Flat SD Card Holder

by walter Mar 4, 2014
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I made this one, but I was not satisfied with the flimsy feel and lack of some kind of lock to keep it in one piece. I tried one of the remixes, and I must say it is a way more effective design. If you had problems with this one, I suggest you take a look at it:


SD Card Sleeve Holder
by lfs83

when I first saw this I thought nice, however once printed, I found that everything was too loose, then realized if you have cards in it, it works, so my disappointment is, what if I only have couple cards, then just does not work correctly. Maybe i will try the 4 card version

One of the BEST models I have ever downloaded from Thingiverse! Certainly the most useful. I have printed 6 so far and love them. I had to do 2 "learning prints" to calibrate my printer, but after that...they work great. I give them as gifts to my students. I print mine in a translucent PLA yellow so they are easy to see in the clutter of my lab, and clear enough I can read the card labels. Thank you so much!

I use the 4 card version as a stress test when leveling my bed. If leveled correctly, these print and work great. If not, then they don't peel off or cards don't fit properly.

I've used these for years now and are still my favorite SD Card holders (even though I rarely print the cover.)

Printed on a FlashForge Creator Pro with PLA on blue tape.

Thanks for making this Object.
I'cant Print wiht my 3D Printer ( XYZ Davinci 1.0 with PLA) The model is too thin, wen i Replace the model ist it broken.
And i cant install a SD card in the Holder. is too Small.

Clearly too tight...

Are the three holes on the side meant to fit a specific system?

The 4 card version has a wrong upload. Same model in two of the files...

The feeling of this model is really bad once printed.
Seems extremely weak and in fact, breaks easily (at least on PLA).
Probably on ABS the result is better.

nice model, i have been looking to buy one of these for so long! now i can just print it :D
btw, i see nice collection of SD cards, can you tell me which one is the fastest/ most reliable for something like a DSLR (have to be class 10)

I agree with walter 100%

Sandisk makes some of the best SD and MicroSD Cards that money can buy, but as he said you will pay the price for the quality. They make a number of different models and keep adding cards in between, so their naming scheme can get confusing sometimes but basically the cards you'd want to look at are (from least expensive / slower to most expensive / fastest):

  • Sandisk Ultra
  • Sandisk Extreme
  • Sandisk Extreme Plus
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro

If money is no issue, the Extreme Pro is by far the fastest and most reliable card that money can buy - but like I said, this is only if money is of no concern and you absolutely NEED the performance! As far as price to performance is concerned, I highly recommend the Extreme Plus which is what I personally use in both my phone (Galaxy S5, but just got the S6 Edge) and my DSLR.

I have been using the 64GB and 128GB models and they EASILY keep up with 4K Video @ 30FPS and Burst Shots at extremely high resolutions. The Extreme Plus was also as fast or faster than the internal storage on my S5 with ease on every benchmark I tried which really says something!

I should also mention one other option though, while I am a bit biased toward the Sandisk Extreme Plus based on personal experience and experience of my customers, you should also consider the NEW Samsung SD/MicroSD (HC/XC) cards as well.

At the end of 2014, they released a new series that were branded the same as their SSD Lineup - ie. an "unnamed" Samsung MicroSD, the Samsung EVO, and the Samsung Pro. The intention (at the time) was to compete with Sandisk's Ultra, Extreme, and Extreme Plus and they did just that! I would NOT recommend the plain "vanilla" version for DSLR use (or Sandisk's Ultra), but the EVO competes very well, somewhere around the Sandisk Extreme level, while the Samsung Pro falls just between the Sandisk Extreme Plus and Extreme Pro.

So, if I had to put them in order of slowest to fastest I would say:

  • Sandisk Ultra
  • Sandisk Extreme
  • Samsung EVO
  • Sandisk Extreme Plus*
  • Samsung Pro*
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro**

Either the Sandisk Extreme Plus or the Samsung Pro should do just fine for 99% of DSLR's out there. They are both an excellent value for the money, especially the Samsung Pro at its current price with slightly* higher performance. If you had asked me a year ago, or even 6 months ago, I would have said Sandisk Extreme Plus simply because of reliability. However, Samsung seems to be doing just fine in this arena so I may start recommending the Samsung's from now on.

** Like I said earlier, if money is no issue or you really NEED the performance go for the Sandisk Extreme Pro. Just keep in mind that you are paying a very steep premium for a very small performance gain, and there are very few cases where this performance is actually needed. As I said with the Extreme Ultra, I record 4K @ 30FPS with plenty of headroom so I could probably even do 4K @ 60FPS. If there is something out of the ordinary you are doing, then consider the Sandisk Extreme Pro. Otherwise it's a waste of money IMHO.

Sorry for such a long post, but I hope that helps make your decision a bit easier. The best way is to find a forum or reviews with the specific DSLR you are using and see which of these cards are working best for that camera. Personally, these are the ONLY 2 brands that I would recommend. Sure there may be some a little cheaper, but you are paying for reliability as well and these are the cards that will give you that peace of mind. You really don't want to chance losing all of your data over a few dollars!

Thanks! In my cameras (Pentax), the Sandisk Extreme cards perform significantly better than the others. I also tend to trust them more than the others (I have never had any issues with them). Unfortunately the fast Sandisk cards always seem to be much more expensive than the other brands.