Clints M4 Carbine prop

by iClint Jun 7, 2017
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What kind of filament have been used for it? PLA/PETG/ABS?

Thank you for making this, it's been my favorite print so far and I'm really excited to get it done!

please i nead a tutorial of mounting

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Hi. What would be needed to print this on a printer with a x200 y200 z180
Kind regards joseph

Edit. Also how much filament would be needed

I this is a hard one the goal of this project for me was a life size scale model of the carbine. designed around the printers I have which are very common being the Prusa mk2/3.

Scaling the model will almost certainly result in tolerance issues which only leaves printing the taller parts on their side with supports, but they were never designed to be printed this way and will almost certainly fail.

the last option is to further cut up the model to print on the size printer you have the taller parts are not overly complex so cutting them in half for printing and assembling should work. you could study the methods I used to join the various parts and incorporate them into your cuts.

as fo filament usage its not a huge amount perhaps 250grams maybe slightly more? I never really bothered to check

now i just have to work out how to cut objects in half lol, i have had my printer 4 a day and its doing my head in, still loving it though

WOW DUDE! NICE WORK! Really happy with the results im getting! it is still a long way till i finish printing but MAN! IT LOOKS NICE!
I´ll be waiting like crazy for those accesories <3, a nice supressor will be lit! THANKS!

Thanks, Glad you like. Life has been keeping me busy, but I hope to come back to this project and get to work on designing more accessories.

hello clients very good the design I will download everything but when I want to print it appears to me that it has error or I saw the simplify3d you have idea that can be, it happens to me with this design nothing more

What program r u using??

Fusion360 it is free for hobby use and is a very power CAD package.

Hi, iClint I was curious if the set of assorted springs you linked in your manual for the M4 carbine have all the springs in the box, and also where did you get your screws?. did you also did you get them at Bunnings or did you get them somewhere else, I would greatly appreciate a link to a website or reference to a shop where you bought them. This would be great because I am unable to locate to these screws on the internet. this not would it be possible to simply just print these screws. also, does it matter that the screws are hex socket caps


The packet of assorted springs will have all the smaller springs required, the larger main spring I purchased separately but will be on the shelf near the assorted springs the photograph shows the packaging with brand.

As a maker I have a large assortment of screws on hand. My advice would be to purchase a kit with assorted screws “online fastener kits” is an eBay seller they have such kits but also sell individual or small amounts. They also have all their fasteners neatly organised and easily searched on their eBay store.

Hobby king also sell screws and are a bit cheaper. But their local stocks can be limited and some items may only be available from the HongKong warehouse.

Use of button head screws (Phillips) would probably be fine to use. Printing these screws might be possible but where I have use metal screws are high stress points that would likely fail with printed screws/pins. In some cases for example the receiver grip glueing it in place would probably work.

one more , what pin is used to lock the buttpad in place, I wasn't sure if that part was metal and machined or if its here in the files ?thanks !

You can use some 1.75mm filament cut into short pieces to locate the pad while the glue sets

for some reason , tinkercad wont load the buttstock and says its too complex ?? is this normal , ive nevr had this issue;.

thanks , what about the stock adjustment PIn .. I know I need a spring , but I don't see a pin for the 6 position in the files..

It is in the files and is made up of 2 parts to give it maximum strength look for Stock_pin.stl and pin_cap.stl

The STL is of the highest resolution meaning lots of triangle’s not sure what tinkercads limit is.

sounds right , cura took it so no issue , thx

What is the line diameter of the spring?

For some reason the reciever wouldnt fit in with the stock or the hand guard it this whole thing up to scale?

Awesome model, thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent work!

Just one query though, I don't seem to be able to find the small part on page 18 of the PDF and is required for the stock assembly.
Is this STL missing from the collection? If so, please could you upload :-)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have uploaded StockThumbNut.stl

I think the problem is that when you drag and drop a bunch of files onto thinigiverse to upload sometimes not all the files upload???

Nice one, thanks for sorting that out!

