CR-10 Fang with 40mm Fan

by Perfikt Jun 25, 2017
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Air flow is very very poor use this remix instead https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2522678


this fang have one problem, plastic shelf between screws and extruder. During printing start soft and all extruder is released. I solved this problem by added new fixation points for fang ( old I deleted ). Now is assembly - 2x thread axis true extruder - 2x nuts fixing extruder - fang asembly - 2x nuts fixing fang ( don't forget washers and sprin washer ). Now is extruder fixed permanently. ( model was printed from ABS ) Remark: with this fang is material ( ABS or PETG ) melting in better conditions and after printing is model
really more stronger.

quick question:
does this use the fans that are already on the cr10?, no additional parts needed?
is there a fitting video anywhere?

thanks for any answers..

What is the size of screws that you are using for holding the fang and the additional fan?

It mounts with the original screws holding the cold end to the carriage

Hello, I need a STEP file, can upload here?

I don't know what a step file is

What parts did you create with CAD?

I didnt design any parts in cad. I used 3d builder to put parts of already existing models together

Hi I really like the design.
I would love to install this on my ender2...
What about the probe offsets for the ABL mount version?

is it safe to print with PLA or do i need to do it with Naylon or ABS? suggestions please????

This project needs the support for BLtouch sensor

May I ask you to consider remixing this for E3D V6?

Has already been done by somebody else


40mm Fan Fang CR-7/CR-10 E3D V6 Clone REMIX
by JeCarve

Unfortunately, it does not have an ABL mount.

If I print the one with the bed level sensor mount, supports would be required... right?

After installation it didn't work as thought. Due to the small connection hole for the part cooling fan about 40-50% of the air is reversed back. Gonna do my own remix of it (since I don't like the one that's already available). Nice work anyways, but this should be fixed. Everything else worked out great!


I got a Noctua 40mm x 20mm for the top, and printed out your model, do you think there will be problems with air flow for the part cooling? I didn't install it yet, didn't know there was a remix for airflow. I did read someone said the stock 40mm wasn't enough, that's why I went with 20mm.

I knew when designing this that the airflow could be better. It was my first 3d model, and it filled the needs a buddy asked for. This one flows better than the oem fang that alot of people use, but of course the remixed one will push more air

What is a good carriage to use with this? the current one I am using is not compatible.,

Was designed to use with the stock cr-10 carriage

Has anyone had an issue with the set screw now letting the heatsink slide all the way in the cooler?

Remove the cold end heatsink completely from printer. Slide on fang and line up the holes. Replace screws. The heatsink mounting screws hold the fang on too

I got that part figured out, but the set screw at the bottom of the heatsink is what is catching on the bottom. I will attach a picture when I get home.

The set screw should go toward the rear of the printer. That would allow it to slide on the open side of the fang


could you add a file für an 50mm fan, please ?

CR-10 50mm Fang Fan Mount/Duct/Shroud

Will this work for the creatlity Ender 2?

Good after guys! Just outta curiosity, what would be the recommended orientation for printing?

Upside down, as the stl is already oriented.

Hey there, thanks for sharing this make!

Say, is it normal that I need to increase my PLA print temperature from 200~205°C before to 220~225°C after installing this Fang? The blowing air seems to cool down the nozzle a lot. If I go under 220°C, the PLA print won't stick and the print fails.

Thanks, J

The fan that cools the filament as it prints should not be on during the first few layers..Does yours run all of the time?

I am running a 50mm fan on mine and print at 210

Hello everyone, can you confirm that it does not need the supports for printing please?

It does not need support.

perfikt, I want to do some mods on this design . So asking: 1: could you provide me with a real drawing file?
Im use to Sketchup. So having the STL available I was not able to get the STL to load in my version. I was able to load it other pgms but then when getting it into Sketchup it just never loads. anyways Also was going to ask what you designed it in too. TIA.

I don't have a drawing file for it. I loaded the stl of the fang I was remixing into 3d Builder and made the changes there. Never had anything other than stl files.

PerfKit, Thanks for the reply I have been giving it ah go via Sketchup. when Done Ill post. Thanks!

Great clean design!! Is the newly added sensor bracket aligned/correct height for Tim Hoogland's EZABL sensor?

The sensor bracket is intended for his sensor. I do not know the offsets to put in the firmware though since I don't have ez-abl.

He's back ordered at present and apparently waiting shipment of parts. When I have or unless someone else has it will get back to you with the offsets for info your text file

Nice design, thank you! I use it with two Noctua NF-A4x10. The coldend cools perfectly, the air from the upper fan doesn't seem to be enough for cooling the print. Which upper fan does the person use, that you made the fang for?

Have you changed to a Noctua 40mm 20mm for the top? Has it helped?

I saw some people using a 40x40x20 fan instead of 40x40x10. These ones will have some more ooomph (will be louder than the Noctua) and cool down more. I use a 40x40x10 now but will upgrade to a x20 soon.

I believe he just used a standard 40mm fan

  1. With the same fan duct style, do you think 40mm axial fan is better than the stock small blower fan? thingiverse.com/thing:2390346
  2. Do you think 40mm axial fan performs similar to 50mm blower fan? www.thingiverse.com/thing:2237084
    I tried the #1. It performed ok but not good enough. I also bought the 50mm blower fan but i noticed it was too noisy. I love to use 40mm noctua fan but just wonder if it has good performance.
    Finger crossed. hope you have already tested them. lol
OEM Fang CR-10
by Racush
Radial Fan Fang for Creality CR-10

I have not tested or compared them. I was asked to make this model for somebody that wanted to use the 40mm. I haven't even printed the model I made

so what fans are needed for this? abs or pla to print with?

2 standard 40mm fans. One comes on the cold end already, have to splice in the one for the part cooler. Pla works just fine for me

thanks for the information will order another 40mm fan

noticed now when I started printing with mine that the edge that is inside pushes alot of the air back up in the fan again instead of down the fangs. Maybe a version 3 could be more of a cone-shape from the fan. I think it would deliver more air to the extruder.

I'll check that out

So this uses the fans that came with the printer?

The cold end fan, yes. The fan on top, no.

If you want to keep oem fans, use this one.


OEM Fang CR-10
by Racush

FYI the V1 STL is tilted 1.14 degrees with the fan mount flat on the build plate

It's not supposed to stand straight up. It has a tilt because it mounts on the printer tilted

i guess i see what you mean. still works though

Hey, awesome Mod you did there !
I have 2 - 50mm fan laying around and would love to use them with the cr 10 because they are a lot quieter !
can you please upload the temp files ( source ) I'm still a newbie in fusion but I can try to resize everything to make it fit

i never had any other file than the STL. Also, you can load stl's in fusion 360