CNC Artisan 3

by godler Jun 6, 2017
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Also When I connect my board to my computer and try to use Easel(the CNC milling software online) Or even the software recommended(CNCjs) And I try to move my Axis' nothing moves. Can you please help me with this. what do I do to get this working

In your description, you said you use an Arduino Mega 2560 which is what I am using. Can you share your Marlin File that you flashed it with So that I can use the LCD screen and SD card with it? Please, that would really help a lot:) I can't find anything on it on your website that is why I am asking for the files so that I can download them and upload then to my Arduino Mega 2560 Board

How did you add and LCD setting to Grbl? I cant seem to find it

what do I flash my motherboard with? can I use Marlin?( I am using my old 3d printer motherboard instead of buying a CNCShield) I don't know what Grbl is or how to use it

I strongly sugest using GRBL. It's based on same core but Marlin is ment for 3d pringing not for cnc. It has diferent haracteristics of movement. If you using arduino mega or comptibile board with arduino mega
, you can try flush fork of grbl for arduino mega board. https://github.com/gnea/grbl-comptibile

That link does not work... Is there somewhere else that can provide me with Grbl that will work with my arduino mega board

When I look at the Grble "Link" On the website, I can't really find where to download it to put in into Marlin. Where is the link to download that I put into marlin to flash my board with?

when I download the DXF files to print out and make into wood panels, I have to put it in Adobe Illustrator, but they seem very small when I print them out. Do you know how I can get around this, Or what size they should all be?

DXF files are in proper scale and should display properly. Adobe illustrator is not meant for cad type files. I suggest use different one. For example open cad, FreeCad or Fusion 360

ok ill try that:). I just want to print them out on paper and glue them to my wood to cut out by hand. Is that possible with these DXF files?

can you please add some instructions on how to build this:) I am very interested in making one of my own

I don't know if i can provide better instructions then the one available at http://frezler.godler.pl/support/en

I can't find the instruction on how to build it on the sight. can you tell me where they are?

There are photos and drawings you have to follow. I have nothing more. On this youtube chanel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpvy16GO43YL2p2j1LAzcZg are videos in german with steps needed to build this cnc.

Oh sorry, I couldn't find them but I have now located them!! I am making this machine and I am talking about it on my YouTube Channel Named LE3D ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAmYIDI_f62Jm3jfMv_9pdA?view_as=subscriber ) if you want to check it out you sure can. I will give you credit obviously. and I am showing my journey on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_le.3d_printing/

Cher golder nous sommes beaucoup à t avoir suivi dans ta construction et à avoir copié la même cnc as tu penser à faire une page pour réunir les makers cnc artisan 3 et bien sur tous ceux qui s intéressent à la cnc

Any chance you could share step files or a F360 file? I'm just asking because i would have to rework it to fit 1" tubing because i'm in 'Murica. Thanks!

Доброго времени суток. Хочу поинтересоваться пробовал ли кто обрабатывал на станке алюминий . И с какими параметрами. За ранее благодарен.

thanks. looks very interesting. Since I have a MPCNC and want to go bigger... Could you share your CAD-Design? As I'm also working with Fusion 360 it would be very nice to have

Im not sharing CAD files.

hhhm... sad - would safe me a lot of work... but thank you anyway

Godler merci beaucoup j ai les fichier dxf mais je voudrais les convertir en gcode pour le logiciel candle

Je ne vais pas aider avec cela. Vous devez le faire vous-même. G-code est différent pour chaque machine

bonjour les amis je recherche les fichiers en dxf en gcode pour les decouper au laser si quelqu un a ces fichers merci d avance
Y-Roller 4 Y-Plate.dxf

Noticed your question too late. Interesting you had the same problem like me at that state. I will upload a pic of the Z-Axis soon.

