Hand-Screw Clamp

by jakejake Jun 25, 2017
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i thought it is cool then i printed it! the parts were different sizes and therefore did not fit so this screw is shit

Print a calibration cube and check your dimensional accuracy. Your calibration probably just differs from the designer’s.

Very nice and useful clamp. Thanks alot.

Printed the jaws several times in PLA at what should have been a more than sufficient amount of infill. Broke at the connection point for the pads every time when attempting to assemble.

Printed this in PETG and tested to destruction and it failed on both upper and lower levers right at the back, reprinted them levers with some extra meat added to the break area now just using it as a good usable tool. Massive credit to the designer not only for a superb assembly but it is also designed in a way that lends itself to very little infill. This is defiantly and benchmark and a platform for many prints to come.

I have done woodworking, and I can say that it's true that you can never have too many clamps.

Very nice!

Any chance you could include a design of a longer threaded rod to increase the jaw width capacity?

Maybe in multiple sizes, to allow for 6" and 9" capacity?

Very nice regardless!


Can you tell me which size / type thread did you use for your design?

What a lovely design. The sliding pins were a bit hard to print due to the small area that comes in contact with the build plate, but other than that it's pretty flawless. Without any post processing this thing fits together perfectly and works smoothly without lubrication. The tolerances are quite high so there's a lot of play, but that completely goes away while clamping.

This is actually quite poor presentation of 3d printing capabilities... If you would have a clamp that would print in place or in 2 parts only that would be impressive..

Ya... that's pretty rich, comrade.
There's definitely something to be said for innovative, ORIGINAL design, though.
Sadly, the same isn't necessarily true of derivative (or copies, or whatever) designs, print in place or not.
Anyway, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Actually, this is a great example of what 3D printing can be used for: Prototyping. He did say that this is what he was doing: Prototyping a new design. Of course this would be more economical (and stronger) if it were injection molded or metal. But this is a PROTOTYPE. And it's a really cool design.

So, I mean, where's your "better" clamp that you spent time and effort putting together and ensuring that it not only functions, but exceeds most ppls expectations of what a PLA 3d printed clamp is able to achieve, to share with the community?
And... and.... for.... how much did this design cost you again...?
Oh!? No way! It wasn't... You don't mean....
Nah, with the unnecessarily negative comments provided, that are just complaints, not even useful or constructive, like, not even a little bit, just to try to be "that guy", I would have thought, For Sure, this (actually super awesome, imo) design would have been more expensive than that!


Where is my better clamp?

Well here : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2863671

And it has been here for a year now. C:

Gendel_Aelfgar. Well from what he wrote in thw description I assumed he meant that its a showdown of 3d printing capability.


The ORIGINAL design is not original anyway, its a clamp type used widely in woodworking, nothing new, its just recreated using cad and 3d printing. I could say that my design (link above) is also ORIGINAL because I did model it from scratch and i also model it based on a woodworking clamp.

Thw ORIGINAL is imitation already. Its an imitation of preexisting type of clamp, thats also stated in a description of said ORIGINAL thing and so.... I mean its not like this guy discovered and invented a new type of clamp not used anywhere else.

My point is that this particular model in no way shows a capability of 3d printers, its not something that I would choose to show someone what you can do with 3d printing. Not that I would put out my version as a good example, I would made it 10 times better now, a year ago I didnt knew mucb abot cad and did that clamp in a way that I would not be prout of today, but still it would be better than the ORIGINAL clamp in terms of showing what 3d printing can do.


You're claiming that your model better demonstrates the capabilities of 3D printers because it’s printable in-place, and is hence better and more impressive.

First, demonstrating 3D printing’s capabilities through working mechanical objects printed in-place has already been shown ad nauseum by endless other objects (wrenches, planetary gears, bearings, etc…). So there’s nothing earth shatteringly impressive about your claim, least of all to justify dumping on someone else’s model.

Secondly, part of what makes jakejake’s clamp worthy of admiration is attractive, thoughtful design and functional execution, even if that object already existed commercially out of metal and moulded plastic. And jakejake’s clamp works: that’s good, ORIGINAL design. Your claim to have made something better is undercut by your own admission that you “did not test [your Screw Portable Clamp] fully so [you’re] not 100% sure it will work great.” and leaving it as a work in progress, which scarcely invites one to download and print it.

Just give credit where credit is due.

? Clearly I meant 3d printed with PLA... thought that was obvious.. especially after saying "PLA 3d printed".


Take a note that my response to you ended up at :"And it has been here for a year now. C:"

After that I was responding to other people and so... well, my clamp is printed in pla so thats the thing.


