Star Wars complete Death Star Diorama

by Freddy1990 May 31, 2017
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is the default size suitable for 1/6 scale figures? I need some help here

looking forward to adding a really cool paint app on my finished print.. hoping to make some blood stained walls on clear transparent pla

anyone know how to make these solid? i find when i lie them flat to print the shapes on the panels are hollow and do not print very well

Total NOOB here. Waiting on my first 3D printer to arrive from
Black Friday sale lol. Is it possible to change these dimensions on these to fit 6" scale figures?

Hey. I dont know the exact dimensions of 6" scale figures but you can change the Size just the way you like inside your slicing software. For myself im using Cura

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. That's great to know. I'll do some trial and error and see what works. Are you planning on doing any doors by chance?

There will definitely be more Star Wars Diorama Stuff in the future. But for now I am very busy with work and school

That's great news. You are very talented. Appreciate your contributions to the community. I simply don't have that type of skill to design things like this on software so contributors like you are a God-send. Best of luck to you in school and work! Looking forward to your future uploads.

Hey, what dimensions will this print at?

Hey man! awesome stuff. What are these scaled for? If you don't mind me asking. Would i need to do anything if i'm trying for 1/6 Figures?

Thanks, :)

Your printing bed does need the right size to print these model that large. Im from Germany and 1/6 scale figures are around 30cm tall. That´s around 11,8 inches. Just scale the whole thing up to your preference!

Excellent , Its on my long long long list of projects to complete.

Having issues with Wall 1 and Wall 2. They print out but the parts that stick out (rectangles/squares, etc) like to pop off when removing from the bed. Seems that they are not solid with the rest of the wall. I can easily glue them back on but was wondering if anyone else is having this issue?

I've been printing the Death Star walls for the past 24 hours. First print came out nice, but too small for the 6 inch. The second print messed up. That's what I get for trying to print two at a time.I have two completed and starting my third, and maybe fourth now. Once I get everything done I'll post pics.

Nice! looking forward to these Pics!

OMG! I've ben looking online for months for this exact thing! Thank you! As soon as my printer stops it's current project this is going on it!

Cool. Show me yours when it's finished!
I will publish a few more Dioramas in the near future, stay tuned ;)

Oh, if your Printer has problems printing the first Layer use rafts. That worked fine for me!