Can anyone (Maybe Void68 or godler) who has built the Artisan 3 take a quick snapshot of the back of the Z axis rails, especially where the lower end of where lead screw attaches to something ??? There aren't any pix to show what's going on back there. My brain is not working and the attachment area is a bit of a mystery for me. Other than that, the build is coming along nicely. More soon.

Never mind. I figured it out.

Could you tell me how much all of this including your 3D filaments ran you? I don't have a 3D printer but hoping someone I know might have one so I can buy filaments and use theirs. But I'd love to know the approximate total cost in the end. Thank you for your amazing information you've provided for everyone! I may have more questions as I start this process as I have no prior experience doing any of this! Lol

Yes, I can confirm it's around 300-500€. Rails cost around 50€, and you need tons of screws and bolts. It depends on how elaborate you want the Artisan to be. End stops? Relais for power to the mill? Arduino? Rasperry Pi for CAM? Camera, light? Dust shoe and vacuum? Fancy lighted buttons and an emergency stop? Extra gamepad for manual control?

Can anyone (Maybe Void68 or godler) who has built the Artisan 3 take a quick snapshot of the back of the Z axis rails, especially where the lower end of where lead screw attaches to something ??? There aren't any pix to show what's going on back there. My brain is not working and the attachment area is a bit of a mystery for me. Other than that, the build is coming along nicely. More soon

I can only estimate. But I think cost would be around 400-500 USD. Most expensive are stepper motors, motor drivers and power supply. Stainless steel pipe is expensive too. You will use two kg of fillament, but I do not know how much it woudl be cost for 3D printing.

void68, I'm a newbie to CNC and am having trouble making an accurate template to trace the dxf parts. Though I don't have any CAD software, I just downloaded Fusion 360 for a 30 day trial. Is there a way to use this program to make a template? Thanks in advance.

I use Fusion360, too. However I don't exactly understand your problem so far: You want the STL (pure 3d) to be DXF (mainly 2D)? I don't know of an easy or any way in Fusion to flatten a STL into pure 2D, I messed around with T-Reps, Triangulization etc and it simply doesn't work. However there is a far easier way: Use SVG (scalable vector graphics), you can go STL -> SVG by using Slic3r, there is a menu entry under "File" like "Render STL to SVG" or "Export STL to SVG". Then you got an SVG but without the correct sizes (as it's freely scalable). You have to find a way to measure the size of the original and apply it to the scale of the SVG. Beware, Slic3r will flatten the Z-Axis (I think it was this axis) so you have to rotate your model first so that the flat (thickness of the wood panel) side rests on the Surface.

In Fusion you can export your Sketches as DXF and SVG.

Any chance you saved a copy of the template file you created for Artisan 3 cut files that I can use? I'm fiddling with Slic3r but not getting the results I need. Might just be me.

Here you got the exact DXF files made by the creator: http://frezler.pl/support/en/parts-list/

What file format do you need? I made my template with Corel Draw and imported the files as SVG and did a not exact measuring of the sizes but despite quite some tolerances it worked well. Just the drill holes have to be exact.

Yes, I have all of the STL and DXF files that Godler created. I guess I really don't care what format as long as there's a pathway to creating a flat template. Would you mind sending a copy of the Corel Draw files? That would give the ability to ink print the files into a template.

here it is on one sheet in A2, dimensions are correct - at least correct enough for me to build it.


For anyone that needs templates of the cut parts, below is a CDR and PDF file to make it easier to print out. Original file by void68 (a huge thank you to him!) I converted it to a PDF and had a local service print it onto a A2 sheet. I'm busy the next couple of days tracing and cutting the parts from MDF. Estimate I'll have the my Artisan 3 up and running mid-January. I'll post pix.

You are awesome! I'm headed off to the print shop right now. I'm sure there are others that can use this as well. Thank you very much.

