Boeing 737-300

by Zydac May 23, 2012
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The fuselage back file is corrupted. Use the remixed one.

Hi. Nice work. What scale is this model? What is length and wingspan?

Hi, So I'm 3D printing this for student use and the FuselageBack.stl will not print correctly. It prints the interior only, which is great for the pegs. I tried looking at it in Meshlab and Blender. Looks great but prints incorrectly. Any thoughts? -KC

The mesh set-up is error. It's almost like you have the whole model file flipped inside out. That mesh should be black and blue? Tried to fix it in Blend, so far so good. Not re-posting or reprinting this.

I just wish there was doors outline, flaps outlined etc. but mainly - holes for landing gear - there should be opening since 737 classic doesnt have wheel covers.
There is also thin wall (not printable even at 150% scale) at wings mount hole corner, I fixed it in 3ds max by slightly altering upper airfoil shape of the wing.
I also made better looking landing gear. Will post it as remix soon.
Nice model anyway. Next time I'll print your A320 :)

hi, the Fuselage Beck file is in error, he just slice half piece, as I corrected this error?

i do not have a filmant 3mm can i make it? any one make pin 3 mm?

Since it is just for alignment you could make the pin out of anything. A piece of bamboo skewer would work.

i do not have a filmant 3mm can i make it? any one make pin 3 mm?

Hi Zydac! How long does it take to print? I am really in to planes and want to print it but if i'm at school, than the raft is harder to get off.

Hi, Is there a chance you could post a completed .STL File? I want to print this out but my printer has a tendency to make my raft stick to the print WAYYY to much. Is there a chance you could upload a completed one so I can load it on?

Now all we need are some towers...

I thought he meant a scale CONTROL tower.... Took me a minute to get the reference. Now... If there WERE a Control tower to scale, THAT would be cool. :)

Speaking of scale, at 100% what is the scale of the model? I'd like to get a decal set for it, but I need to make sure the scale is right.

Where are the pegs for holding things together?

I used bits of filament for pegs.

I thought of maybe print some cylinders that could fit inside the holes? I really like to print this boeing, but not sure if they can fit together, so I'm still debating.

Comments deleted.

Both Fuselage files seem to have some problems. Makerware does not like either.

I've never used Makerware, so who knows, it may be more sensitive to some geometry for some reason. I've never gotten an error using Skeinforge or Slic3r. Try tweaking the parameters or run the file through Meshlab.

I have also problems to slice front fuselage. Slic3r (V 0.9.8 and 0.9.10b) gives a warning that the model contains holes and overlapping or self-intersecting facets. After that it only shows a small stick in the middle of the model. I tried Meshlab, but it crashes at 50% of the functions and the working functions do not change anything. Which version of Slic3r did you use? Could you post the resulting G-Code?

I just updated the front fuselage. There were some garbage vertices in the nose that were causing the problem. Slic3r still gives an error but seems to slice it correctly this time.

When I printed this a year ago I was using Skeinforge and some earlier version of Slic3r and didn't get any errors. I tried Slic3r9.9 today, and I get the errors. I notice in Meshlab the problems are only on one side, so maybe I'll see if I can cut it and flip it in Rhino.

Wow reminds me of the Fisher Price toy I had as a Kid :-)

This is simular to a project i currently have on the go :) watch this space :D

Niiice! How 'bout a 757 next? :-D