Sent you a tip for you to get yourself a beer :)

Yes it is a 1:1 replica. It started out as actual CAD drawings of the firearm parts I then cut the parts up to best suit FFF printing and modified the mechanisms to work and add bosses and pin holes for assembly.


this is awesome. I was wondering if you still had the model in one piece, as im looking to print a 25% version.

hope to hear from you, and thanks for sharing :)

Sorry for the late reply. You could try scaling the parts down to 25% but it may require some sanding to fit together as you will also be scaling down the tolerances which are already very tight.

No problem. I tried just that, some parts were a nuicence and I've not managed to glue it as straight as I'd like. Great model though and thanks for sharing.

When I have a moment I will have a look at fusing the assembled model together (i.e. No moving parts) and then split it straight down the middle so it can be printed in two halves and then glued together. Stay tuned.

If you've got time that'd be incredible, but don't stress about it :) thanks.

I don't see the thumb nut

you're right, my bad :(

unfortunately I am away for the weekend. So wont be able to upload the part until Sunday night.

Seems you are also missing the cross bolts from page 57, and the assembly pin from page 42.
and page 13. Insert the Mag Catch into the hole on the opposite side while holding the mag button
pressed all the way in screw the Mag catch as far into the button as you can and then line
it up with the cut out slot for the catch and let go of the mag button

The Mag Catch does not screw into anything, the mag catch button has no threads.

Thanks, when you can. Also where can we send $

Hello iClint, Love the design. I am just about don't printing it, I am printing it at 100 Fill and 3 layers. I too would love to get the silencer to add to this. also I would also like to donate where would you like the $ sent to. Love to see the AK as well. easy print for my Raise 3D bed is 12X12X12. :)

Hi clint
Possible one quiet?


Sorry I don't understand the question.

Sorry bad english
Possible on silencer?

I made one for this model if you want it

Yes the barrel is threaded, so modelling a suppressor would be an easy job.

Hello iClint
Have you had a chance to upload the missing the cross bolts from page 57, and the assembly pin from page 42.
and page 13. Insert the Mag Catch into the hole on the opposite side while holding the mag button
pressed all the way in screw the Mag catch as far into the button as you can and then line
it up with the cut out slot for the catch and let go of the mag button

The Mag Catch does not screw into anything, the mag catch button has no threads

Any chance to upload the missing files?

Hi sorry for the delay I have uploaded the missing parts, and the Pin shown on page 42 is just cut from some filament.

You are fantastic. thank you.

Pdf is ready?


Thankyou for your comment it made me pull my finger out and finish the instruction PDF. Yes it is up now.

5$ and thx for your job!

Thanks it is greatly appreciated

Paypal for tip?

thanks a heap! on the left of the page under thing details you will see "Tip Designer" I receive 100% of whatever you tip.

I have some attachments planned Bayonet, grenade launcher, ACOG sight and heaps more.

Just curious on how to go about acquiring the body(?)
Thanks in advance

So sorry Turtle269 thanks for picking this up I had taken down the receiver parts to update them and forgot to upload the new parts Receiver halves A & B are now up. enjoy.

Thank you so much Clint, ill be sure to tip after shes printed. :) appreciate it alot.

No worries, I am still writing up the assembly instuructions in my spare time should have them finished soon, but if you have any questions in the mean time just shoot me a message.

Great project Buddy thanks for the upload

I have finished my Print of this model and tweaked a few parts here and there. Pictures have been uploaded

This is the final version no more changes will be made, with the exception that anyone finds an error or requests a change

Please post a pick if you print this design.

Loving it !
can you do the same job with an AK47 or SCAR-L ?

AK47 is certainly next on the list

Lookn good Buddy, love it

Thanks, I am about 50% done printing my first one and ironing out a few bugs.

i love the detail of this and i plan on printing this for my grandson

Thanks your feedback means a lot. I am working on a PDF document for build instructions as a print mine. I have the first half of the receiver done and 75% of the other half printing as I type.

I have picked up a few errors in my design and rectified then uploaded the fixed parts. By tomorrow I hope to have proofed ever component and finished the BOM and assembly instructions.

Pictures of mine will be going up soon.

It must have taken you ages to design this, Awesome job :), love it

Thanks man! A lot of hours have gone in to this and your praise is greatly appreciated.