Deadpool Mask

by Killonious Jun 1, 2017
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Hello, great model. Could you send file with separate eyemask (black) and separate red mask, please ??

Halfway through printing! Thanks for your work!!

Here are the colors for Deadpool


Awesome Killonious as always! about how long is the print time for the full mask or to print it in pieces? I'm going to see Deadpool 2 tomorrow and would like to know if I can get it finished in time.

Just finished printing this and done a test fit with sticky tape holding it together. It looks fantastic but a bit tight on my head. Will be printing again but a little larger. Thanks for the awesome files.

Would this work as an airsoft mask? I want to know if it could hold up to getting shot multiple times.

I would not recommend any 3d printed model for airsoft but that is just my opinion.

O that’s really weird mabey it’s just my printer or when I scales it

This a terrible file I printed out all of the pieces and none of them fit together the piece under the eye is longer then the other side and the chin piece on the right side is longer then the left this is a terrible file

Sorry to hear that I printed this mask and so have others with no issues.

Comments deleted.

Who has printed this at 100%? I need to know what the internal dimensions are.

How big of a head is this made for?? I have a 22 inch head so I want to make sure if its too big, that I scale it down.

I'm not sure . There is a pdf file you can download with the measurements.

Comments deleted.

I would like to collaborate on a batman related build sometime.

What do you have planned?

Something like a face shell for spiderman, but for a batman mask.

I feel like you're the new geoffro. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the compliment, but I still got a lot to learn to get to his level.

niceeee job.... and what changebale eyes?:P

Not this one. Maybe the next one.

Me: Well let's do the usual morning check of Thingiverse before we start work today..
Also Me: Oh nice, Kill's put something else out...
Me Again: F*ck me its Deadpool, now I gotta add this to the mile-long print queue

Good morning and chimichangas everybody. Pete you're absolutely destroying as of late! Keep it up bud.

Looking good, I see you too getting the hang of splitting the files up for best printing position ; )

Now not to be to critical, because I am envious of what you do here, but the face to me looks like it needs to be longer and perhaps squarer in shape? Just a personal observation.

I noticed that too and edit it. Oh and I always like to hear your feed back. So thanks!

Sweet, I see the end result now, Great job as always : ) Cheers Jace

Yeah I have done it so may times now i'm getting the hang of it.

Awesome! I just printed the back piece of the T800 gun as in three pieces only came back at 600gms. Reconfiguring it now to minimalize the fillament ; ) Getting there : )