Medieval Cottage (28mm/Heroic scale and 15mm scale)

by dutchmogul Jun 14, 2017
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Just finished my 20 hours of printing, this was my first ever printed project, aside from my calibration print to level my ender 3 bed and I have to say it turned out amazing! Great model, it was a ton of fun watching my little ender 3 print this bad boy out!

I managed to print the roof by using a brim to make sure both sides stuck down until they met. Actually the first time, the tape on my hot plate came unstuck and one side caved in. Better, newer tape and it worked.

I am wondering whet colour paint you used to base coat the roof?

Are supports needed for the base?

Curious how to print the 28mm roof. The 15mm roof is split in half, it probably prints quite fast and doesn't use up a ton of material on supports. The 28mm file is a single peaked file. Hate to waste a ton on supports, is there a trick to an optimal print? Considering scaling up the 15mm roof and printing twice, but guessing that would throw some dimensions a bit. Thanks!

On my Ender 3 it printed just fine without supports in PLA,
bed 60
layer .2
30% infill
speed 60

Hey, Benjamin.

You know, that should theoretically print without the need of support, but I honestly can't remember whether we printed ours that way or scaled up the old roof, and I don't have the model handy at the moment, so I would have to say go for whichever way you're most comfortable. If you're scaling up, you can copy the dimensions from this one, which will be the same: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2561572

Medieval Cottage 2 (28mm/Heroic scale and 15mm scale)

Hi, very good designs. I would like to know how you paint your impressions. They really look very good, excuse my English

Thank you! I use acrylic model paints (Citadel, Reaper, and Game Colour mostly) and I paint directly onto the printed model. I don't use primer if I'm printing in black material ABS or PLA.

Fantastic model! Printed it on Friday!
Do you think you could upload the SVG? I just want to see how that works when importing into Tinkercad thats all. Love your work

Hey, thank you! Post some pics! Actually, if you go directly to the thing on TinkerCAD you can hack the object and dissect how it was done.

How do you get those rocks modeled without painfully carving each line? I've always wanted to know.

Actually, I drew a template in InkScape and imported it into TinkerCAD. Then I made it into a negative object and cut it into the wall.

So that should work in theory for Fusion360 with say, an SVG?

I don't know what Fusion360 is, but I imported the pattern to TinkerCAD as an SVG, for sure.

The next step between TinkerCAD and blowing $2,000 a year on Inventor Pro.

Fusion is free for hobbyists too so, check that out. My stuff is either lunch break Inventor or Fusion360.