Taz 6 elevated hexagon fan duct

by chilicoke Jun 15, 2017
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was able to print and use it on my taz 5. Wasn't how far off the mounts were from the 5 to the 6 but cool thing was i had some spare screws lying around and a abs board that made this an easy fix and a badass install. now the systems cooling better and i can actually see what I am printing. now for that new 0.4mm nozzle since the factory 0.35mm is a pain to clean and always jams up with longer prints.... it has to do with the speed but owell my type 1 works well with the same size nozzle so fun fun. keep up the great work and if anyone needs a pic on how i made it work comment or email damiendortiz@gmail.com keep up the great work man. I have a few things I will be working on next.

Hmm, Maybe if I had seen this earlier I might not have wasted my 4th of July holiday designing this:https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2417662

What purpose do you attribute to the divider in the duct? In the original, it was vertical, and if you had kept it vertical it would have acted as support for the shallow overhang you have. I could not find a use for it so I removed it on mine.

Taz 6 Heatsink Fan Duct with LEDs

haha! I'm sure other Taz6 owners would appreciate having multiple options out there. Love your LED integration, I was thinking of adding a flat surface for a small strip of flexible LED strip, but was concerned the "spotlight" would overpower my OctoPrint webcam's lack of dynamic range.

I imagined the steep downward turn of this duct would cause some resistance to the overall air stream, so the divider in the middle is there to isolate turbulence. The upper section is given bigger exit path for the slower/more turbulent air while the lower section is designed to have a near straight path for faster/higher airflow to cool the hotter (lower) side of the heat sink.