Anet A8 - Spring Bushing

by Cyberlamb Jun 1, 2017
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Great job, but I would like to clarify that it should pause at the end of layer 42 (I pause at the beginning). I also recommend spraying the nut with lacquer before placing it on the print (it no longer touches the hot bed).

Unfortunately it does not fit with the AM8 version, on the right side the printed nuts should be 2 mm. smaller in diameter so as not to hit the support of the Y-axis rod.

Sorry, I should have written it in the comments on the nut.
These supports do their job, but you have to be careful with the threads of the retraction, because if you leave many it will be impossible to insert the spring. Although if you manage to put it 5 mm. then you can turn it and it will break the threads when it enters.

What is the purpose of this thing? On my printer I even had the problem that my springs were too tensioned so they cut into the heatbed pcb and caused shorts. I have not used this thing but I would also not recommend it because it tensions the springs so the same thing could happen for others

Printed correctly and does the job perfectly, thank you!

Do you have a design for the gears there also? Btw, it printed very good for me! Ill upload pics in some time.

I believe this is what I printed: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1708803

Anet A8 Prusa i3 bed leveling knob
by Ratm3at

These printed fine for me. I had to drill out the hole in the bottom to give it an easier fit, but that's likely the fault of my printer, not the STL

LOL. I was adding a Y-chain last night and found that removing the original bushings was difficult because of the tightness. I added a bit more space for both the screw and spring, and uploaded new STL.

Did not print correctly.

I am sorry to hear that. With over 150 downloads this is the first I have heard of any issues with the file.

As you can see from the Thingiview above, which creates the image directly from the STL file, it is not a solid piece.

What slicer program are you using? What are your printer settings?