ParkZone Wildcat replacement motor mount, Battery box and firewall wedge

by hillbille Jun 24, 2017
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Hey Hillbille,

Thanks so much for this! I broke my wildcat today and during repairs, the firewall is the part of the plane that has had me stumped. I have a question, if you don't mind. I completely removed the broken firewall. How would you recommend using your wedge without the O.G. firewall being there? I know you briefly go into it in your description, but I'm a visual person so sometimes it takes a few tries to get me to understand things when I'm reading them. Thanks in advance!

If your firewall was destroyed in a crash and you remove it from the fuse entirely, you will need to print the large square angled plate. Install it aligned with the battery box so that the battery hole aligns with the rectangle in the fuse. The plate provides the correct thrust angle for the motor mount.

I tried hard to make this as simple and easy to assemble as I could. The one caveat is whether or not the nose of your plane was totally destroyed in a crash or compacted beyond repair. There are methods for repairing, replacing the foam of the nose and then doing these mods, but I won't try to get into that here. These parts should allow repair of most crashed Wildcats and that was the purpose. The firewall is just a plate that the motor mount is screwed in to, albeit a angled plate needed for correct thrust. The nose of the fuse should be square and flat before the plate is glued to it. Hope that helps.

Thanks Hb,
I'll print the battery box tonight and see if i can figure out what you mean. I'll let you know about my progress.

I always thought of a new firewall as just a flat surface on the end of the fuse. 1/16" ply will do, once it's glued to the foam. Use a dremel tool to cut out the opening for the wiring and such, then glue the wedge to that. Everything else can be glued or screwed to that. There is no stress on the firewall, other than being a simple base to attach everything else to.

I`ve been looking for this part on LHS for a long time and also on Thingiverse!!

I have 2 Parkzones F4F with broken mounts.

Thanks a lot!!!