MTvplot (vertical plotter)

by Michi_Teck Jun 7, 2017
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Anybody tried to print the brackets upright without supports?

Finally got the remixed version loaded in https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3492818

MTVplot (whiteboard robot) remix - LPWAN option

The problem ive now found with this design is it doesnt take into account the walls on the whiteboard itself, in the pic on this model there is a metal gutter that sits the brackets away from the whiteboard itself.

Hi developersteve! Firstly thanks for the nice remakes! For the frame it should be easily possible to move the "rope-gears" towards the whiteboard having enough force left pushing the pen to the board (was a main reason to make them like this). Do you have problems with the pen touching?

i did originally but also modified your servo body with the barrel i made (have to share the prints back), also added a little bucket at the bottom of the servo body to put screws in (or something to add more weight).

Remixed the gear slightly so the stepper hole was slightly bigger (original printed too tight) and added a M3 screw to hold it together https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3451395

MTvplot gear remixed

Hi, I am planing to build the same. So, I will try to print them. But I didnt understand one wthing. why there is MTVPlot spacer file with different thickness? do I need to print all of them. The print office told me that they cant print minimum 2mm thickness.

Hi hancer, sry for the late response. Happy to hear that you'll go for it. The spacers are there to prevent any friction between the bearings, the bigger ones will work just as fine! Greetz Mic

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Nice design! I'm following this, with a couple modifications.

I'm having a surprisingly difficult time sourcing a 20mm OD aluminum tube (not really anything on Amazon, and nothing in my local hardware or home supply stores). I'm thinking of modifying the servo mount piece to include an integrated tube. The plastic printed tube might need to be a bit thicker, but I'm planning on using a slimmer fine point dry erase marker, anyway. My thicker markers (Expo brand) are about 19mm diameter, so they'd be too snug, plus I don't like the idea of the chisel tip on them, since it would move the drawing point a bit off center (which would introduce wobble when the weight on the servo mount swings).

THX ;-D I'm excited too see what you'll come up with! I think if you tighten your pen enough you won't even need this long tube. Happy printing ^^

Hello! Could you post a close-up of how you drill the holes on the arms to support the cord? It could be of great help. Thank you

Hi ;-D
Sry for the late response, i'm not at home atm.
I tried to visualize it on the cad-model for you. Basically i marked the center of the square and drilled towards the middle of the bearing/pen (about half the length of the arm) and then drilled a second hole (90deg to the first) from the bottom-side. Because it blocks the last ball of the cord it has to be shifted a bit to the front. Then i cut a thread into the 2nd one and used a set-screw to hold the cord in place.
I hope that sounds understandable ;-) if not i'm happy to help.

Very cool project, especially the penholder and the whiteboard/motor mounts. Great work! Thanks for the Remix :)

Happy to hear that ;-D Thank you! And of course again for providing the amazing base-idea / diy-manual :-)

What code / programmes
Are you using? ?

Cheers Ceri

Hi ;-) I'm using the polargraph arduino-code & software (in my case the linux 32bit version on debian) by sandy noble

https://github.com/euphy/polargraphcontroller/releases/latest <<

Greetings Michi