bondtech bmg extruder carriage robo R1+

by Tramadog Jun 8, 2017
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Thanks for the replies here are pictures. I appreciate the help and feedback.

Is that a clone E3dv6 or the new gold one? Either way the hotend looks to be shorter then the standard e3dv6. Either way the beat bet then would be to redesign the part cooling fans

My e3dv6 doesnt sit low enough its seems about 10mm to high with this carraige has anyone else had the same issue? Mind you I am using a bmg clone

That is a lot to be short by and I know quite a few who are using it. It is possible the clone bmg has something to do with it. Could you post a photo of the assembly?

The newest version needs some more tweaking by any chance can you upload the step file so I can adjust

sure can, can you tell me what aspects your looking to adjust?

Thanks alot I want to adjust it so my e3d is a little lower

What is the distance from bearing to bearing or from rod to rod?? I'm looking for something like this for my AM6. I just got a bond-tech and would like to go back to direct drive. Any way you have orginal file that I can modify them with fusion 360.

roughly 83 mmfrom center of rod to rod


that is the file for the carriage that i used to create my modded version

RoBo3D X Carriage Replacement
by mkelly

Iam having trouble getting this to print i sliced it S3D load the file hit print and the printer just sits there

Could be that the gcode didn't finishing loading to the file or saving correctly. Nothing to do with the STL.

How far did you put your gear on the motor? It just grinds when I try to extrude

So that it was fully engaged, have you adjusted your E-steps? I did nothing but grind filament until I may that change. It's around 414 steps now

And does it need to be on the biggest diameter of the gear near end closest to the motor?

Yes I turned it down to what it said on the website around 470 or so

i have my esteps set to 414, if your still at 470 then they are to high and that would cause it to grind

Yes I don't remember off hand what I have the steps setbtobbuy I thought it was 414. As for the gears, the gear on the stepper shaft should engage the large white gear.

I would try reducingvthevesteos to!414 first as ND then run 100 mm through and if it's still grinding the mounting screws may be to tight so you could adjust them while it's extruding to see if that helps. I can't verify my E-steps right now because my printer is at my shop. As soon as I can I will check that numu

Thanks I will try to loosen the 3 mounting screws

Let me know, I want to make sure you get it up and running

Yes sir got it all figured out had the gear backwards. Printing the one for dual fans now