Pokemon Chess Set

by sch00f Jun 6, 2017
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Was trying to clean the strings off the King Mew and broke his tail, it's very thin :-(

iwas wondering if you could make a photo of each side the black and the white suide because i am sturgilling to see whitch ones are for the white side and whitch are for the dark side

such a great 3d print im doing them at 75% original size. mew(can be printed without supports) and mewtwo are very delicate and i keep breaking off their tails so i may use nidos as the king and queen for both sides. I've had some of my friends wish to buy a set from me. i was just making them for myself and i don't want feel comfortable selling them because you made these amazing models and i would like to give credit where its due

For you guys who is useing Catalyst: Eevee, Ninetails, Rapidash and Jigglypuff is not going to work when the pieces are done.
(Eevee loses it's head, Ninetails loses half it's back, Rapidash loses it's flames and Jigglypuff loses half of the head over the eyes)

Pictures of how it looks like inside Catalyst.

Edit: It didn't work with the New version of Slic3r (1.41.3), however it work with 1.41.0.
Edit 2: I found out Nidoking's arms disappear.

I am just starting this set and wanted to start with charmander. It came out pretty solid, but had some cleanup to do between his legs and under his arms and chin. I am wondering what infill others are using on these prints.

Charmander with 10% infill used 6grams of filament. Using that to approximate the rest, this may come to about 250-300grams. Not bad, but I saw Sch00f say 500...so is that 50% infill or maybe even 100%?

Hi there Sch00f firstly I wanna say these models are absolutely amazing I love them so much. Unfortunately I have had some issues with a few of the models printing with supports where the model should be in places. But I’d like to add that this was only in prusa’s slic3r program so I believe that it was simply an issue with the latest version of the software.

Did you sand each pokemon with simple sandpaper?

Yes, but something like a small rock tumbler would probably also work great

Is anyone else having the worst time with ninetails and mewtwo? For some reason the inner tails on ninetails keep messing up, the outside ones print perfect, but the inner two or three mess up. Additionally the very tip of mewtwos tail doesnt work well at all. Every other bit on him looks perfect, even both arms, just the last bit of the tail is bad. I am slicing with prusias slic3r and every other model has come out perfect on my i3 mk3!

if you can use support blocker and change the orientation and support distance. if you fiddle with these setting i was able to print ninetails perfectly

Hey, sorry about that, they are about the hardest models to print...
Try out the new manual support feature in Slic3r, or for ninetails there is a remix that supports the tails better.
Best of luck!

This is the sort of thing that is getting me in to 3D printing! I'm currently researching printers to see which fits my needs best (just going to be making game pieces and such), and I was wondering, how much would you say this cost in material? And maybe the estimated cost of just one figure?

Thanks, I really appreciate you sharing your talent here! :)

It took about 500g of filament to print the complete set, so about 30$ for the set or about 1$ per figure.
If you are going to print mostly things with fine details then a resin printer would probably be better for you than an FDM printer :)

I am way dumb. Did you include the numbered version bases as options without the Pokeball? Or are both needed? I think the first file, with both types included, threw me and now I'm just second-guessing everything.

I included all the files I had because some people wanted to print different combinations.
For example, I have seen sets printed where the pawns were just pokeballs, or sets where the pawns didn't have the pokeballs to make them easier to tell apart.
So you can print it the way you prefer :)

Hey! this is beautiful! I don't have any way of creating STLs at the moment. Is there any possible way you could up load a square STL which the pieces could easily sit on and which could be printed 64 times to create a chess board? I would seriously appreciate it.

Thank you :)
Take a look at this thing:
It has chessboard squares that click together, just scale them in your slicer to the appropriate size.

Customizable Chess Board
by 1sPiRe

First of all WOW! What an amazing set, thank you for sharing the files!

I had been having terrible problems getting the figures to print, due to printer set up issues. I managed to resolve those and have got some great pieces printed. I'm now having a real issue getting rid of supports without legs or tails snapping :(

I currently use Cura with my Ender 3. I've had a look through the comments and can see you've recommended Slic3r. Is it easier yo remove supports using Slic3r?

Thanks in advance

Hi, thanks for the compliments :)

Yeah, that's the biggest issue with these models. I have spent a lot of time increasing the thickness of legs and tails, but they are still very fragile.
I used Slic3r and the supports it generates are ok, but maybe you can also give meshmixer a try. The supports meshmixer generates are completely different from Slic3r, they look like trees and are supposed to break of easier and cleaner, but for some reason meshmixer just doesn't work on my PC...

And if all fails, a little drop of super glue works wonders ;)

As I sit here waiting anxiously for the first piece (Eevee!) to print, I wanted to comment on how absolutely beautiful this set is. Crossing my fingers that my first attempt at this, and really first time using woodfill on anything other than test runs, comes out even half as fantastic. Great design and finishing - thanks for sharing!

