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by akajes Jun 25, 2017
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Does It work with Marlin 2.0 for 32bits boards?

Downloaded latest version. Installed GIT and IO using buttons in your programm, but it still says that they are not installed and wont work. How to fix this?

A few information about issue, would you tell more about OS, version, errors on the screen or screenshot?

After configuring sucessfully my printer with this nice software I am not able to change the Marlin version! I keep saying that I did not saved something. But I saved, published, etc.... What do I need to do to update (from 1.1.6 to 1.1.8) please?

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Excellent tool! I've been using it a lot to properly set up my hypercube. One question: How can I clear the cached commands in the serial console? There is a lot of mistaken commands I wanted to delete. Thank you !

Try del key before select unused

Sorry for the late reply, it worked. Thanks !


The app is awesome!

Is it possible to load a published config? When i try i get redirected to this page http://lt.rv.ua/mc/?h=localhost:3000 that lists the published configurations. There is a column, headed app, with 'get' hyperlinked to http://localhost:3000/site/50 but that points to a local site that doesn't exist

this link http://localhost:3000/site/50 to the application - it must be opened for properly updating new configuration


which app controls this? Presumably one of the prerequisites for the sip installs a local web server for this to function?

Figured it out, my Chrome windows wasn't showing the horizontal scroll gadget - so i wasn't aware there where extra columns to the far right. One of which is a zip hyperlink


Does it have any internal storage for configuration versions? Somehow it completely overwrote my configuration files with some samples. Just wondering if I can get back to the previous versions.
Another question: how can I share my configuration online?

There are the menu functions for saving in local storage, downloading as zip and publication - just press on the version button

Thank you very much! This helped tremendously when I decided to update from 1.1.3 to 1.1.8.
Really well done!

It is 4th image in preview - you can click on the arrows and slide scrollers

one more thing. what is the "simple 3D tool for positioning printer head in console manager" used for? i just seen it in the list of features.

how can i get info off of my board? my old pc died and i am on a new one. i dont want to resetup my settings.

As I know you couldn't.
But you can get information from it, which might make the commissioning easier upon the re-build
There some g codes, which you can send to the printer.
From about M500 to M503 which will write/read data to/from the EEPROM.
Also M92 will display the current step_per_mm values for each axis.
(Source: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,624457)

First, this tool looks REALLY great! I just found it and have to say, that I'll definitely give it a try for my next firmware change!

I'm using Windows 10 with latest updates, installed the last version (2.7.11 at the moment) of marlin-config and noticed two problems:

  • Using an empty folder results in nothing - app disappears and the folder stayds empty, even though I can clone the Marlin Github repo via command line git.exe without any problems.

  • The app opens correctly, if I use a pre-downloaded Marlin clone, but the I'm unable to use the flash button. If I hover over it with the mouse it says PlatformIO is not installed. But on my desktop is the Atom icon and I used the PlatformIO plugin for another Arduino project before.

Perhaps you know a solution for this...

  1. Empty folder must works, but if you run the application with user's rights it can access only to folders with user's rights - just try to create folder no desktop or my documents
  2. Must be installed PlatformIO core and it must works from console - install documentation link appears when you press a compile button

Ah! Many thanks for your fast reply. I'll try folders with different rights. And regarding PlatformIO Core I have to give it a try :) Keep up the good work!

I installed GIT then the setup.2.7.11.exe, but it won't install, complains about GIT must be installed..But i just did that (with all defaults).

Just reinstall the git with default settings!

Finally got it working.. It downloads the latest, but when i try to change to an older one it just throws a white screen at med and it does not load anything. I don't want the latest marlin..

Finally got it working.. It downloads the latest, but when i try to change to an older one it just throws a white screen at med and it does not load anything. I don't want the latest marlin..

i tried it works

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