101 Use Fish Cup!

by McAwesome Jan 31, 2014
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LMFAOOO I have to make this just to eat caramel in it then piss all over it XD

Lubricant Dish, Toolbox Companion, Talking Point

Never knew I needed a fish cup until now.

Unable to be made with modern slicers due to holes in the external mesh. This leaves the slicers to stop after reaching the holes, which are halfway up, just above the fins. Tested with Cura 2.1.2 and 2.4.0, and Craftware 1.14, both have the same issues. Slic3r just fails to create the gcode.

I was just searching for a test for my new PETG filament... this'll do just nicely!

Does anyone know if it is "food safe" to drink in a cup made of ABS? Especially hot beverages like coffee... Thanks in advance for the answer! :)

Abs is not food safe from the research I've done.

"All PLA and ABS printed with a FDM printer is not food safe, because there are always small voids in the part (even at 100% infill) where bacteria could grow. These voids cannot be cleaned out by running the object through the dishwasher either." Thats from google. There are plenty of food safe materials on the market now.

I've been looking for food safe materials....where have you found them?

Cool cup, however as I watch it print I see there's a lot of plastic! 1 inch thick walls at the bottom... maybe consider a V2 that has more room inside?

That's a good point, it does tend to be a plastic hog. I will try and work on a reduced, slimmed down version.

A weed grinder how exactly?

I made 2 of them...and they are awesome :D
The first at work with a makerbot-2 (big and green).
The second at home with a up!mini (small and black)
I'll upload some pics of them tomorrow :)

Does your up!mini have huge warping problems or is that just me?

Sometimes i have also some warping problems...

Awesome! I look forward to seeing the results!

First pic is online. I uploadet only the big one.
Made with a Makerbot2 with green PLA.
Settings: 2 Shells, 15% infill, layer 0.1mm.
Printtime: ca. 50h ^^

if you made the tail a bottle opener, you would have more uses :)

It's like frenching a fish with ever sip.