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cr 10 -hic top part cooler

by wayneuk Jun 6, 2017
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Hi. I saw your video with the comparison between fanducts. IT is good, and your method is pretty consistent.
I hav tested, and Im not exagerating, like a dozen of funducts, till I got tired of seem similar results in most of them. Most fails is the same issue: they dont distribute the air evenly, and a couple of the funducts you tested fails in that too, like the cicular, the dutched, etc.
This funducts produce good result most of the times, but in certain situations, this failure in distrubuteing the air evenly, shows up. You should include in your test, a circular overhang test. This way, when the circular object is being printed 1 side of the object overhang will not receive a good cooling. My test were done first looking at the air distribution useing a radial fan of course, powering up at 50% (that is a lot of air) and putting below a cup of water. When you aprouch the funduct to the water, you will start seeing howmuch and from what direction the air impacts in the water.
Also, I have to mention this: there is only 1 design that achieve a perfect air flow around the 360 degrees: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1025471
ANd the reason is pure design , looking at the interior you can see structures that distributes the air evenly.
To be sincere, I skiped testing a similar desing of your funduct, because I asumed I was going to get similar results liek in the circular duct. But I will give it a try now . What I like in your design is that is small.

DiiiCooler for Wanhao Duplicator i3 / Maker Select

thats not my video thats what inspired me to make this ....copy paste your comments onto his youtube comments section all the best & happy printing .Wayne

I printed this and it came out perfectly. However, from where it screws in, to where the semi-circle is, the angle piece hits the fan box before it can be attached all the way. Preventing me from attaching it

you need to look at the source and print the box /fan mount out to replace the metal item that holds the fans

Creality CR-10 Fan Mount and Part Cooler