Desert Eagle V1.6

by 3Dpassion Jun 15, 2017
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Is facebook the only way to get this design? If so thank you anyhow. I will not be joining facebook. If there is another way to get the materials i will gladly donate. Also how much is required?

I totally feel you about the FB, I hate it myself, but that was the only way at the time. right now I am going to publish this project at 3Dpassion.com once the website is up, which should be within 1-2 weeks. Once that is up, you all will have a decent platform to buy/sell/download various DIY projects. So, if you give it a little time, you won't need to join that lousy spy platform ;) Cheers!

hello friend how does the donation work? What is the amount to be donated? and how will I receive the files?

Start from joining new fb group for this project. All info is there.

ok i m joining

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Donation sent. Awesome project!

How's your new project coming along?

Finished over a year ago, releasing minor tweaks every now and then.

What I meant was, you mentioned you were going to start a new project somewhat similar to this website, with the domain name: www.3Dpassion.com.

How's that coming along?

Will be up an running early November. In the works now. Design and structure is done, handed to developer already. :)

Sounds interesting, should I hold-on making Desert Eagle, or is it something completely different?

Desert eagle is a hobby 3D printing project, the website is a place where designers will be able to share theirs with more functionality than here, including offering some services etc. So, it’s a different thing.

Hello Vlad, been trying to contact you by email.

When did you contact me? I have nothing in my mailbox.

Aha strange, Yesterday and on the 27th Dec, to your g--_in----@----.ru address.
It was just about an exploded view on how to put it all together. Maybe just a photo without the canopy would also do.
I'd also gladly pay the extra for a little WhatsApp support?

Sounds even more interesting, please let me know when you've gone public :o)

Going public in couple weeks. Stay tuned in instagram @3d.passion ;)

Looking verry nice, will you place the seperate files too?

All files are available on 3Dpassion.com. Project is not free though. There was a lot of time involved in designing this, hope community can understand and appreciate the work :)

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