Anet A8 y-belt Improved tensioner with thumbscrew

by NicktheGeek Jun 3, 2017
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Oh no! Mine just broke off the angled bit at the 'front' which holds in the plate. Wire is holding it together right now while I print a new one, but I am printing this one sideways so it should be stronger (the 'bars' will be printed above and parallel to my print bed... when installed, my print layers will run parallel to the Y belt instead of perpendicular as in the photo). This is my favorite tensioner but I recommend that it be printed on its side even though it requires supports.

Going to make this, tensioner part first, to see if it fits my older A8. Will report back.
Good print, but again the screw didn't fit the hole. Going to remake at 92% X and Y.
[even later]
You will need to shrink the screw to 92% in the X and Y and leave the Z 100% to make it fit the plate right.
Also I printed the part the pulley goes on with the broad part down, with support. The first one done vertical failed. 3 shells and 50% fill.
It is a file fit into the two square holes. So expect some fiddle. Other than the screw size annoyance its a real nice part.

Thanks for the great model!
This is the best belt tensioner for Anet A8!

Had to print at 92% too :)

had to print the screw at 92% size reduced on x and y axis for it to fit properly

wow, I've been able to print it well without adjusting that but did reduce the size of the screw to improve clearance. I scaled it back to 97% per another comment but if you had to drop back to 92% I'm wondering if you need to adjust your steps or reduce flow rate or something. I'm glad you got it working and thanks for reporting what you had to scale to in case someone else has trouble but I really wonder if there is a problem that may cause you trouble with other prints.

I don't know I did make about 5 of them in total 98% 96% 94% 92% and one I reduced x y and z which obviously didnt work
my printer does normally get measurements and tolerances pretty good I've never had to reduce something that much before, but its all good and working well.
just as a cheeky request, how about 2 screw holes on that plate would be perfect then

Thanks for this, looks ideal! Just reprinting the thumb bolt as I stupidly tried it with support !

Thanks! It's working well for me so far. I'll update the notes to make it clear supports should not be used.

It was my own fault, I thought it might give it more form and be removable!

I've finally got it to work! For some reason I had to scale down the thumb screw to 97%, at the original size it was just to big (even printed at 1mm and tried going down a scaling percent everytime) and hard to turn and kept snapping as I forced it through.

I updated the screw file so it is slightly narrower (3% to be precise).

Thanks for the feedback, I'll add a smaller version. I've clearly got the tolerance too tight so depending on various variable it must end up too tight.