Thank you very much :)

I hope it goes well for you, woodfill can be a bit tricky to get working, I had a lot of clogged nozzles in the beginning (temperature too high), but when you have it dialed in the results are amazing :)

Hi, I Googled pokemon chess set and this is the first one I found, I'd never heard of this site before and it took me a while to realise there was no buy button. Eventually realised it's not actually a selling site so I looked on amazon and eBay and Googled for like another 3 hours and came up with nothing that even comes close to how awesome these are. So I created an account just to ask. I would like to get it for a present for somone, and I was wondering if at all possible you would be up for creating a set to sell? Even if not just wanted to say how unbelievable spectacularly awesome these are.

Hi, thank you very much for the compliments :)

With the setup I have (one Prusa i3 mk2 printer) it takes me a couple of weeks to print everything, meaning it would get very expensive...
But there are online printing services that you can use, https://www.shapeways.com/ is one of the biggest. There you can get it printed locally, by someone with a better/professional setup, and probably for a much better price :)
If you do, please consider leaving me a tip ;)

I would love some guidance on how to print these.
I am using eSun bamboo, using slic3r I just can't seem to get the settings correct and I have a hard time getting it to extrude properly and/or stick to the bed. S3D works fine, however the support generation is terrible :(

I was using 0.4mm nozzle but it blocked so I tried a 0.8mm which works amazingly for the pokeballs (no supports) but is terrible with the Pokemon as the supports are so big. I have just put a 0.5mm nozzle on but just can't seem to get all the settings correct in order for it to print properly :(


Hi, this doesn't seem to be a problem with the models, and more of the printer itself, so I suggest you seek help in the forum of the printer/slicer.

Thanks for reply! I have fixed the printing using a 0.5mm with slic3r, however the supports are a PITA. They are to hard to remove :(
Would you mind sharing your support settings? I is highly likely that the filament I am using is super oozy and that is causing the supports to stick more to the print. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think in Slic3r you can change the extrusion width for different features, so you should be able to reduce it for the supports, try something like 0.3-0.4mm, that should be enough so they don't fail, but should also make it easy to break them off.
You just have to experiment a bit with it, for me the default settings worked fine.
The supports are the most annoing thing about these prints, a multi material printer with soluable support material would be a huge advantage...

I want to print this chess set in my light and dark woodfill. and i am vaiting for my Prusa Multimaterial upgrade that is due to arrive next year. I hate support so i am looking forvard to use soliable support - BUT what about woodfill and water?

Also, I am a jerk for not saying this but amazing work on these they are fantastic! :)

Hahaha thanks :)

Any idea how much filament is required for the entire set? Would the 600g spool be enough? Thanks!

600g might be enough, if none of the prints fail...
Depending on which slicer you use, it calculates the amount of fillament needed when you slice the model, otherwise you can use http://gcode.ws/ to get a ton of information about the sliced model.

Hey man, awesome job!
Did you make the pokemon models yourself?
I'm considering doing something similar, but have limited knowledge with 3D modelling.

Thanks :)
No, the models are from a Nintendo DS game, I found them somewhere on the web.
I only had to rig and position them and add the bases they stand on.

wow thats really cool, but do you remember which game? that would be some cool trivia to tell people when i will show them this awesome set

This looks like it took a ton of work! Awesome job. Could these be done in abs on a polyprinter? Any info on time per piece?

Hi, thank you :)
I think it should be possible, time per piece is somewhere around 2-3 hours, but I guess that depends heavily on the printer...

Hey, thank you sch00f for sharing this great job of yours !
A friend of mine lost a king of his regular chess set and he'll be happy to have a Pokemon version of it (+ his kids would love even more to play chess ^^)
So I printed a king base and i'm about to print Mewtwo but : no matter Cura or Slic3r there are three unwanted objects under the tail, a rectangle based column from the flat base to the tail plus two blocks hanging from the tail adding nothing to the structure.. Is this here for any reason i miss ?

Hi Julien
Just wanted to let you know that there's now a Mewtwo without supports :)

Hi Julien
Those are manual supports that I added because I couldn't get my slicer to support the tail right...
I will upload a Mewtwo without the supports later today.

Thanks for the praise :)

Great chess set, I created a printable pegboard display specifically for it if anyone is interested:


Pokemon Chess Set Pegboard Display

I've been having problems printing Mewtwo his hand at his side has no support so it doesn't print. I've tried cura as well and it puts support everywhere so when I try to take it apart he breaks

Did you try it with Slic3r?

I've tried searching for Slic3r but I can't find whatever program it is. I've used cura and the program my robo 3d came with which is matter control


Prusa Edition should also work with different printers

so the program my printer came with is called matter control, i just found a slicer program in it called Slic3r. it printed it the same way cura did with too many supports. :\

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That si sooooooooooooooooo cool! :D

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I printed them in 200% .I found ears, tails were not attach to the main body.
I really like the model and they are all so detail which I really want to scale them up.

Some slicers have problems with the geometry of the models, you can try a different slicer (I recommend Slic3r Prusa Edition), or try one of thr remixes which fixes most of the geometry errors :)

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I have huge problems with this filament:(((. Sorry for all these questions, but maby you had similar problems and can help. Every second print fail because outside/around the nozzel forms a big drop (see pic). You know how to fix this ??

Rotate 90 degrees and slice again, you got a gcode error.

No, I have never seen something like this :(
Maybe contact the manufacturer and ask them for help?
Does your printer have a part cooling fan?

