D-Bot Titan Extruder, Bl-Touch and Cooling Fan Carriage

by 1sPiRe Jun 11, 2017
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Has anyone tried using this with a bondtech BMG? Looks like it would work if it was mirrored (minding the belts). Also the motor looks stepped forward quite a bit forward from the carriage, is this just to clear the belts?

Hi! Could you design the parts for the volcano? According to the e3d wiki volcano is 8.5mm longer than regular v6 hotend.

I just added the files you need ;)

Haven't printed but looks like a really clean design. One question, I was expecting the tube clamp mounting holes to align with the 'filament input' of the Titan so that a PTFE tube could still be run in conjunction with the wiring. Are you feeding the filament in via a different route? I can't see from the pictures unfortunately.

Yes the ptfe tubing is independent from all the cables. You will see it better on my D-bot's make :

D-Bot Core-XY 3D Printer
by 1sPiRe

Got it - thank you, hadn't considered moving the spool also.

Beautiful cat!

I printed the carriage and hoped it would work on the C-bot. But it turns out the hot end is at least 8mm to high, it won't reach the printbed. Just a heads-up if anyone else gets the same idea... I really like this carriage in every other way, but it just wont work on the c-bot.

what makes that your bed can reach the nozzle? threaten rods? Z wheels?

The Z brackets in the back hits the corner pieces before the bed reaches high enough. I raised the bed 10mm for it to reach up, not very nice and a bit wobbly but will do for now.

edit: oh, and i flipped the nut holders for the threaded rods so the nut would be lower. After this it's 10mm too low. So in total (default build) it might be more like 20-30mm to low.

Do you think that this could help you?

My D-Bot's Z-axis Setup
by 1sPiRe

I don't think it will do much difference actually, the wheels at the back will still hit the rear corners before the bed reaches up. The d-bot has smaller corners and that's why the carriage works on it.
But it looks like an interesting and good solution. But it would mean i need to get more 2040 profile and a lot of other stuff. Might upgrade in the future though :)

great design! I had a small problem where with the stock fan duct design somehow the fan nozzle is a good 2mm lower than my e3d nozzle. I modified the fanduct by cutting out the nozzle slightly to get around this problem. Otherwise this works like a dream. I love how you were able to reclaim some build volume back compared to some other designs. great stuff! thanks :D

Don't worry I also had to cut it a bit. Actually if everything set perfectly you'll need to cut it by a few mm, I made it on purpose for 2 reasons. First one because its easier to remove a bit than add some. But also to reduce the chance that the duct cool down the nozzle.
Thank you for the feedback ;)

Hey do you have the scad files available?

May I suggest that you post a version of this that has the top surface of the blower duct removed and included as a separate part? Depending on how good peoples' bridging is, it's likely that most people will have little loops and strings of filament hanging down and obstructing the airflow. It would be very nice to be able to print the base of the duct, then the roof of the duct, and then glue (or screw I suppose, but I'd just glue it it) the top on. Nice and clean.

Nice Design. Printed it and have been playing with it. A few things maybe you can change
. The Fan is too close to the hot end even with the sock the left side will melt a little cause it is making contact. without a sock the fan blows direct on the nozzle the temp will drop so fast that it can't recover and end up with a thermal run away. Maybe raise it up a little more so you can angle the output down a little bit less on the nozzle.

As I printed it in ABS and as I'm using the sock, I don't have any melt issues. What kind of filament did you use?
Also you said "the left side will melt", so I guess it means that the fan duct is not centered around the nozzle, right? It gives me an idea.
Thanks for this feedback, I'm gonna make some changes following your remarks.

I did print it in ABS for all the parts as well. It is only if you are looking at it on the left side of the fan duct. And it is such a small area. I think the bigger issue is the area it aims at and how it can dramatically drop the temp and then as it tries to recover it doesn't in time for Marlin to call a Thermal Runaway. I will be interested to see what you come up with. Looking forward to testing it out.

Great design. Do you have any plans to design a mount for the Titan Aero with a BLTouch?

Thank you.
Unfortunatly I never get a titan aero in hands so...no, sorry, I won't be able to design one...
What kind of changes it would need?

Ok, no problem.
The main difference between the E3D V6 hotend and the Titan Aero is that the V6 heak sink is removed bringing the heater block much closer to the extruder. The actual distance is just a little bit less than the finned section of the heatsink.

I took a look at what it will possible to do w/ a Titan Aero, and unfortunatly it brings to much issues....
It could be mounted w/ a volcano heater, and the cooling fanduct could also be raised, but I see no solution if not using a volcano.
Plus, even with a volcano, the nozzle is so much raised that it situated above the BL-touch probe. And once again, unfortunatly idk where to move it without being to far from the nozzle....
Sorry, I tried but it won't work.

Thank you, I really appreciate the time you have taken to look into it.

hmmm it might raise a problem as I took advantage of the sink lenght to raised the Titan above the frame's front V-slot. Let me make some tests, I'm gonna take this thing as reference:

If it doen't work w/ volcano it won't work w/ the -Idk how to call it- other heater block

Titan Aero & Volcano model