Cat cell phone holder remix

by tibuck Jun 2, 2017
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Since you've made a cat themed item, I doubt this would be an issue, but I wanted to check with you first anyway out of artistic respect. I made one of these for a friend at work. She volunteers for a local animal outreach society and wanted to know if I can make them for an upcoming silent auction they're having. I'm perfectly fine donating my print time and PLA, but since it's not my design I told her I wanted to check with the designer first. You good with it?

I don't see the harm in that. If you were making them by the dozen to sell profit that would be a different story, But for a small limited quantity for a fundraiser, I don't see a problem, if you look in the item description you will see the cat was by another Thingiverse member. But I doubt that she would mind either, I ll leave it up to you to ask her or not. As for me Sure go ahead print a few out. When is this fundraiser? it time allows perhaps a can make a doggie bone base and find a suitable dog model, and make something like the cat one so you could have a few of each.

I checked with my friend - the fundraiser isn't until mid September. She loved the idea of some sort of dog to go with the cat. I forgot to take pics of them before giving the ones I'd printed to her - will have to get a pic from her to post a "make."

What's the difference between the three versions?

Two of them have different length slots to hold the phones, The one that goes right throw edge to edge is more suitable for today's phone's size format, Also both of those have the cat and base Fixed to one and other, The other one the cat can sperate if one wants to a multi-colour for the base and cat.

what settings do you recommend? TFS

Depends on the level if finishing you want to put on it , The photo was printed at 0.2 I believe, the finer your layers less sanding you need to do if you paint it, a infill of 10 % should be more then enough if your printing out of PLA.

Thank you tibuck & bs3 for your models. My wife loves it. I have also remixed the remix and I added a route for a Lightning cable for my wife to mount here iPhone. Its still a work in progress. My remix is available at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2364401.

Thanks again,

Cat iPhone holder remix
by alj

If you need the base to be thicker and a slot to run the power cord under towards the back or a side let me know, it's an easy fix, just remember the file called single extruded is the one that is properly cut and both half's are properly joined, Both print perfectly but one is made for dual extruders.

Thanks, I did add the slots to run power cord to back and the sides. The version you looked at probably did not have it (did it about an 1.5 hrs ago). I am was not sure what the diff was between single extrude and the other version was, I am not sure which one I used to make my changes.

Thanks again.

My daughter has an IPhone XR so I added a slight kickup to your remix and printed it at 125% ....She loves kitties and the stand has made her the happiest seven year old on earth ! Big thanks to both of you ! PS: I tried to post a pic but the app won't let me. I'll try again later on comp lol

Awww thanks, I'm glad it made her happy, If you are able to post the make, Please include the phone model in the description to let everyone know the scale you used for that particular phone for others that have the same phone, I will scaled up a version and add it to the files for the IPhone, Thank you for the input :) did you use one of my model or alj remake ?

Thank you for your remixing. I hope that your friend loves my model.

I hope so too, after all you did most of the work :P hahaha. Did you read ehud42 question about the tail ?

If that tail stood up a bit more it potentially not require any supports to print....

I'm creator of the original "stretch cat". Thank you for your advice. In my case, it is not necessary to make any supports for "tail". It depends on printer and setting, I think so.

No supports needed Enjoy

You say that no supports are needed? How did you print the tail, the tip clearly starts printing in midair?

With 3d printing magic dust of course! HAHA JK, its the way the model was designed if your printing in PLA you wont need Sups, if your printing in ABS, there might be a few little printing hairs but the model will come out clean just the same. But just to be sure Go in the makes and ask the last person whom made one! his model is beautifully printed.

Sweet thanks, just for good measure I I set my print up with supports under the tail. I'm printing it in Fillamentum Timberfill Rosewood, it's expensive stuff, so figured I would add supports for good measure. This is going to turn out great! I can't wait to post a make of it. =)

Cool, good luck cant wait to see, I'm sure its going to look great in that filament, looks a lot like the Formfutura coconut easywood, I like to use. Just make sure you have your temperatures dialed in right, I know the easywood I use is a lot lower, melt point then PLA , EasyWood @ 193C and PLA at 205C Big difference between the two on my end of things. Important side note, That last person to print it, was using a Prusa MK3, they said, they had better results and success printing at 0.2 rather then 0.15 that, they first tried at.

the cat was model by a other person, I just made the base and added them together. but perhaps I could ask her if she could make a cat like this with tail in the upright position. If I remember right I printed the cat a while ago and it didn't need supports if you print in pla with part cooling fan on, but its been a while and I have not printed the cat and phone stand yet, but I will over the week-end I can let u know then

I am printing it now, In a few hours ill post a make , I didn't use supports, We shall see how it did. be sure go visit BS3 thingi page she has a lot of cute knickknacks. https://www.thingiverse.com/bs3/about