Low friction spool holder

by sneakypoo Jan 27, 2014
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Great useful tool, only my larger spools wont fit, and i'm not that far that i can create a nut with a longer peace of treat.

Printed one of these, worked out decent, the only criticism I will say is that the threading and spacer tolerances should be larger because if you print with crappy eABS stuff like what I did then things are too tight to fit and had to print again with 2-8% XY increases on couple parts to compensate.

No reason not to print in PLA to be honest, I just wanted to use the leftovers of this terrible eABS crap, I hate the stuff!

I've printed this for my "non" UM Spools and even in a mix of ABS and PLA they fit perfectly together. No problem at all to assemble the parts together (printed 2 Sets due to Dual-Nozzle).I'm using 608 Bearings and a dffierent mount (for 2040 Profiles).

But there is no "low" friction. There is indeed somehow no friction at all. The Spools are rolling so easy and i'm struggle to make them a little bit more in fraction otherwise the Filament (even with a FilamentGuide) will spool to far and to easy.

Any suggestions?

Awesome design. All parts fit perfectly. I used the longer 90mm Core 2 and had to print an additional approx. 38mm long inner spacer. Well done, and thanks for sharing.

Low friction spool holder
by Anool

Thanks Sneakypoo for the design. Like others, I had problems with the parts screwing together. Core 1 screwed into core 2 just fine, but I had problems with the nut screwing onto core 2. I had tried Franzus' suggestion of setting a "HORIZONTAL EXPANSION" setting and applied it to the nut, core1 and core 2. However, re-reading the comments, I see "Xile6" had success by only printing core2 with the setting, so I may try reprinting that part. I was able to make the nut screw on to core 2 by using some fine cutting compound (course would have been better, but I only had fine) and a lot of elbow grease.

Hi, sneakypoo!
I like your item so much, but unfortunately it doesn't fit to the wider spool I use (85mm wide and with the hole 50mm). So can you please make and release "608_core 2" file but longer by 30 or 50mm?
Thanks in advance!

Printed it out as is and it was a tight fit. I work it on and off and it start to lossen up but in the end it got stuck all the way on and had to cut out the inner thread.

So i did what
said only on the 608 core 2 and it came off the printer working just find.

I think the tolerances are too tight for my printer with the 608 version. The threaded parts are so tight I cannot get them threaded very far and the bearings will not fit into the housings. I think I am going to remix this to use 5/16 threaded rod and the 608 bearings with a little loser tolerances. The 5/16 rod is 7.9mm so close enough for the 608s I think.
I really like the design though. Nice job.

Using Cura, go to advanced settings and activate "Horizontal Expansion" setting. Then type any value lower 0 in to compensate your tight holes. E.g. I'm using -0.15mm which is quite a lot, but prints come out perfectly scaled.
Changing this setting is way easier than remixing all things you want to print! :)

Oh wow. I didn't even know you could do that! Thanks.

Can anyone share their printer settings to a noob (rafts, infill and so on)

Thx in advance


possible to add some longer core2? givs spools who has mor than 50mm in whide like thes from 3d ink. 96mm whide

I just finished making this, it looks very nice and low friction indeed!
However, screwing and unscrewing the nut is very difficult since the core would just turn, you'd have to hold the left side by hand which is a very hard to do, not much space between the printer wall and the spool holder!

Hello mate nice work, will this be available for Step file ? I would to modify to fit my bearings? thanks

Hi, compliments for the design. There's one thing I don't understand, even watching the main picture: the bearing on the right is too small to fit "correctly" into that threaded cylinder, so I imagine it could wobble a little bit; shouldn't the inner part of the threaded cylinder be 22mm (for a 608 bearing)?
Many thanks,

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i really like your design, thanks for that. i try to use the big 2,2kg colorfabb spools, but they are too thick for the core2 and spacer parts (10cm). is it possible to add longer parts of these or give us the cad files?

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hi there

Can anyone modify this to fit the 2.2kg ColorFabb spools please, they are 100mm in width.

Thank you in advance

the deign is mechanically very pleasing. would you mind sharing what software you made this in?

Excellent design. I use the 608 version with a Velleman K8400 printer with only minor modifications.

The well known "holes-too-narrow" problem made it necessary for me to expand the core parts in x and y direction by 3% and the nut part by 3% twice. Your mileage might vary. This is not a design error with the model.

Hi, thank for this cool stuff...

I print 608 parts
there one mistake for me: 608_spacer.stl has dimension 55.5 mm, but need only 54 mm

Thank you, it works verry well :-))

It is really a great design, it reduces friction a lot!
I am currently working with some 1kg spools from NuNus and they are wider than the UM or colorfabb spools which really work fine. I would like to adapt core2 and spacer of the 608 version in order to get the wider spools running, is there a chance to get the source files (scad?)?

is there any way to scale the length of the core keeping the threads the same ?

What's the spacer for?

You see it in the center of the main picture for this thing. It holds the bearings in place by giving the nuts something to tighten the bearings against.

hm ok, I just run it without the spacer and it works quite well... but I don't tight the outer nut, I just put it on loose.

The center thread is 32.6mm (for the 626) or 35.5mm ( 608 version). I did a quick measurement and found Jet and MatterHackers filament spools have a center hole diameter of 33.5mm, Taulman "mini spools" are 19.5mm, GizmoDorks 55mm, MadeSolid 38mm, iC3D are 44mm, and MakerGeeks are 37mm. In theory, the 626 version should work for all but Taulman spools, but it may be a tight fit.

Makerbot spools fit. I have one spool but won't be buying again because of their high cost. None of the other spools I have fit. The OD of the threaded core is larger than most of the spools I've encountered. Lately, I've been using Matterhacker filament and their hole is too small for the core. They have two different hole sizes for the pro and standard materials, but both are much too small for this core diameter and both are too thick for the length of the core. This has become my favorite spool size and is the same as Octave ABS spools. I've also purchased T-PLA from Amazon, I believe it's Jet brand which has a large diameter hole but the spool is too thick so the length of the core is inadequate. It's unfortunate spools vary so much. I printed out this design without checking but have no use for it. Threads fit very nice and so it will be used for show and tell.

What spools does this fit??? I printed the 608 version and it's a nice design but it doesn't fit any of the many filament spools I have.

The spools I use are Ultimaker and Colorfabb brand. What is it that makes it not fit? Thickness, length, something else?

Hello Sneakypoo and thank you for sharing!

I have other pla and they came in thicker rolls, they are 75 mm thick, could you re check your design to fit them?

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Wouldn't it be awesome to ditch the ball bearing in favor of this:

Gear Bearing
by emmett

So i actually made the 608 version of this. And it works just fine. In fact i didn's have any bearings at hand, so i made some mockups for fitting purpose. Turns out it works without the bearings as well... Just add a little WD40 to the mockups. Very nice !

fns720, made one for myself this evening, look at the remixes.....
Still have to print it this week.

Don't you want to design the mount for UM1 too?