Angle Grinder Chop Saw for EMT Conduit and 2020 Extrusion

by idig3d Jun 6, 2017
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Should be fine for conduit. Just not enough metal to really melt anything if you wait about a minute between cuts. Looks to be good idea, the haters just don't have any idea how to use a tool. Would handheld be safer? NOPE. I would use a thin cutoff blade rather than a grinding wheel.

I would love to see a video of it cutting conduit from anyone who has made this. Thanks!

I have an issue with some of the users here on thingiverse, first off let me say that this is a amazing piece, very well thought out and well designed. Hats off the to designer, he even listened to users and put in a 2020 rail adapter!. Now for all you haters on this design:

  1. Design: the designer claimed to have printed in PLA and was fine, i personally printed in PETG but thats simply a personal preference and had nothing to do with any so called flaws in the design. If you thought this was so unsafe how did you end up here? im an avid user here and i have never seen this design on BOTW or a showcase although it should be. point is you had to have been looking for it to find it and if your looking for it then you wanted to use it!!
  2. Hinge: to the user that said the hinge was weak, did you print it in a good infill 5% aint going to work friend! and lets all face the fact that even though i really like Harbor frieght this isnt a 400$ dewalt 30 amp grinder we are working with here it cost 9.99$ in my area so how powerfull of an item are we really talking about? and the sparks effecting the hinge, well if you use any power tool properly you should be inspecting it before every use and that would let you know if there was an issue with the hinge due to this matter. its also refered to as "Normal Wear and Tear" in case you missed out on the whole moving parts wear out eventually thing.
  3. Melting the Adapter Rail: i admit this was a concern of mine also but if you had taken the time to look at the makes of this design you would have seen a user that uses another board screwed down to this designs board, so there you go problem solved if you think that was an issue.
  4. "Probably one of the scariest things I have ever seen.": well i guess you have never really worked in a garage then.i see things all the time that i think thats not really a good idea but turns out they use that same idea daily and not only does it work but no one gets hurt either.
  5. Bursting Disks: Again the user that said this most likely has never worked in a garage before. If you are using this or any power tool properly it plainly says in the manual that came with it that you most likely threw in the trash that you need to wear face protection. The grinder also has a metal guard on it for a reason also! use your head man.
  6. Your Stunting OUR Growth: users who are leaving these negative comments in my opinion are stunting the growth of the 3D printing industry. Us as users push our printing into realms were no one ever thought they would go, designing new ideas that can lead to less costly products on the market. By hating on designs like that you are telling people that 3D Printing as a whole is not safe and that simply is not true.

Sure, I hope no one gets hurts

Very briliant inspiration.!!
I want to use it for ozito twincutter it has 6.7mm of body diameter, can I use hf69645_clamp, or I need to redraw it ?
Do you mind if I get the drawing for modifying it ?

Probably one of the scariest things I have ever seen.

Google angle grinder fails, you need to hold that **** nice and tight.

Do you have the rough diameter of the two clamp styles? Curious if one will fit my grinder, ryobi.

Nice design but can you modify this to have a wider hinge? it might use a longer bolt but would be stronger and more resistant to twisting.
by wider i mean twice the amount of pivoting fingers like | | | | like 2 on the top and 3 on the bottom or 3,4.

Also do you know if this would fit a Skil angle grinder?

Doesn't fit HF p/n 60625.it can only mount in the middle part of 60625. Be ware. and I believe that this design works for light load only.

You can take off the top part of grinder model 60625 (4 screws) and rotate it 90 degrees. Then it fits fine.

This is not safe. Angle grinders are just about the most dangerous tool. If the sparks damage the integrity of the hinge or if that hinge snaps (looks pretty weak) while you are cutting and only holding it with one hand, you are going to get seriously hurt. Also the disks explode as well if you twist the tool while cutting. It doesn't take much to burst a cutting disk. Not trying to be a party pooper here just be careful.

I assume you made this get a straight cut on emt pipe. I worked with this pipe professionally for a decade. This is overkill.. use a handheld pipe cutter and then ream the end.

handheld manual pipe cutter is okay but it can walk and be inaccurate. Ive had to use one when cutting EMT for an MPCNC..
I'd rather have overkill than go through that painful experience again. My hands hurt so much and i was using foam rubber to grip the pipe. I had to make around 20 cuts.. it took 12 hours.

What cutter do you recommend? I first tried a hand pipe cutter--the bigger one from Harbor Freight. Took 5-6 minutes for each cut. Okay for a cutter two, but needed to make couple dozen cuts--so the time added up. Then tried with a cheap sawzall. blade wobbled too much. So I made my own chop saw.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Would a revision with 2 of the hinge points help keep it more rigid?

Looks like a very simple but practical design.

I've got a Ryobi and need the diameter of your grinder to see if it will fit my grinder without modification.

I ran to harbor freight today and bought model number 60625 because i wasn't paying attention but it turns out that the old model mount fits it perfect.

Doesn't the heat from the abrasive cutting affect the plastic part that is holding the rod/2020? It usually gets pretty hot when cutting (hot enough to basically melt the 2020 away when I tried catting 2020 with an actual chop saw. It took a while to clean up each end of 2020 after cutting)

cut slower and allow it to cool.

Could you please post the diameter of the grinder holder?
Want to check if my grinder would fit

I can't believe this doesn't have more likes/makes. This is the most practical 3D print i've seen. I wish there was tonnes more like this by this Author. I just looked through all your designs... Following!

What a great idea. This would even cut 2020 rail.

Thanks. Will have to make a guide for 2020. Cutting depth seems limited to about 1" or 25mm.

Perfect for 2020 then! :-D

Thanks for the suggestion. Added a guide for 2020 in the files section.

Simple and BRILLIANT

Thanks! Simple in idea, but took a few prints to get it dialed in and rigid enough for my needs. Uses readily available (in the States) Harbor 'Fright' cheap angle grinder and locally found nuts and bolts. Would need a rework for metric.