did.


no probs mate :)

Does anyone know where these 5 pieces fit

You are the man, man

Lol thanks pal, enjoy

I Made a Johnny 5 and he is about 74 Centermeters tall

the Facebook Group does not exist as I can see but if yall want I´ll make a new Group and here it is https://www.facebook.com/groups/2337318583219999/

Hia all... just added Johnny 5 Missing Piston Parts for my johnny 5 head...

This is cool! Hey, is your J5 half-scale, or full size?

Lol thanks, it’s 1:1

Can you provide the Cad Files? The only ones I can find on the internet are from 2014 and they are missing alot of content....

Hia i dont think i still have them but will have a look... saying that i had the same 2014 cab files anyway

Is there a file for the white eye apertures?

uploaded a pic of low cost how to audio your johnny 5 :)

I cant find the "nose servo bracket " BOTTOM plate do you have this file.


Nice work! I was wondering if you could add a close up photo/s of where the neck parts attach to the bottom of the head. I've been able to figure out most of the assembly but I'm kinda stumped as to how the upper neck connects. Thanks

there is supposed to be a mounting plate under the head, its missing on here. the plate exists in the original files. here is what it looks like. https://input-inc.com/gallery/J5DRT_Day_3/J5DRTDAY3_106.jpg

ahhh ok. I was going crazy trying to figure where those pieces fit in. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm assuming if I use the bolt method of attaching the head, The head will not be movable. is that correct?

yes... only use the bolt method for a static head joint

hope this helps ya pal

This is helpful but I'm still confused as to how the head mount plate slides work. Do they just rest against the bottom of the head?

yes brill I will get one madeup and post it for you... an hope it helps :)

printing right now!

brill pal let us know how you get on...

Its going really good so far, printed most parts, and some i made by hand like the eye tubes, It was faster to make out of pvc pipe in the lathe, and i changed some parts to work for my servos for example. having input inks gallery up to see how the actual part is put together helps allot, I also made pdf and dwg drawings for the bottomplate and cover plates so i can make them out of aluminium easier. some parts was chopped in a way that they had a thin surface going out from them (at least on my computer) so i just fixed that in fusion no worries. having all parts chopped up to fit a printer was great, thank you

hia mate... its real good to hear how others go about finding different ways to make the parts :) an yes input inks gallery is a big help
you will have to post some pics... love to see how you getting on with your build.

how to put the Top head Plate - partz together ;)

how to put the Bottom head - partz together ;)

Having a lot of fun printing out these parts and figuring out how they go together ;)

Is this still an active project?

And is Base part 8 the same as base part 6+7 and a redundant part if the other has been printed?

oh I c :)
Bottom head part 8 is the same as Bottom head part 6 + 7 …. if your print bed will take part 8. don't print 6 + 7

hia pal
itz bin some time ive look over me filez…. what partz mate... I cant seen to find base part 8

All I can say is I have a lot of work ahead of me fixing these files and remixing this build to something that is manageable and viable. So far I found nearly every file needs to be repaired and alot of the parts MUST be printed with supports and are so badly chopped that its nearly impossible to properly slice them. Real buzz kill.

Nearly every file I have attempted to slice has 2-3,000 errors in it and wont remotely slice properly to the shape expected. I don't recommended these files.

mate you don't have to use em! …. leech the cad files your self n start from there... it was a learning curve for me at the time trying to go from cad to slice an print

The 10 side vents when loaded into cura are microscopic. what should they be scaled to?

This looks really awesome! Can you please provide an assembly guide or something? I printed all the bottom head pieces and now struggling with getting it together... this is kind of sad because I really like to finish it, but if I even don't manage to assemble this few parts it won't get better with the others.... :(

leave it with me... I will try an get something sorted.... is it the Bottom head parts you lot are havin probz with ????

Hey! I just found all the printed pieces and returned to this page! Your plans did help a lot! I managed to glue the bottom parts together just fine! Thank you very much!!
Just one thing left: Could you provide information on your electronic works (mouth, eyes, flaps?) I really like the talking Johnny! :)

Thanks man!

hia there
this is a low cost and easy way of adding sound and lighting to your johnny 5
I used a Sound Control 5-LED Melody Lamp Light Module Electronic Production DIY 3-5.5v from ebay and added more leds to it for around £5 for the sound to light lips.
and for the audio I used Mini MP3 Decoder Board from ebay around £4 then just copy the wav/mp3 files to a usb stick and away you go :)
if you look on ebay for them pal you will find them...
you will need a DC 4V-38V to 1.25V-36V 2A Step Down Power Supply Regulator to drop the 12v to 5v
and a Mini 5V PAM8403 Audio Power Amplifier Board 2 Channel

sounds hard but its not lol
12v power plug into the Step Down Power Supply Regulator... that outputs 5v for your sound and lights and amp
hope this help ya pal if you need anymore help let me know

Thanks! Will try as soon as he is ready :)

just uploaded a pic of how I did it pal...

Easily the most covetous thing I have ever seen on thingiverse. Well. Freaking. Done.

Would be so nice if you would make a PDF with the Building Plan so one can see where each part must go together, Got the Files and will start soon printing the Head 1:1 and later the rest . I am almost finished with Johnny Five at 50%

Love this! Thanks for posting! Any chance you have files of larger pieces that aren't sliced into a million pieces? I have a large format printer and would love to print some parts as one. Either way, really nice! Thanks.

I'd love to have the larger files too. I have a CR-10 and would rather not try to figure out how to assemble all of this.

Any advice on if this would work scaled down to maybe 60/50 percent? Absolutely love this.

yes i cant see why not mate... tho some parts maybe very thin in some places, but hay be kewl to see how you do :)


missing eye fin file uploaded now...

thank you ;)

they are parts missing. the 10 side vent panels and a part from his neck. Do you have this for us please?

omdz... well spotted mate. ive just had a look and yes the side vents have not been uploaded, dont no why... i will upload the file now. you just need to print 10 of them out,

as for the neck i used a long bolt glued in place and a bit of small duct to cover it... so no parts to print.

HI it would be nice if you would make a Plan as a PDF File for how and where the Parts go together, I am making a 50% scale from Johnny Five and as soon as it is done I will start a 1:1 Print . Here is my Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c4cx6AVtTo

hey, thank you for the reply. I'm in proces of printing johnny 5. That 's why i have seen that the parts or missing from the vent panels. Do you have a email adres so i can send you a picture of the part that i mean from his neck?

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wooo r you talking about the black tube with a metal rod... if so... i shud of put it in the info mate sorry...
they r 1/8 Scale i think RC Off Road Buggy Shock Absorber Damper


is this 1/1 scale? if so that is amazing

yes mate itz 1/1 :)

massive thanks Tlrcarl,

it looks awesome, one of the best prints i've seen.

there are johnny 5 buliders groups facebook with the cad files and terry andrews jr is a member.

yes thats where the cad files come from i think... i was under the impression that input-ink made most of the cad files but when you look on the input-ink page now it looks like the cad files are not available for download... anyway who ever made the cad files just like to say BIG thanks n awesome work :)

is it possible to like something more than once? GREAT THING! Where's the rest of it? ;)

lol this is a remix of the cad files made by input-inc, johnny 5 full cad files i think are around for download.

Great looking model. Just wondering about the linear actuators for the head... are they static or are they functioning actuators?

they do move, but just built it to be static... same with the eye lids they can move with the 6 servos

hope you're making the rest of him now. i'd like to see the whole thing when done. and if whole id have to print and build my very own. great project idea !

you can download the full cad files for johnny 5 :) have a look round on da net