No, it doesn't as we dont know what you are measuring: dx or x? But there are simple solutions. Either take a 3D printer program / gcoder of your choice and check the dimensions as the model is put on the board (Slic3r, Simplify3D, ...). I did it the same way, adjusted the models to the correct size, printed them on several sheets of DIN A4 papers and used these as a mask to cut out the model manually. And it worked, just be super correct with the drill hole positions...
However, there is an easier way to do, as you are using ESTLCAM. Go to this authors URL (check under "Thing Details"), there are far better DXF files to download - only for the wooden parts as they are usually only 2D (with 6mm height) Sample file here: http://frezler.pl/support/en/parts-list/Y-Plate.dxf
Then open the DXF, import in "mm" and you got the exact dimension and don't have to mess around with 3D importing! Just use 6mm depth cut - depending on your MDF board thickness, of course.That's how I will refine my Artisan with CNC cut plates instead of my somewhat clumsy manually cut plates :).

Do I load them in mm in estlcam thanks

How big as the wooden parts go to be thanks

about 20-30cm

Thanks for the upload and the good documentation. Tip is on the way. Soon I will post a make when it's completed.

void68, I'm a newbie to CNC and am having trouble making an accurate template to trace the dxf parts. Though I don't have any CAD software, I just downloaded Fusion 360 for a 30 day trial. Is there a way to use this program to make a template? Thanks in advance. If you have saved the files you made, is there any chance I can get a copy?

Sure, I think I still got them, I check that later. Stay tuned.

I made Artisan 3 mainly for myself and published with hope that someone will like this design. I never thought that someone will ever pay me a penny for this.
Thank you very much and happy building

Godler, thanks for getting all the documentation up on your new server. It's extremely thorough and makes it much easier for a newbie like me to venture into the CNC world with great hope of success. You are the man!

Godler, just sent a tip $ your way to thank you for the incredibly cool design. I’m just finishing up all the printing and anxiously await the rest of the files on your new site. All the best. Bob

Thank You very much.

Comments deleted.

Working on that.

Any idea when your site will be online again? I 've finished 3D print and would like to order the necessary hardware.

I moving website to new server. It should be avalible in the next week

Will 25.4mm and 1.5mm wall work?
It's really hard to find 25mm pipe here, despite Canada being metric.

I think it should work. The hardest part it will be to fit pipe in to Y-X-Rail-holder, Y-rail-holder-top and Y-rail-holder-bottom. Those parts will require some sanding. Other parts with bearings should be ok. All screws are M type. M8 and M4

Hi, in this post seems you use ramps+mega but in the link http://frezler.pl/support/en there is an arduino uno+cnc shield. Is there any diference? Also, the steppers are in connected in series? we are using 5 nema 17 high Torque 70 Ncm 7.1kgcm.
Great post!!

It's cuite big difference.when you using ramps+mega you need use marlin firmware. It's usable but it's for 3d printig. I sugest using arduino uno with cnc shield and GRBL firmware. For sending gcode use cncjs. It's great setup for cnc jobs.

Perfect! thanks for yout time. The only doubt i have is with the grbl, because the cnc shield i can buy here is only the v3 and supports grbl 0.8. Is there something i can do to turn it to de grbl 1.1 ?

Sorry for long reply.
Setup I use is pure Arduino uno with wires conected right to the steppers drivers. You can get drivers for example from https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/digital-stepper-driver-10-42a-20-50vdc-for-nema-17-23-24-stepper-motor-dm542t.html?tracking=5bb619603d2a0
Are good for nema 17
Wireing is quite easy. Follow stepps from grbl manual https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Connecting-Grbl and diagram from attachment.
Then go to https://www.prusaprinters.org/calculator/ for calculating steps per rotation witch depend on teeth number on yours pulley and microstepping.
I hope helped.

There are three holes missing from the Y-Plate.dxf on your website

2 mm. In this pockets should be installed X-Belt-Ruller-Screw-Holder

How deep should the 4 pockets be when cutting the X-Plate-bottom?

