Self-watering Planter 3

by O3D Jun 10, 2017
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Had the same leaking issue around the logo. Filled it in solid and added another 2 layers on the bottom. Other than that great design.

I have the same issue - printed 3, and they all leak.

The Logo in the base causes leaks :(
Now i have to fix it with epoxi.

Here's my feedback. Its a fun project to print and it's got a great look!

This needs an extra layer in the bottom of the reservoir because of the logo.

I've had many failed prints of the planter because of retraction causing the filament to strip out on the small holes. Having one or two larger holes in the middle instead of 3 would probably help. Same with the holes in the bottom of the planter. I know you're trying to keep dirt from getting in the reservoir, but that's going to happen anyway.

I'm not trying to keep dirt out of the reservoir, the holes are so the water is absorbed by the soil and eventually the plant's roots will grow through them into the reservoir. I'm not sure what's going on with your printer. I've printed this model on 3 different printers and have never had a failed print. The planter will never print water-tight because of the layers, I could still thicken up the bottom though. Use a food safe sealant inside the reservoir to water-proof it. I can work on a v2 of the planter with larger holes later today.

I've printed 2 one 100% and one 175% both look perfect.

But 3 things I find you can improve:

  1. you can't see how much water is in there clearly and putting in too much makes it leaks between the 2 separate parts that is a design issue.
    you should the inlet for water come more up. Or design some kind of swimmer with a scale or whatever.
    2.You Logo makes it leak because it removes too many layers. Please add the logo to the other part of where the soil is.
  2. For those who see problems with printing without support, I used 80% support angle so it will only create support for the middle part.
    to eliminate the need for any support the end part could be 45 degrees with one hole in the middle.

All that said it is still the best looking planter on Thingiverse.

Was this design at all inspired by - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:903411

Very similar design.

Self-Watering Planter (Small)

No, It was originally this design. Pouring water directly into the soil would make a mess if it overflowed. I added a spout so that water could be poured directly into the reservoir.

Self-Watering Planter 2
by O3D

My suggestion is made the holes smaller... soil can pass through the holes. Okay, just a little bit can pass but still can... :)

Printed OK, I don't know how, but the print turned out fairly well. Thanks !

Hello . I'm printing the planter part now, but I think it might fail. I put it large end down on the build plate, but that leaves the small end with the holes up. There won't be anything to support the holes when the print head goes to outline their perimeter. I also enlarged it to 150% which might make things worse. Should I have done this with the smaller end on the build plate ? Sorry I'm still pretty new to this.
Thanks !

Try splitting the part with holes in it in half, then glue it together. If you split and orientate it the right way it will help the part to support itself. If you still need supports they will be way easier to remove since the frame will be clear open.

can i use abs filament?

I printed it and it looks great, but the container is not watertight.
Did you refine the surface somehow to make it watertight?

Beat it with some epoxy and it will become completely air tight, most likely stronger too.

No, it was water tight for me. Where is it leaking? From the planter or reservoir? If the reservoir, print again with 100% infill

Does the reservoir have to be PETG? Will PLA work just as well? What is the reasoning for using PETG rather than PLA?

You can use PLA. I prefer PETG for containers that store water. A planter environment isn't the best for PLA since it biodegrades. I used PLA because I didn't have orange PETG