Curved honeycomb vase

by eggnot Jun 10, 2017
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Which filament are you using in that first picture (the dark grey)? It looks amazing!

I'm made a new version Honeycomb vase

Honeycomb vase parametric
by radus

In order to be thicker and more strong I didn't use Spiralize Outer Contour mode in Cura, but instead used 3 walls and removed the Top layer.
It took 16 hours at 0.2 layer height but it's looking great. I haven't had the chance to try if it's watertight yet.

Did you try it? Is it waterproof?

Unfortunately even with three walls it is not watertight.

Hallo eggnot,

warum werden manche Vasen mit Deckel und manche ohne Deckel in Cura dargestellt? Was muss ich machen das die Vasen ohne Deckel gedruckt werden?

I just printed the original file. it turned out solid. like it's not a case it's a solid object.

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You need to turn on vase mode in your slicer program. In Cura it is called "Spiralize Outer Contour." This prints the entire model as a single layer that just goes around and around until it is finished. This will also conserve plastic and significantly reduce printing time.

Great work! I printed in small scale only for attempt but it's great !
Thank You !

Amazing model! Thank you for sharing.
Prusa i3 Mk3
Inland Translucent Magenta PETG
Bed temp: 80
First layer: 245
All others: 243
Flow: 95% (on printer settings)
Vase mode
Layer: 0.15
Size: 100%
Time: 4 hours

only 4h?? how did you do it?

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Excellent! 10hs with my Original Prusa mk2

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Could you show your design process? 98% of my CAD experience is in Solidworks and I'm trying to wrap my head around how you applied the honey comb texture. I assume you made a vertical column of honeycombs and did a revolved pattern or something along those lines.

it's a remix of a vase made by Radus. check the link below.
he modeled it by programming in OpenScad. there is a source files.
as long, as i remember there is a bunch of cubes intersecting with a cylinder.
my remix is to make this cylinder more like vase. you can check a source blend file too.

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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful design eggnog :)

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I printed this on my Prusa MK3 not as a vase, but normally, with no-top fill, and 3 perimeters. I also changed the extruder multiplier from 1 to 1.1 and it printed great and ALSO watertight! GREAT model. Slicer used Slic3r PE version 1.4.1

Which design variant did you use?

I have printed several different models, all watertight with those settings I mentioned. The Curved Honeycomb vase is a beauty.

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Nope. I am not selling it anywhere.
By the license you can sell your prints of this design with no trouble.
Unfortunately, some of the sellers don't care about license rules or/and using a photos from this page.
It's wrong, but i have no much wish to hunt them down.

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Print in smoke gray PETG
0.4 nozle 110% extrusion spiralvase
O.25 later

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Printed all three versions. I really like how they look but even the thickest version just barely leaked. I'm going to put some dirt/plant in and see how it does.

Printed 13HRS sotvl_thick-Blender, but it is not waterproof. Ender 3 0.2 LH 50 MM/S

does anyone every donate to the creators on thingiverse

I do regularly, especially if I sell the print. I have a hunch I'm in the minority though. It would be interesting to see some stats on this

Is it really possible to print it in vase mode AND it's water tight? Cura shows me so much overhangs, i can't believe it's tight.

i did not manage to get it from raw print. however, after a some amount of spray epoxy from inside, it's good to go!

Issues around the first loop of cubes, seen on a small version (minor issues) and on the larger version seen in the attachment.

UM3 extended, Cura 3.4.1 Sliced using standard values, 0.1mm layer. Ultimaker PLA White. No supports.

Will try again when this finishes (issue can be resolved with a bit of sanding).

For the spiral vase mode, would supports be recommended?

No, never use supports in spiral vase mode

I printed the 2mm version at the weekend, looks great, lots of cleaning up required on the finished print and sadly it isn't water tight at all....leaks quite badly.

I couldn't get this to print with my Da Vinci 1.0 PRO. It would fail to send to the printer and then time-out. Not sure what the problem is...

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Эта ваза была напечатана на первой модели российского 3D-принтера Faberant.
Примеры печати на новой модели 3D-принтера можно посмотреть тут: https://www.thingiverse.com/CubejectLab/makes
This vase was printed on the first model of the Russian 3D printer Faberant.
Examples of printing on a new model of a 3D printer can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/CubejectLab/makes

Original this vase i made in OpenScad. If you want make any changes, you may edit parameters in openscad, like size, diameter, height, size of hex combs and others. Source https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:891147

Honeycomb vase parametric
by radus

Congratulations for featured my friend! :)

Worked out wonderfully!!!

This seems to have a lot of broken connections. It wanted to print a solid layer in a couple places. Didn't attempt

Too bad CURA creates a lot of holes when slicing.
Simplify3D SEEMS to do a better job at slicing (although it does a lot of silly travels) but I won't print this again.

for me, cura 14(14.2 maybe) was giving good results.
and it's really about experimentation. model shape is very complex, so it's challenging for a slicer.
DONT print, if you see holes in slice! fine-tune parameters of your slicer until it's good enough.

Which of these files should I use then in order to print a vase with an OPENING?

Look at the description...

The top of the vase came out solid??????????????

