by dukedoks Jun 15, 2017
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very cool, thx for sharing

Hola buen aporte... le quedaran los aros a unos hawkers? Saludos.

No lo se seguro, pero es posible que si. Si calientas un poco el objeto para introducir los cristales se adaptarán a su forma

Genius video! Awesome work man!

Finally i understood design technology of glasses thanks to your video and made my own for oakley lens.
Joints are still weak points though.
Thanks again for such great education!

Hello, did you make the oakley frame? I have broken holbrook, i want use this technique but im beginner with blender and i found frame for holbrook but its bend and need support (long printing time). I want use this technology (flat -> bend with heat gun). Do you have stl files for this sunglasses?

Could you possibly provide a link to where i could possibly purchase the lenses you used for the glasses?

Hi! have you ever make a Maui Gim sunglasses?

hi! No, I don't know them. I only try to copy my broken sunglasses... sorry

I love the video, good editing skills, I wish i could do that too :). If you had a full 3D model, I would do it out of wood on my CNC ;)

Comments deleted.

Cool idea, but mine snapped the first time I tried to put them on. The little tabs that form the hinge on the back of the front pieces seems to be too small to be strong enough. I used PLA. Maybe other people have having better luck.

While it looks cool, the entire idea of 3D printing is that you print out a part that requires minimal post-processing.

I thought of printing this way to avoid supports. I think it's a good technique to apply on other prints! Don´t you believe it? Thanks!!

i have a pair of sunglasses that broke when i was travelling, i also have a 3d printer. however i dont have a heat gun. is there any other way to form them?

You can try with a hair dryer

i thought about it, and just went ahead and bought a heat gun, thanks!!!

Hair Dryer does work. But I still feel like I should buy a heat gun lol

Why not buy a pair of glasses instead? lol. Better and cheaper. It's cool to print it of course, but it is supposed to be worth the time and effort imo

Because now he has a heat gun for other projects :D

Not going to lie, this has to be one of my top 3 reasons why I want to get into 3D printing! Awesome work and amazing video!

Thank you very much!! Cheer up!!

Bought my first printer and plan on making these very soon! :) What diameter stick did you use to bend the bridge for the nose? Thanks!

It doesn't matter a lot, a stick about a centimeter in diameter more or less could work!

Congratulations for the design and the awesome idea for post-processing.

Wanted to try and print in ABS but turned out the joints snapped at the first attempt to screw the parts together. Hope PLA is better.

Thanks for sharing your experience, I had not tried with ABS yet!

What size screws did you use on these?

I don´t know, it´s the broken sunglasses screws. Could it be 1mm?

What size of screws and lenses do these glasses require?

I don´t know, it´s the broken sunglasses screws. Could it be 1mm? And about lenses, you can use any lenses, when you hot the plastic, it will be very moldable.

i would of never thought of using a heat gun to bent them like that. awesome idea

what type of filament did you use that made it so much more flexible?

I use PLA, but you can use any more flexible, like filaflex.

What software did you use to design the glasses?

Muy interesante, desde hace tiempo estaba pensando en modelarme unas pues no veo bien de lejos y donde vivo son carísimas. De casualidad tendrías el modelo ya con las curvas, en estos días voy a actualizar a doble extrusión para usar soportes solubles.
Exelente trabajo, gracias!

Pues no lo tengo lo siento, las modelé pensando en curvarlas posteriormente.

I love the post-printing processing work you put into these. It is a good reminder that better results can be sometimes had when using fabrication techniques other than just the printer, much in the same way that commercial frames are formed and polished.

Thank you very much for your comment!!

i wanna make these! idk if i'll do it as good. That was a super cool vid!

Extremely cool video showing the process. Methods used to form and make were very creative. Thanks!

Thanks a lot!!!

I can use with graduated lens?

Yes! why not?

That was really cool to watch. Thanks for taking the time to make the video! :)

Thanks!!! ;)

What size are the lenses. I have 54 mm and I would like them to fit

You can use any lens, when you hot the plastic, it will be very moldable.

Link to where I can buy lenses that fit?

The broken sunglasses which appear in the video are these:
But you can use any lens. When you hot the plastic, it will be very moldable.
I don´t know where you can buy only lenses.

Love the file and design. I have been researching diy sunglasses for a long time and just came across your post. I break my store bought cheap sunnys constantly. My students and I have been trying all sorts of ideas. While looking for more info on the specs of your print I noticed you have loads of people asking you about sources to get lenses only. I recommend these guys. You are completely right with the plastic being molded once heated so as long as you keep the heat low enough to bend and not distort any of these lenses should work.
They have all types of brands they make replacements for most of them are the top designer models too. I’ll be sure to post our sets once we have our summer lessons in order. Cheers!