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Great Job ! Which filament did you use (brand/colour) ?

Thanks :)
It was printed in Extrudr Fichte, a Woodfill PLA:

Thank you!
Did you use just the "Extrudr Fichte" and paint it or did you use a second filament for the darke figures?

Both were sanded and stained, although the light ones with a very watered down stain.
The dark ones were stained about 3 times because the plastic didn't soak up the color as good as i imagined it would...

one more question. it is not possible for me to print the material. Always faild. i bought the "Extrudr Fichte". Which settings did you use for printing ? (Temp. and Speed)??

Does it clog the nozzle?
That always happened with my printer.
I used a 0.5mm hardened steel nozzle, because the woodfill is too abrasive for brass nozzles.
I found that lower temperatures are better, because at higher temperatures the wood starts to char and will clog the nozzle.
185-190°C and 40-60mm/s worked for me.
It still failed to print sometimes, but that was because of the complicated geometry of some of the models...
I'd recommend starting with the bases, and when you have the settings dialed in you can start with the Pokemons.

Good luck and feel free to ask more questions if you run into any other problems :)

Ahh ok. I have just a 0.4mm/brass nozzle. I will buy a 0.5mm/steel nozzle.
Thanks a lot! :))

as you created table chess ?

Hi, I don't really understand your question :S
If you mean the chess board, I made it myself from 64 small squares glued to a base and with a frame glued around it to hide the edges.

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Love You Bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you too ;-* <3

Thank you, sch00f, nice set. nice in wood.
i print 7 pokemons and 3 of them broken. Slicer fold! Warning! Bad slicing in simplify 3d. Empty volumes in places where hand or legs or tail connecting to body! But Cura complite good slicing for this stl files. in this case recomend use Cura.

There is also a remix which should fix most of the errors in the 3d models.
I didn't really care much about fixing them because Slic3r had no problem with them...

Really awesome set, and a very finished impressive result with the woodfill. It must have taken a lot of time to do all of the finish work on the pieces. Nicely exemplifies what is possible with the combination of automation (3d printing) and craft (hand finishing) and that they are not antagonistic of each other.

Thank you :)
You're absolutely right, sanding & staining took at least half of the time that I worked on this.

Nice work!
What size should I scale them for a normal chess board?

Thanks! No idea ^^'
I scaled them to 75% for my selfmade chess board which has 36x36mm tiles, if I remember correctly...

Awesome work sch00f, added a simple remix that just repaired majority of the pokemon meshes. There were only 2-3 actual pokemon that were fine but couldn't remember which they were. So if anyone is having issues printing complete models, check the remix out.

Hey that's great, thanks :)

Comments deleted.

Do the chess pieces need to be printed with support? Also what resolution and infill do you recommend?

If your printer isn't magic support is deffinitely neccessary ;P
I printed them at 0.15mm layer height with 20% infill.

These are truly amazing. I look forward to each print. Thank you very much for your work.

Is there anyway you can put a file for the individual bases? My print area is to small to hold the whole thing.

Hey, it took me a bit longer than expected, but I uploaded all the individual base parts.

Thanks a lot, waiting on a part to fix my printer anyway!

I'll upload them later this week, in the mean time you can either split them in your slicer or in a 3d editor.

Attempting a print of this set... no matter how I slice it.. Jiggly Puff seems to miss a large section of his hair... Looks good in the slicer but across 3 prints he's looking like he's got a beak. The GF really wants this.. :)

***UPDATE: Ran the model through Slic3r which said it added 34 facets and reversed 27 of them..imported to Cura and generated gCode.... a low quality print now seems to print the missing areas.

Hey, it's awesome that you're printing it :D
Some, if not most of the models do have some problems with their geometry, like inverted normals and what not, but I got them all to print nicely with Slic3r...
Except the fire on Rapidash's back, no matter what I did to it, it still had some holes...

Very nice looking, but this would be infuriating to actually try and play with. One of the first requirements for a functional chess set is being able to tell at a glance what the pieces are. Having to count the number of sides doesn't fit this requirement well. Your brain power in chess should be strategy, not trying to figure out which unit is which.

Must be one helluva friend! This is glorious!

Pokemon chess set - I choose you!

Hell yeah, she's one of my best friends and best human beings I've ever met :)

lol you spent a lot of time on this, i hope she knows how much you like her lol yeah i agree with the minor annoyance of remembering which piece is which but this is still AWESOME!!!!! dont let the critics bother you. you put in a lot of time and effort into designing and creating this and it came out perfectly. if i did this id simplify the identification but that means less variety of poks. wow i really want this, 38 and i like pokemon lol

Is it set up so that you can use any pokemon on any base?

Great work man this came out beautifully.

Its beautiful, but I find that it might be difficult to remember what some of the pieces are. I can see it very plausible that a player would mistake growlith and horsea for pawns of a starter pokemon for the knight or bishop. That's my only criticism and is otherwise a beautiful chess set and one of my favorites.

Thanks for your feedback :)
I just added this to the description, the pieces have different bases, pawn/round, king&queen/pentagon, etc.
Hope this helps a bit :)

wow!!!! nice work there mate!