Set top layers to 0 in cura.

please, check the description. shortly - for different print mode, you use different stl.

i am going to print this with marble filament (ziro)

hello i want to print this on my anet a8, i use cura 3.2.1 the only thing i have to do is enable "Spiralize Outer Contour" layer 0.2 and 20% infill? this set will be ok ?

Infill doesn't matter with vase mode.

I really like your design, well done. I downloaded your .blend file and tried to make the top of the vase circular (it is oval in your design) by trying to adjust the lattice in Blender. However, I do not seem to get the top circular. Any ideas on how to adjust the lattice settings in blender in order to make it round?

disable visibility of meshes to see Lattice better. it's totally possibly to adjust top to circle.
however, it maybe pimplier to reduce lattice resolution.
fast & dirty trick will be to reset Lattice and then shape your curve as you wish.
one way is to set lattice parameters of U,V,W grid to 1,1,1 and back to 4,4,5 or any resolution you want.

Thanks for your reply. I went back in Blender to find out that your actual design appears to be circular and the lattice does not have to do with the shape that appeared after scaling. I think it was the fairly high amount of mesh errors that made the vase go oval while down scaling.

I will try to improve the mesh now before scaling down to see if this solves my problem.


hey i just thought id let you know that someone is selling this on etsy. here's a link to their store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadAss3dPrints?ref=search_shop_redirect

definitely, it's a steal. there is a lot of such now on etsy, and i have no idea how to haunt sham down.
i think, it's almost ok, if people sell prints. but for sure they should use they photos of they prints(not stole mine from here) and do a proper attribution.

Report the seller to etsy throught the report seller link. There is also contact info where you can send invoice for license to use your design for commercial purposes. Like 5000$ for 12 months license.

Probably the best/easiest/most effective way to semi-protect it would be to watermark it on the base, either inside or outside, with an embossed logo, name, etc. Most, if not all, of these thieves have no idea how to remove such a thing.

This looks really nice with wood-base filament

would love to print it with wood too...

Is it necessary to generate supports to print this model?

nope. it's need no supports

I don't see the .blend file any more? I think I downloaded it a while back... is it still available? Thanks!

it's back!
(not sure why it disappear)

You can also use clear epoxy finish (such as XTC-3D) on the inside or outside surface. This will make it perfectly waterproof and more resistant to everything!

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Printed it with a 20% infill and its not waterproof :( 3shells

Is sotvl3 waterproof now?

can't confirm this for now, as my printer not working. you can ask people who did last makes, i guess

I also made it and in general it (sotvl2) printed good (UM2+) and looks awesome, but it also has around 8-10 small holes which makes it not waterproof.
Does anyone know how to resolve it? I have seen afterwards that 2 more commenters have the same problem.

thanks for printing and feedback!
for a [sotvl1] it was a problem with "vase mode", as there is lage bridges for be solid in one layer. see photo for reference.
[sotv2] was not yet tested with a print, so it may be the reason for your holes.
but also, by the look of it, it may caused by some inconsistency in filament extrusion. can't say for shure.

also, i just did attempt with a mexmixer to make it thick. so you can try sotv3_1mm or ever thicker sotv3_2mm

What software did you use to make something like this? I’m work with solidworks but that is super technical so I’m looking to create more abstract stuff.

There is .blend files for my remix. It's blender3d file. but there is only modifiers for shape of original design. Vase by radus was programmed in OpenScad, you can check base design for more details

Which version of cura allows special mode for vase option?

You've probably figured it out a week ago, but it is done with "Spiralize Outer Contour," found in Special Modes.

i just use default settings from cura included in repetier-host

Tried to slice this mode, but it's completely solid. How to hollow out?

in cura there is a hollow out mode in special modes

depends on slicer, it's called "spiralize contour" or "vase mode". or something similar

Thanks for your reply. my slicer is not capable of this.
Tried it in blender somehow, but couldn't manage so hollow out.

but anyway congratulations to the design, it looks amazing.

which slicer are you using?

Flashforge Finders slicing software: "Flash Print"

Which color PLA do you use. Normal grey?

i think so. (can't say for shure, as this roll was a present from a friend, and it was without box etc.)

Am I right in saying that the top is slightly more oval than round? Just my ocd kicking in here after I printed this. Not that it matters, but I need to know. :D

I was shocked when I saw the printed vase was oval, I thought that my printer has some serious issues, but then I compared it with the 3D model and it was as expected. Lol :D

I think that if you were to go into the Blender file, you could easily modify the lattice he defined to make it round. Actually that might be fun anyway, as you could alter the lattice even further to make the entire shape of the vase custom to your tastes.

Yes, mine are oval also and if you look layer by layer on your slicer, you can see that it is. Also, I get holes at each depression where the 'petals' are formed, even with a 0.8 nozzle! Not water tight by any means!

What layer heights are you using for this ?

0.2 with 0.5 nozzle

Used vase mode but there was small gaps between the honeycomb bits, as a result not water tight. Needs tighter tolerances to be printed in spiral.

Mine too. Tried 0.8 nozzle and varied layer heights and widths. No good. Needs some work to make water tight.

This is solid in Cura. Go to "Special Modes" and turn on "Spiral outer contour" and it will print hollow but mine has holes. I'll put a glass inside or print a water tight insert for it.

dont print as is either use vase mode or no infill or top layers or it wont be a vase