SCT-2 (Scout Walker Mech)

by filipturz Jun 11, 2017
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im working on rules for a mechgame and this as well as your spider walker jumped out at me as pieces for rules testing. Im just showing this out there that if "packs" showed up with different hulls, weapons, arms legs etc, I wouldn't be angry. These are by far the most interesting of the work you have uploaded and I have my fingers crossed for more!

I'm seeing an issue with the left arm. Meshmixer is telling me that there's a non-manifold error in it. Anyone else get this too?

Probably the first thing I found on Thingiverse that I wanted to print.. I tried it at 100% scaling before learning about how supports work.. After getting the swing of things on my Powerspec (Wanhao) Duplicator i3+, I thought I'd try printing this one again. I upped the size to 150% and that helped a bunch on the small parts.. It might be due to the .8mm nozzle my second hand printer came with, or my settings, but a few of the delicate structures were torn off.. Definitely an exercise in cautious support trimming! I'll be going back and changing out the hoses on the autocannons with black hair tie elastics. I think they'll give it the proper hose look. I found it printed best with the parts in their original orientation.. I printed a leg laying flat and.. ugh.. I did print two of the right arm (one mirrored) so it would look balanced.. I rotated an arm so that the barrel was horizontal to the print bed and it worked out pretty well.. That's, of course, the one I ripped out hoses accidentally so.. maybe I should have also printed that one the way it was.. Lots and lots of detail on this model! A set of good X-acto blades and probes is wise.. (Mine are the Harbor Freight kit, the blue one with all the blades and probes..) I'm having some trouble fitting the legs properly-- they have a conflict on the mounting stub, so I'm going to try trimming the stub so they fit a bit more snug. Same with the autocannon arms.. I broke the tabs off one side before realizing the arm was actually bottoming out on the stud.. I'll try drilling the hole a bit so it fits more flush.. Or, perhaps some hot glue.. Anyway, just a great design! Prints awesome in Hatchbox silver PLA.. Pics when I finish printing the base and get it mounted.. I don't even think I'll paint this one..

Yep - this one is hard. 0.8mm nozzle is waaaaay overkill for that - I used 0.3. And the stubs at the back of the legs are meant to be cut at desired length - so that it might be glued in a desired position. But, given a fine-tuned printer and some experience, actually isn't that hard. One has to remember where all the fiddly bits are buried in the supports and you're golden. The movement of the arms is restricted in one case, that is correct. Modify away, if you dare!

Super cool to get a reply from the creator! I need to look into how easy it is to swap nozzles on these i3+ style printers.. I know there's a ton of upgrades possible on these things.. I understand now how the leg-limiting nubs work now.. Makes sense! Thanks!

Very nice detail and excellent job on splitting the model up.