I am in the middle of printing parts for this, I don't suppose anyone has the build instructions since the we site it down do they? How about the dxf files?


I moved site to new domain http://frezler.pl/support/en

That's great, thanks

Thanks for your development! It is beautiful! I collect a detail that to repeat it and there was a question. If width of a working zone has to be 1500 mm, then what will be required length of pipes for axis X?

Gracias por la maquina. Estoy en proceso de impresion! Increible!!

hello, i want build this cnc with 3000 x 2000 mm lenght.
are the pipe with 1.2mm thickness strong enough (not bending) ?

I think 1.2mm is too thin. I use 1.5mm for x axis and is minimum width for for 1250mm x axis. I think you should use at least 2mm for 2000mm.

Hello Godler,
Thanks for uploading this design!!
I have a problem with printing the xz roller top.
At exact the same hight the print failed twice. This makes me think there is something wrong with the stl file.
Can you provide me with the CAD file of this part?

Hi. How do you print this part. As is given or laying flat. It should be laying flat. I'm sure files are correct, but I will update them

I'm printing it flat.
Thanks for updating! I will give it another try.

Has anyone put a Dewalt 611 on this? Is it possible?

Also what is the DB25 connector for?

Sure. You can use this mount https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2814921
Db25 connector is my propose for making detachable wireing for this machine. You don't have to use it. All you need to do is connect motors with drivers.

MPCNC 525 Dewalt 611 Mount

Is there a version to print with lead screw instead of the all thread?

Hi. I don't have design for lead screw, but I think it's easy to make your own remix. What you can do is redesign nut-lock part to fit your requirements. Size of hole for screw is about 9mm.

Have been printing this out the last few days. Have you got a forum going yet on this? The only thing I have done, is add about .25mm to the hole diameters in the dxf files. Also there are 3 holes missing on the Y Plate.dxf for the motor mount plates as well. Thanks for the great design!!!

thank u. the 3d printer is cranking :-)

the most amazing CNC design. thanx for posting.

can u provide details on how to connect/ use the DB25 connector?

from the photo, I assume that you are using a female and male db25 for connection to the controller. and then motors are mapped directly to the connector (there are no other joints)?

I'm very glad that you like my design. Motors are connected in Series. Connection in series is made on wire near motors. You can use or not db25 and you can map pins whatever you want. Diagram how to wire motors is on page www.pear-cnc.com/support/en

Definitely interesting in making this. Can anyone tell me how much all the the parts cost (roughly) excluding the 3d printed parts?

I'm in about $250 CDN with the stainless tube.

Hi, Do you know if the X-axis carriage have room for a 80mm spindle? I have a 2.2kw 4.5kg spindle and this seems sturdy enough to carry it, but I don't know if there will be room for it without widening the carriage..

Great design, btw.

Thank You. I'm glad that you like my project. In attachment I sending drawing with dimensions. I hope it will help

Awesome CNC machine. Great job!

This looks like a Nice Machine!! Just wish there was a 25.4mm version. Here in the U.S. 25.4mm is the common size... Sure would like to build it...

love the design, do you have any .dxf files for the plates i would like to cut them out of metal on my CNC plasma.

Dxf files for download are avalible at the bottom of page http://pear-cnc.com/support/en/parts-list

Awesome, thank you.

would like to be kept up to date as i will build this thanks

Is it possible to use 5mm plywood instead of 6mm?

I think there are no contraindications

how do you design the parts I am trying to make X-Roller-A and X-Roller-B and other parts to use 1.5" tubes in X axis I know use solid works which software do you use?

Hi. I use Fusion 360

Hi! I need some help wiring the steppers in serie. Can you post an image to help me? Tks!

I want the dxf files to cut the wood parts in the cnc who have it?? and the screws and nuts list?

Soon I will provide dxf files for wood cutting on my new website http://pear-cnc.com/support/en (still in working on).
Also there is assembly instruction with parts list.

