Ultimaker Direct Extruder

by canadaduane May 31, 2012
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where i can get the motor and the parts ?

hi, nice work. I can't find the file "drive_spec.scad" needed in your SCAD source.
Please, can you tell us where to find it?

Have you tried Ron's version? I think I got it from his original version. And his latest version supersedes the work I did here.

Sorry to just jump in, but i am not sure where to go to get the parts I need to convert my cnc router to a 3D printer. Just wondering what extruder and 3D software to use.

that's strange. are you sure it's the same motor? how long is the motor's shaft, after pulling the gear?

well it's about .330 from the end of shaft and .510 from shaft to mounting flat.... it would work but i have to put the gear in with the big part by the motor.

did you pull the small gear off the shaft? you need to do so for it to fit.

yep i did... hmmm

canadaduane, I finished my redesign - you might want to double check the new one to see if it'll work for you.

i was just putting mine together and found the motor shaft is to short....

How do you mean that? I think it's a good idea, but it was a really funny timing of canadaduane posting this on the Ultimaker mailing list. We've finally had great success with retraction.

Both approaches have their ups and downs. A hybrid design is another option. We'll see.

dont get me wrong.i wanted to say that when saw such light extruder i thought some one will put it on ultimaker. btw have any one used it?

canadaduane, nice variant - I used a mirror image version in my dual extruder as well.

I'm currently working on a redesign that includes a bearing at the end of the drive shaft (farthest from the motor), to reduce axial stress on the gearbox. I'll see what it takes to include your variant as an option.

Sounds awesome!

I didn't realize you had built a dual extruder (with the obvious mirror there). That would do the trick. A lot of my messing around with the rcx.scad file was kind of discovering how you did things and then tweaking it to get the mirror. Most of it is probably quite unnecessary, so I suspect an op
tion to mirror and add the base plate with the holes in the right spot is all that would be needed as an "option" in future.

scale([-1, 1, 1])

Very nice project.

Does it need firmware changes i.e. speed or acc ?

If you're using Printrun, one thing that does need changing is the E speed (this is not a firmware change--there's a spinner control that lets you adjust the speed in the Pronterface interface). I use 800mm/s.

The reason this is necessary is that small stepper motor can't keep up with the higher default extrusion speed (i.e. "manually" extruding ). If you don't make this adjustment, the motor just vibrates quietly.

Surprisingly, no! When I used the original RCX, I had to reverse the E stepper direction in the firmware, but with this mirrored version there are no changes necessary.

Hey Ho, do you have more detailed instructions? I would love to reduce stringing, totally awesome! My email is [email protected]

The assembly instructions for rcx, at http://thingiverse.com/thing:22980http://thingiverse.com/thing:2... should be mostly relevant here.

Ron's Compact Extruder
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I'd love to help make the instructions clearer. What parts need clarification?