Northern Star Key Chain RIDDLE

by huemorgan May 28, 2012
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This is awesome, a cool puzzle key chain! Thanks for the files.

Nice one, hehe! I've tried to solved it and I couldn't. It's a bit different from the original wooden star puzzle which has some edges cut out / or on of the pieces not the same with others. Are you sure that this one is solvable if printed in 100% scale? =)

as you can see others have made it :)
The small one is harder - if you print it bigger it's easier.
I also removed the pointy edges - with some techniques it makes it easier.

I was trying to wrap my head around how the last piece could possibly be assembled. So I built a model ;) The assembled puzzle is held together only with friction. All of the pieces can move away from the center, but they need to move in unison. Hopefully the images below illustrate this:

Printed Great (clear PLA)- I'm trying to completed this mini one before the 2x version prints.

It printed great (in PLA) but I've realized I suck at puzzles...

ANSWER: 1. poing the pointy middle of all peaces to the center.

  1. for the last part to go in, you'll need to loosen up, no flexibility is needed but you need to space them up a bit.

Darned clever making it a keychain!

I'm avoiding looking up the solution. This one is so simple, in terms of the pieces, and at least so far, not at all obvious how to put it together.

One tip: at the end (last part) a bit of looseness is needed, the parts don't bend but some space is needed between them.

I admit it's much easier when it's bigger and the peaces don't move as they like to.

my big version is scaled X2 from the same file. :)

I can see how it must go together, but whenever I get almost there it all falls apart. There must be some angle I'm not seeing that doesn't require so much gap...