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The Rabbit In the Hat Trick

by tomburtonwood Feb 2, 2014
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I am sitting in a room.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCgicEWD1Nchttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Reminds me of Alvin Lucier's classis recording!

Interesting. I did a similar experiment here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24373http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...
Crazy how much less extreme the degradation in my results was with 123D catch nearly two years ago!

Clone Degradation Experiment

very cool. would be curious to see how much further your pieces degrade with another 10 or 15 steps.

nice process piece. interesting that mostly the scanning process shrinks the scan, but some areas also seem to grow larger due to artifacts.

brilliant! I think you should repeat this experiment every year, to show how much (if at all) the technology really improves...

^_^ - thank you! - sounds like a plan.

I don't understand all the "this doesn't belong on Thingiverse" hate, when there are so many people uploading unprintable models they downloaded from other sites or publishing customised rings with their crush's name on it.

I think you'll survive some small differences of opinion. ;)

I think the difference is there are SO many great designs on here, that to choose this one to be a Featured upload seems more of a goof than an honor.

Good job Tom! I found this much more interesting than anything else featured on the home page today. This is the 3d equivalent of a mixtape copied from friend to friend. It is analog creeping back into the digital world. You know you've done something innovative when most people don't get it. Keep up the good work.

looks like you need a better 3D scanner..

the concept is interesting, but it doesn't belong here. as a video posted somewhere else, sure, but i'd be surprised if anyone downloads this to blindly print themselves.

what a colossal waste of time trying to be different. I'm sure a lot of work when into this... but for what? Different is only cool when what you do differently IS cool! Different on its own means nothing. Just sayin'...

Wow...why the heck is this drek featured on the front page?

Wait, why is this popular? Can someone explain to my why this is important.
I was expecting the model to be turned to a certain angle to show the rabbit. But I can see that isn't the case.

Presumably this Thing will be hare today, gone tomorrow.

Oh, what have I done? I've killed da wabbit!

It's unique. Interesting concept.

Just shows that Thingiverse cares 0% about what is interesting. no offense OP, this doesn't deserve to be front-paged, let alone featured.

This is a great idea, tomburtonwood thanks so much for sharing and thanks to ThingiVerse for featuring this thing. It's a simple and elegant way to show the current limitations of scanning 3d objects.

could you re-order the image gallery into normal order? (bunny, bunny001, bunny002, etc) i think then it would be clear for anyone even for the first glance what's going on ;) thx! -a

Huh? Looks pretty wacky to me. The melting/vanishing rabbit...