NWU Solar car battery holders

by KoueKoffie Jun 5, 2017
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Just a quick question, maybe silly but the design's are already to scale?
no scaling needed to like an AA battery or anything?

Designs are already to scale. The holders are designed for the NWU solar car battery cells.

*Might be a good idea to calibrate your printer's extruder and X Y and Z stepper motor's steps per millimetre though.

  • EDIT: Just saw that you are using an Up Plus2, that would mean that you most probably won't have to recalibrate. Enjoy

3 questions :

  1. infill % ?
  2. what is the deadline that you need prints by ?
  3. how many of the 13 cell packs does the car use ?
  1. I use 80% but since the walls are pretty thin the parts print basically solid.
  2. The deadline, the parts should reach us before beginning September to be part of the race in Australia, but we will use all parts received after the deadline for extra battery packs to use during the South African Sasol solar challenge in 2018, so nothing will go to waste
  3. The car uses 32 of these packs, but again we require some spare parts as well.

Thank you for your enquiry.
Happy printing!