Here is what I have for the printed and parts list so far.

Y - Carriage (Makes 2) [Printed Parts]:
2 @ Y-Belt-Roller-Spacer-Sm
6 @ Y-Belt-Roller-Spacer
4 @ Y-Roller
4 @ Y-X-Rail-holder
8 @ M8-washer

Y - Supports [Printed Parts]:
4 @ Y-rail-holder-top
4 @ Y-rail-holder-bottom
8 @ Y-Rail-Support
4 @ Y-belt-tentioner

XZ - Carriage [Printed Parts]
1 @ X-Belt-Rooler-Plate
2 @ X-Roller-A
2 @ X-Roller-B
2 @ X-Belt-Rooler-Plate
1 @ X-Z-Roller-Bottom
1 @ X-Z-Roller-Top
2 @ X-Belt-Ruller-Screw-HolderMirror
1 @ Z-Motor-mount-lower
1 @ Z-Motor-mount-upper
4 @ Connector-B
4 @ Connector-A
4 @ M8-washer
1 @ F-ToolMount
1 @ F-Nut_Trap
1 @ Nut-Lock

6mm or 5/16" MDF
1 @ X-Plate-Bottom
1 @ X-Plate-Front
1 @ X-Plate-Back
2 @ X-Plate-Side
4 @ Y-Plate2
6 @ Y-Belt-Rooler-Plate

Steel Rods
(Purchased from https://alcobrametals.com/product/1SR1.00GP [[Cost ~$275]] + Shipping $75-$125)
2pc 120" long 1" OD 4140 G&P Round Rod
2pc 60" long 1" OD 4140 G&P Round Rod
2pc 24" long 1" OD 4140 G&P Round Rod
Note: Solid Round Rods and Hollow Round Tubes vary greatly in stability, straightness, longevity, smoothness, and weight. I chose heavy, sturdy, straight and smooth because I will be using Porter Cable 3-1/4 HP Five-Speed Router. The normal suggested order which costs about the same on other CNC builds is as followed.
2pc 120" long 1" x .065" wall T316L Wld stainless tube A249/A269 +.063/-0
2pc 60" long 1" x .065" wall T316L Wld stainless tube A249/A269 +.063/-0
2pc 24" long 1" x .065" wall T316L Wld stainless tube A249/A269 +.063/-0

Devan was very knowledgeable and helpful. Here is his contact information.
Devan K. Beechinor
Alcobra Metals
Phone (509) 482-4435
Fax (509) 482-4512

I have not gotten to parsing out all the other parts exactly but I will update this as I go.

Y - Carriage (Makes 2):
4 @ Y-belt-tentioner
8 @ M8-washer

XZ - Carriage
2 @ X-Belt-Rooler-Plate

This parts should be cutted out from mdf 6mm

  • X-Plate-Bottom
  • X-Plate-Front
  • X-Plate-Back
  • X-Plate-Side
  • Y-Plate2
  • Y-Belt-Rooler-Plate

Hello! What is the size in z?

Was muss ich noch alles zusätzlich kaufen?
Gibt es auch eine Werkzeug Halterung?

Gibt es vllt sogar eine Aufbauanleitung?
Liebe Grüße :)

If I wanted to use 23.5mm conduit, how would I modify the files for it?

You can remix files which are given. At this moment I won't publish any CAD files of this project. I will change project for different rails dimensions, but I don't know when.

ill give that a shot. Thanks!

I currently have a mpcnc built and I love it, but im also thinking I want a bit better rigidity. how does this machine compare? are you able to run it as fast as you would the mpcnc?

I was able to cut MDF 1 mm/min

1 mm/min ???

sorry, I meant 1m/min

:-) Thanks for the answer! any plan to release a mini guide to help us to buid ? For example, how many of each plastics pieces needs to be printed. Thanks a lot, very nice design, I'll be building one...

Truly great design! Will try to make one I think.