Nerf Modulus Flared Magwell

by flemdogmillionaire Jun 6, 2017
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Do you think you could make a version for the recon?

Hey just a question does this work with the modulus ECS-10 blaster and if so does it add any functionality or practically to the blaster

Yes, and yes. It makes it far easier to insert a mag quickly.

The clip-on fit was clever. I found that the front section (The side without the gap) was a little smaller than needed for magazine insertion. This might just be a tolerancing problem with my printer, though.

Thanks :) and the two sides are exactly the same width, the gap side just has more spring to it and can fit better if your printer makes it too tight. What slicer do you use? I may be able to point you towards fixing those tolerance problems.

Huh, didn't think of that!

I'm using a reprap prusa i3. Come to think of it, I've had issues with sizing before, I should really look into calibrating my steps, or something.

Your steps per mm are probably fine- it's your horizontal offset/perimeter offset that's too high.

Right, I'll go look for that, any chance that you know where that is on cura engine?

It's called Horizontal Expansion. You have to calibrate it at the same time as your steps per mm. The test print you're looking for is a 20mmx20mm square with a 10mmx10mm hole in the middle. Height doesn't really matter, just make it at least 1mm.

Do you think this will work in place of a missing Nerf Rampage magwell?

No. It's not a whole magwell, it's just the flare.