Ercoupe aircraft scale model

by guaro3d Jun 11, 2017
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I saw this a few days ago while I was browsing your designs. It looked nice, but it wouldn't scale down without losing things like thin trailing edges.

However, I've got to make one now. A beautiful US Army reminiscent blue and chrome yellow one just landed (safely) on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

Please do! This is my favorite aircraft by far, you right about scale it down. I print an HO version on a Resin printer (wanhao d7) using this same files, but on FDM printer will be a challenge to go lower than 1:48 (may be with a smaller nozzle). You should try to use "horizontal compensation" on cura win positive values, it will make the parts slightly bigger on the horizontal plane permitting you to print the thin surface (the tail mostly). I am acttually starintg to work on a more detailed model for which that I am planing to sell the stls files and physical models, it will have fully detailed interior, structure, engine. Thanks for your comment, you can reach me at [email protected] if you need any assistance with the print. Greetings

Work in progress.

I've made 5 and 7 Degree dihedral jigs to help assembly. Looking at documents it seems the early aircraft were 7 degrees, the later 5. I'll publish these as a remix, when I get further.

I printed the connectors at 96% as they were tight. I chased out the location holes with a #50 drill, so that I could use filament as reinforcers. The front connector is just glued to the cowling, so that I can play with weighting the plane. I glued the wings at 7 degrees.

I've sanded the pieces a little, but no filling. This one is probably a 'build one to throw away' as I try to dial in better printing parameters.

Hi, nice work, you are right about the dihedral. Nice addition. Yeah is not that much easy to print because of the size at 1:48 scale, but some filling and sanding and you should get a very good model (I printed mine on ABS to sand it easier)

printed mine on ABS to sand it easier

Maybe I should finally install the shroud and temperature controlled fan that I've built.

I just printed a rear fuselage at .12 mm and a slower speed as a test. Much nicer.

Trying to print it now (1:48). What did you use for the pins to attach the wings and propellor?

For the wings it has a little holes that can be use for alignment using filament, but when I build mine, I just used CA glue for everything with out using the holes. for the propeller I use a small glasses screw to make in movable.

Thanks for all your assistance.

Do you have any printing hints? My print isn't as nice as I hoped. Speed? Layer height? This first try was .2mm layer for the fuselage, wings and empennage. I printed the detail parts at .12. I used rafts to minimize "belling" of the bottom layers. This is with Hatchbox white PLA, which I've generally had excellent results with.

I'm a new 3D printer, interrested by aircraft scale printing.
I just discovered with a great interrest your Ercoupe scale model.
I started to print it, and result is really nice ! Congratulations for your drawing!
I've just a problem: the file concerning the after fuselage is missing on your Thingiverse page. Is it a tip or something to pay to obtain it?

Best regards.


Hi Sylvain, thanks you so much for your interest!

This model is meant to be free, it was my mistake, the file have been updated "Fuselaje_3", but then of course any tip will be much appreciated to continue the develop of more free models, you could also visit: https://cults3d.com/es/usuarios/guaro3d/creaci%C3%B3n where you can find a few more paid aircraft scale models.

Let me know if the link work for you, and if the file worked.

Greetings, please follow me on instagram as @guaro3d

Ok, the link is working, and printing of the bird is on the way.
It's my first print in 3D, an until now, the result seems me good for some parts, not too bad for others.
I'll send a link to let you see the evolution, but it will be in French....


This is a bit of a challenging print to be your first one, especially the tail since its very thin and the landing gear witch is very small. If you like aircraft I would recommend you the L39 albatros, is easier to print, but i understand how beautiful the Ercoupe is so I am with you hehe!. If you need any help in configuring the print or the printer let me know. I read a bit of french, is no problem. Looking forward to see it. Thanks for your interest.

Hi, I finished a first print of complete parts, somes are good, somes bad. I printed again bad parts, changing speed and filling parameters. This give some positive results, but not for all the parts.
How can I post pictures in my answers, to let you see the result and have your opinion on the result?
My first printing adventure is related here: http://pam2013.forumactif.org/t552-ercoupe-1937-1-48 (French forum).

So how did u put everything together?

Mikey I noticed thanks to @madbull1964 that there was a missing part, it have been updated now. Greetigns

Hi, I use super glue (cianoclirate). The assembly is very straight forward, start with the fuselage, then add the wings and finish with the landing gear. Greetings

Fantastic. Really close to real one, a clean design. May I ask you for some specific models? ;)

Thanks for your comment! Means a lot, hope you can print it. Well sure, right now I kind of full with comercial modeling but it's always nice to hear suggestions, just let me know. Greetings

I'm looking for some replica models for our flying club active fleet:

  • Cessna 172sp (2003 frame)
  • Piper PA38 Tomahawk
  • Piper PA28RT-201T (Turbo Arrow IV)

And some rare and nice ones:

  • MBB 223 Flamingo
  • Aisa I-11B

I can help with documentation if you like. Thanks a lot !!

(BTW: spanish speaker ;)

Luis te voy a escribir un mensaje en privado. También te he seguido en Instagram. Saludos

Those desert views are awesome, the model 'underneath' has to be good. With a bit more time (proper colour on components like the tyres, and other details) and the illusion would be perfect! I think this modeller is going places :-)

Thanks! I really appriciate that