Imperial Super Commando Helmet (Star Wars)

by Killonious Jun 19, 2017
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I know this is an older model, but did you ever happen to model any of the rest of the parts to this armor?

Kind of an odd request, but could you split the whole helmet file cleanly into a few larger pieces, maybe quadrants and then the antennae? I have a large printer that can do it in one piece it's just a waste with supports.. I'd do it myself but I'm horrible at cutting models.

I'm in the middle of printing this one... Great model so far! I can't believe part #6 prints with no supports, but it does! Only another 11 parts to go! Will post up pics once it is done and assembled.

Nice can't wait to see it. Good luck.

Having issues with the printing of parts 12 and 25... The middle back of the helmet. Prints great for ~80% of the part, then the top 1/2"-3/4" stops printing. Re-sliced the STL files and it has happened twice now. Will try to work on it tonight...

The rest of the pieces print and assemble beautifully!

Sorry to hear that. I just checked pieces 12 and 25 on simplify 3D and I saw no issues. I can check again at home with my other software. My one friend printed this model and said he had no issues. This is his print:


Imperial Super Commando Helmet (Star Wars)
by Hexvas

Agreed! Simplify3D had no issue slicing the model at all. Being a relative rookie at 3D printing, I'm sure the error is in the operator's chair... Just very odd that both parts stopped printing at almost exactly the same level. So much so that I didn't notice the top portion was missing until I was doing assembly yesterday. It should be no where near the vertical limit of the Robo3D R1+Plus...

EDIT: Not sure what is wrong with what I had done, but I'm able to get the top inch or so to print by lowering the model 75mm into the print bed. I'll just splice the part together.

beautiful! Can't wait to start on this bad boy!

Thanks Good luck!

My build area on my MP Select Mini is 120x120x120. Will all the pieces (printed one at a time) be able to fit with my dimensions?

I'm not 100% sure. The model was broken up for a build plate at is 225 x 150 x 150mm.

Excellent work my friend! Wish all 3d helmet get done with this quality!

Thanks. I try my best.

Beautiful work! So very tempting to print... Any chance you have a Shae Vizla helmet in your modelling queue?

Another great step in your march towards modeling the entire star wars helmet universe :)

I'm working on Sabine right now.

Amazing work again man. I have a replacement part coming so hopefully soon I can finally get these great prints going. Great work again as always.

Thanks. yes get the replacement part and get printing. I know how it feels waiting for parts or plastic for your printer.

Looks great and you have it split well in that it looks like it should be an easy print, nice work, cheers Jace

Thanks Jason. I took my splitting skills by check out a lot of your models.