TS100 Soldering Iron Holder Station

by mightynozzle Jun 15, 2017
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Clever use of a bearing. Just printed one, though I didn't read your design close enough for the TS100 part so my soldering iron doesn't fit (oops). I'm about to order bigger bearings off aliexpress!

what's the ball bearing for? to spin your soldering iron around?

That's in the first sentence of the description.

You don't need bearing to do that. A washer is good enough to disperse the heat. Beside, the main function of ball bearing would be useless

A washer become too hot. The contact surface is larger than with the individual balls of the ball bearing. But feel free to use a washer and make your own experience. At 400 degrees Celsius the washer became almost 100 degrees hot, the outer ring of the ball bearing below 40 degrees. PLA melts slowly at 100 degrees...

I just ordered my TS100 but from reading comments of other stand design I gathered that part of the iron doesn't heat up at all. Is that true?

Why not use heatsink

I don't know, where you want to put a heatsink on? On the washer? On the soldering iron?
I mean a ball bearing isn't useless for this matter. They have a very low contact surface between the inner and outer ring and they are cheap (10 bearings for about US$2 on Aliexpress). Or you can use a broken one or gather it from fidget spinners, skateboards, inline skates, etc..

I think use those extruder heatsink with hole in the middle

You're suggesting using a washer and a heatsink? Sounds more complicated than the bearing. The bearing works just fine and a lot of creators have a couple laying around from other projects.