by Pipe951 May 30, 2017
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Made with ender 3x sliced in Cura.
No problems, perfect print.

using simplify 3d you have to move the object under the "build plate" by 1mm. if you look at the layers it is off and your print will fail, i did fast honeycomb and enlarged it to 245mm tall! it took 8.5hrs to print at 15% infill no supports at .28 layer height.

hey thanks for the file can u upload the original file for inventor or other 3d construction programm .

Printed really well, used support and a raft, cleaned up ok. Will try it without support next. Used draft cura profile on a creality 10s, normal settings and standard PLA. Thanks for the print, my grandchildren think its great!

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I had this problem. I didn't see the solution very clearly posted so I'll add my observation. In slic3r Prusa Edition there is a "Cut" command on the Object menu. I used this to cut at Z = 0.6 mm, then select to keep only the top, and clicking Perform Cut (it takes a while to complete). After this the model printed perfectly. If you want you can then export the STL from slic3r on Object->"Export object as STL..."

Anyone having this problem, where the model isn't exactly flat on the build plate can solve it in your slicer. You can simply use the 'move' command (Cura, similar in other slicers) to move the model down to -1mm on the z axis. This will push the bottom of the model 1mm below the build plate, effectively cutting off the bottom 1mm of the model and making it perfectly flat. This has allowed me to successfully print this model without any support, rafts, etc.

I had the same problem -- it wouldn't print until I moved it down -1mm in the z axis. I printed 1mm 20% infill without supports and it came out great! Really cool design, thanks!

Thanks - this was a big hit. Made two for my grandkids: PLA on Flashforge Creater Pro, 10% infill, 0.4mm to 0.2mm layers for 0-4mm height, then 0.2mm for the rest. No supports. ABS on MonoPrice Mini Select, 10% infill, supports, 0.4mm first layer, 0.2mm rest. Both turned out great.

Can anyone create a hole of 40mm into the buttom for a candle light (Tee Light). Coz i dont have the time to get into 3D construction and for Tinkercad the file is to big.
Big Thanks...

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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i printed using ultra low end anet a8...PLA...Slic3r...no supports...25% infill

turned out good

well i just printed it and it appears to be fine....thank you :)

hi i would like to make one of these..can anyone confirm if this current file prints ok???

file is way too big....about 20x bigger than most stl files...and does not work well in slic3r slows the program too much

I'm new to the 3D Printers and I see a lot of people talking about ''x''% of Resolution/Fill.
Can someone help me to understand this part? :(
I have an Alta 3D printer from Silhouette.


The print is somehow not working properly in Cura or S3D. It prints only a partial first layer on the left side of the unicorn then prints the other side as a 2nd layer.

In Cura, use the lay flat function and drop it to the build table again. That will fix that.

I've tried that to no avail. This model could use some tweaking/optimization. Its got way too many polygons in addition to the issue cyrus mentions.

It is very great. Tried to print but there is an issue under the right leg that I cannot repair.

What print settings did you use, outside of the 20% fill?

I've tried printing this 3 times now and I've not had any success.

Dear Vanilla

Thanks for this info

It's not me, I think she probably just doesn't understand what the attribution license means. So its not really stolen but we all shlould get at least the recognition for our work we offer for free right?

Take care, Philip

I must simplify stl file in blender. 64M->12M. I am using MatterControl for slicing. (printed 0.2, with support)

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Awesome design I finally had a successful print (just started this week) and I love this design especially my daughter loves it

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Looks great. Did you use supports? How much infill?

Thanks! No supports and 20% infill.

How did you print the nose without supports? Printed in TPU yesterday with 5% infill and supports and it turned out fantastic. My daughter loves it :)

Well, when I designed it, I tried to place the tongue so it is working like the support. It worked for me :-)

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