"You're claiming that your model better demonstrates the capabilities of 3D printers because it’s printable in-place, and is hence better and more impressive. "

No, I am not claiming its better or more impressive. I am claiming that its better in terms of showing what 3d printing is capable of.

The difference is huge, just like stale bread is better food than a new ferrari. Ferrari might be better car than a stale bread, that would be beside a point if I would be speaking about something being better food.

"First, demonstrating 3D printing’s capabilities through working mechanical objects printed in-place has already been shown ad nauseum by endless other objects (wrenches, planetary gears, bearings, etc…). So there’s nothing earth shatteringly impressive about your claim"

Yes, 3d printing capability in that cathegory was shown times and times again with design that are arguably better and more usefull than mine. There is nothing earht shatteringly about my design.

Just like there are tons of better food that shows how good at cooking we are than stale bread. Yet stale bread STILL trumps new ferrari in terms of being food any day.
My clamp shows capability of 3d printing better than this design. Nowhere in that sentence I am saying that my clamp is generally speaking better, not I say that its best or even good example of 3d printing capability, its just BETTER in that ONE cathegory. Thats it. Nothing more. I never claimed it ever was anything more.

"least of all to justify dumping on someone else’s model.""

And I dont, I am putting out a valid criticism that this particular clamp is not a good show of, and I quote from description: "a demonstration of a 3d printed mechanism to make this special type of clamp."

That is THE ONLY thing I have any type of problem with. Not only that but I took a time and effort to prove that you can make that demonstration of 3d printed mechanism a better demonstration of 3d printing mechanism, and bare in mind that I am piss poor at CAD design, or any design at all. It also connect with the fact that in this design an author claims : "This is tricky to assemble.", which in of itself shows that its not a good show of 3d printing abilities, its a flaw that was pointed not by me but by the author himself.

"Secondly, part of what makes jakejake’s clamp worthy of admiration is attractive, thoughtful design and functional execution,"

Which I was not mentioning at all and I didnt give a damn. My whole criticism revolve about none of those things and I never claimed that his clamp is not worthy of admiration, not atractive, not thoughtfull design or not functional in any other category than a show of 3d printing capability. So I dont care that ferrari is fast, good, nice looking, made out of space grade materials, fuel efficient... I am pointing out that you cant eat it. Sure a ferrari to a stale bread comparison is weird as both mine and this clamp are clamps with extremally simmilar overall design while bread and cars are not even remotely simmilar, but the point remains, I am speaking about one specyfic thing, and only it, nothing more, so telling me about other trhings that goes on with this clamps does nothing to counter my argument and is logical fallacy. If you point that out as a criticism towards my clamp however, well, I NEVER claimed that my clamp have any of those qualities so it also misses the point.

" even if that object already existed commercially out of metal and moulded plastic. And jakejake’s clamp works: that’s good, ORIGINAL design."

ok, lets see if I can show you that saying that means nothing.

" even if that object already existed commercially out of metal and moulded plastic, or as a 3d printable object. And 3D_PrintSlav's clamp works: that’s good, ORIGINAL design."

Well, that was easy.

Going with your logic every design that works is ORIGINAL. No, thats not the case, the core design of this tape of clamp is nothing new, and his take on it is not original. Just like with phones, nowadays 95% of phone design is not original, its all rectagles with a screen that can perform the same tasks as each other, they are different from each other but except from some visuals there is nothing original about them. And same here, there are tons of those clamps around, each different visually and quality wise, but they are not "original", they are different, unique, but mechanics of their works are EXACTLY the same, they do same job. So eighter none of them are ORIGINAL unless they got some features that other dont have, or ALL of them, mine included, are equally as ORIGINAL.

"our claim to have made something better is undercut by your own admission that you “did not test [your Screw Portable Clamp] fully so [you’re] not 100% sure it will work great.”"

Yes, becaus eI am not going to lie, I dont know how well it would perform in real life scenario, that was not the point of me making that clamp afterall, so its still beside the point. The point was to show that it is possible to have a design simmilar to the jake's one without a hassle of assembling and as a good example of what 3d printers can do. And my print perfectly shows that its possible to do that. I never claimed that my design is going to be good even in terms of showing the potential of 3d printing, i just said it was BETTER at that particular job than jake's design, and just like stale bread is not a good food by any stretch of imagination its still BETTER food than a ferrari.

"scarcely invites one to download and print it. "

And again, I dont need anyone to print it, its not why I did it in first place, I did it because I was arguing with someone who dont get how logic works just like you dont get it and demanded me to shut up or do it myself, since I had some spare time I did that, pointing to him that it was not relevant to my argument that it COULD be done better, to shut his mouth down and show that guy that you dont have to be chef in order to be able to see that you can cook a steak better than it was cooked.

