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Cathedral Game

by onebitpixel Feb 2, 2014
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Very cool! Could you please explain which files belong to which player (light or dark)?

Each player gets the same set, one of each large building and 2 of the 1, 2 & 3 square buildings. Except, of course for the cathedral which is unique and should be in a 3rd color (usually gray). Oops! I just remembered the 4 square & non-symmetrical 5 square buildings need to be mirror images in each set - if you turn the the buildings so that the long low parts are horizontal and the tall part of the 5 sq. is on the side away from you the 5 sq with the tall part on the left goes with the 4 sq with the far side tall part on the right. Or go here https://cf.geekdo-images.com/images/pic177878_md.jpg and look at a picture. Also the 3 in a row building is only one per set.

The files are not set up for printing the sets in different colors. Unless you want to print all one color and paint you will have to break the files up into sets.

Why recreate the original pieces, more or less, exactly as the appeared? Take some time and come up with some really creative variety. Add parks, villas, and fountains. Even better, model 2 sides for the opponents with different styles to add conflict and tension.

yes, I definitely agree; I think that sort of question gets asked when people post the standard Staunton chess set models or a simple lasercut go boards to public forums... I think this set could be used as a starting point for most; I mention customizing and modifying in the first paragraph write up in the thing info. I would think this particular game is perfect for variants, retheming and modification - especially with the ability to customize and print your own miniatures/sculpts to add to the game.

I was talking the other day with the family about how one could scale this game up to allow for multiple people and/or increasing the size of the city or adding an outer ring of an invading army/city or possibilities of making a children's variant that has smaller number of pieces or pieces of different colors to add some educational component to the gameplay. We were talking how one could build stackable add-ons for players to stack-on or possibly insert into (hollowed portions of the model) that could enhance/modify the gameplay. With the increasing number of available architecture models opening up and sculpted forms/figures one could easily take the original theme and run wild with it - while still keeping true to the original game design and mechanics.

The inspiration/remix source links I provided point to some other cathedral architecture models that are low enough poly/resolution that could substitute and scale within the standard cross/cathedral model; there are some great texture/models available on thingiverse that could easily change that square fountain into something more dynamic (i.e. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:184372http://www.thingiverse.com/thi..., http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:237105);http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... with the tools/software more widely available to designers and artists now the ability to changing it up, modifying or making something new on your own is something that should be easily accomplished.

The amount of material used (ABS/PLA) to print the game isn't too large (depending on scale of print); however, with the amount of time it takes to wait for the entire game/models to print out, it can make sense to be sure that you make it the best print for your needs. Of course, if someone just wants to print out a standard or scaled, mini-version of this game they are definitely able to do so. I believe the link I provided to http://boardgamegeek.comboardgamegeek.com has some great examples of what is available commercially as well as how other people have provided variants for gameplay that would be good starting points for customization and modification.

water ripple effect
Water puddle splash. Blender fluid model

Okay. I recognize that I'm a little late to the party. But I've been playing with some numbers and I've found a way to scale Cathedral up to both a 4 and 6 player variant. All it takes is changing the size of the board and tweaking the shape of the cathedral piece to take up the left over squares.

I'm currently working on some simple game pieces (not unlike the ones found above) for a beginner's 3D modeling class that I'm going to be teaching. But eventually, I will be creating models so that each player will represent a different culture. Egyptian, Chinese, Roman, Meso-American, etc. I'm still pegging down which cultures have enough distinct architecture available to create a whole set of playing pieces.

The scale of the pieces is going to be slightly larger than the standard wood pieces that I grew up with.