Parametric adapter for parasol base

by egil May 30, 2017
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Question: do you think maybe using the word Parametric for everything is not useful? I have seen it soooo much that it really means nothing. If for example you measured all your parts out in inches it won't change the fact that everything is scale-able. Since things are scale-able in Cura (or other slicers) then really there seems to be no use (to me) to say Parametric on every item we make. I know it may sound anal to mention this, but when you search parametric it brings up half of the stuff on Thingiverse, which is counter productive. It is like mentioning that you breathe air or that you need electricity to power your 3d printer.

Dearest MacGiver, the word "parametric" means that this is a design that will adapt and change shape according to parameters that you supply. Parameters such as inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness, tolerance and so on. The easiest way to study this in practice is to try the "Open in Customizer" link on this page. This is not a matter of scaling, the entire design (number of ribs and shape etc etc) changes according to the parameters you supply. I believe "parametric" is the most appropriate term to describe this.

I Printed one of these and it worked perfect but now i wanted to print another one btu i cant open it anymore with the customizer...

Interesting, the customizer flag seems to have been turned off. I have not touched it, but anyway I have now turned it on again so hopefully the customizer should work again.

Thx for your answer! In the meantime i have learned how to use openscad and today i needed a new Adapter. Thank you!