Creality CR-10 Spool Adapter - Large and Small

by jantzenday Jun 15, 2017
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This would be a fantastic Spool adapter if it would fit to my Creality CR10S Pro, which has a filament holder with a diameter of 36mm. Obviously Creality is shipping different sizes of filament holders. Why don't you make this adapter customisable, so it would fit for most printers? I would really appreciate this ....

Why didn't I read the comments first??!!! Glad I wasted my time and filament. Not. Would have taken you 30 seconds to update it to say not for CR-10S.

Hahaha well it works fine for me so I don’t know what to tell ya. But no need to be an @$$ about it. It’s not like it took a whole roll of filament..

Also, it doesn’t say CR-10S in the title so...

106% bolt and 107% nut worked for me first go on my CR-10 Mini however this feels like it was designed for robot hands as those teeth really hurt your hands when you're first wearing the thread in. If you decide to do another iteration please round them off a bit.

Comments deleted.

Same issue with my CR10. First print was at 100%. Does not fit. Second print 102%. Does not fit, but know the nut does not screw on aswell.
I guess I must print the next one at around 106% and the nut at 107%. It would be nice if you could upload a remix for the spool holder size of 32mm.

This comment saved me a lot of time, I did my first print at 106% bolt and 107% nut. Although it still took a bit of working it fitted and went on first go.

CR-10 S printed your spool holder but it does not fit,diameter needs to be slightly larger.

Just for information sake, the diameter of the spool holder for the Creality Ender 3 is 31.7mm.

How much to scale it to fit the ender 3?

I originally downloaded the CR-10_Spool_Holder_Bolt_Large.stl and it did not fit over my spindle after I printed it. The print was 30.6mm diameter and my spindle was 31.6mm so I downloaded the CR-10_Spool_Holder_Bolt_Large.stp and loaded it in 123 Design and altered the portion that fits over the spindle to 33mm in diameter to be safe and it works great.

would be nice to know the criticle dimensions in the description for both. :)

Jatzenday. Is it possible for you to design a new spool holder adapter but for the new cr 10 spool holders? I just got my cr 10 and printed your spool holder but it does not fit. That would be very nice for people who have the new cr 10 spool

If you can get me the dimensions I'd be more than happy to add a larger version.

I have a CR-10S and had the same issue - I think Crality switched the holder on current units - I got my CR-10S December 2017

Printed to fit CR10 but does not fit, inner diameter is only 30.5 and it needs to be at least 32.

just scale up the part in your slicer software. I scaled the bolt by 107% and the nut by 108%.

The newer spool holder has a larger inner diameter. They released it right around the time I posted the files for my version.

does the larger one fit ?, i only tried the small one.

The inner diameters are the same.

I printed this file last night but it will not fit over my stock spool holder. I believe they may have increased the diameter of the spool holder and mine is 33mm. I did print the small version of the file just an FYI

The newer spool holder has a larger inner diameter. They released it right around the time I posted the files for my version.

Very nice spool adapter, thamk you for sharing. I looked at all the various variable adapters on Thingiverse and yours came out on top. Printed it in eSun natural PETG and it fits my CR-10 perfectly. If you are thinking of changing it at any time, I suggest rounding the tips of the slot extensions, it would make it more pleasant to the touch.

I'm glad you liked it! I will be out of town for a week or so but when I come back I will add another version with rounded slots. That is if I don't get it edited before I leave tomorrow. Thank you for the suggestion!