Iron Man Arc Reactor USB-Powered

by bass4aj May 30, 2017
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Sooo good, congratulations friend and very thanks. Regards!!

What size hole do I need to cut in my chest for this to work?

I had issues with the caps fitting properly, they were to tight, I scaled the y axis to 110% and everything fits great.

Thats interesting. What printer were you using? The Ultimaker 2+ printed the file as-is and the caps fit fine.

Robo 3d R1+, I have never really had any dimensional issues on it. Everything else on the project fit like a glove.

huh, I wonder if I uploaded the wrong version.... I will check that and update if it is the case. Thanks!

Hey, me again! Did you know there's a slight problem with your main_crystal2 part? I've just printed it and thought there was something wrong with my printer (I've been having belt tensioning issues). Take a look at the model, viewed from the top. The distance between the 2 outer parts get smaller the further around the model you go.

Probably not a big deal as it'll be covered by the upper_center but just thought I'd let you know.

I didn't notice, but yeah, as you said, its covered so no one will be able to tell. Keep in mind this is a remix, so I did not design all the files from scratch, just modified the scaling and made minor improvements/adjustments.

Hey. I just printed the crystal ring from the original model and it looks massive! Is the 80% scaling on your remix intended to make it closer to the actual size of the original prop?

Yes! Although it’s probably not spot on, but I think it feels fairly close.

Awesome, cheers for the reply. I think the real prop is around 75mm width so your model is a hell-of-a-lot closer than the original set of STLs.

Any chance you've got some more specific pictures of the wiring of the LED's, specifically how you connected the two LED rings, and how you connected the USB cable? Also, to power it, could I plug the end of the USB into a portable charger and walk around with it? The pictures are hard to make out the details.

Unfortunately I don't and now that it is all assembled, I can't take it apart. I can try to explain it better though. If you see that copper wire that threads through the support cage, one of those wires is power and one is ground. Doesn't matter which. So you connect those to ground/power on the ring, and then also connect them to ground/power on the LEDs in the support cage. The USB cable has ground/power as well, so you just wire that to the copper wires as well. I don't have a picture, but I did power/ground on the support cage LEDs in a similar way to the ring. I just wrapped ground around one half of the circle, and power around the other half. You may need to get creative in how you place the resistors. It was a pretty tight fit and took some trial and error.

To answer your second question, yes, you can plug it into ANY USB power source, including a portable charger.

Thank you so much for the reply! I think i've got it all figured out now. And yea my biggest worry was how to place the resistors in the support cage, as there isn't much room but I should be able to manage. Thanks again!