"Just give credit where credit is due. "

I give myself a credit of creating a clamp design that is better at showing a capability of 3d printing thn a jake's clamp is. And since I was not speaking about any other qualities of any of those clamps at all I never took away credt from anything else from jake's design out so no need to "give it" in this particular case.

Stop implying that I said what I did not, its called streawman argument, logical fallacy. You created a strawman of my arguments and my points and then beaten it to shreds. Bravo, you are right, that strawman of argument, that argument that have nothing to do with what I said, you destroyed it completely, but my argument still stand as you did not touched it even a bit. You assigned something I never argued for to me and then proceed to proove that what you assigned to me is not true, cool, great, but it does nothing refuting my point anyway. So why bother?

Good grief!

You’ve succeeded in 3D printing a functional mechanical object in-place. Congratulations.

It appears I must now logically accept on its face that any mechanically functional object 3D printed in-place is a better representation of a 3D printer’s capabilities than one that is merely printed in parts.

Thanks for enlightening me.

By the way, I still think jakejake's design is better.

Comments deleted.

Sweet! I can use THIS!

Any chance you could include the STEP file to make it easyer to modify the design?

There seems to be something in the design that translates to some undesirable slicing and printing features, the gaps between the walls on the jaws, the outer wall of the last hole of the jaws is too thin between that and infills ect the walls will not print a nice finish no matter what size nozzle or layer height i get the same anomalies. other than its a decent design and the rest of the parts print well

Comments deleted.

It's already been said, but there are so many people put things up that are not ready for prime time. As stated before, there was no clean up and I printed it just as it was received. Worked great. Excellent instructions too. Few people take the time to do a good use demo.

Comments deleted.

Impressive design, I think these would work great for scale modeling projects, especially since it can be scaled for different sizes.

Talcum / baby powder is actually a very nice lubricant for parts like this. And not as messy :P

Very cool design. Everything fit perfectly. Keep up the good work.

What an awesome design! Congratulations!

I printed in PETG and there is a clear weak area in the first photos on this page that became relevant under load when it broke.
The shortest span of material at the draw axles to the rear of the jaws is the weakest point.
Almost looks like it's designed to fail.

Awesome!!! Always need more clamps for woodworking!

You are the MAN!!

Comments deleted.

Ingenious design. Like a nesting turnbuckle?

Comments deleted.

Excellent project for a number of reasons:

It's a strange clamp system with separate adjustments for the fulcrum height and clamp pressure. It takes a bit of playing to figure out which knob to turn.

I found out that it's not necessary to have 360º thread engagement as long as you have 'filler' pieces to keep engagement centred.

And pins don't have to be round ...?!

And, finally, it's a lesson in 'good design'. You must build one to really understand that.

The only problem I had was with those tiny pins. I had to use a brim. And getting the brim out of the slots was a headache.

this is actually not as good design for 3d printing...

You could make that type of clamp to be printed in 2 parts only, in fact I did lol

I printed these and it turned out very well even without waxing it at the end.

Great. I really like this one. thanks

Excellent model - works well, prints great, assembles easily and functions great. What more can you ask for. Well done and thanks

Whats the best material for printing the pins? Any recommendations?

Comments deleted.

I just did regular PLA.

Comments deleted.

Even with printed parts from three different printers, all the parts fit together nicely. I have been very pleased with any model I have printed posted by you. This includes the truck, the turtle and the lure.
Thanks again for great work.

Great design. Aesthetically pleasing and functional.

And it's so satisfying.

One if the best designs and models I have every printed! No sanding or post-processing required to make parts fit! Great work!

exactlly as you say - no postprocessing

works flawlees

print details:
self-made Delta Printer
Layer Height -> 0.25
Infill -> 26%

This is amazing. Beautiful. And the amount of force is outstanding. Thank you!

Thanks for the kind words SkyRider

I made it and it’s great. I printed it on a Makerbot Replicator 2x at 60% infill. The assembly is simple once you watch the video.

Wow after printing I'm seeing even more of the awesome design.

Thanks so much.

I'm glad you like it :)

Hey, friendly neighborhood mechanical engineer here...

First off: this is what we like to call "dope fresh" in my profession. Seriously. Well done.

Second off: for those of you whose slide hinge pins are breaking - print (with support and raft) on the 'knife edge' side of the part. This will utilize the direction of the layer lines to your advantage. Shear stress applied in the direction of a layer line can lead to delamination and slip (especially with something as small as this pin). Printing on the knife edge, rotates that slip system by 90 degrees. This requires you to have to literally shear through the pin material, instead of merely delaminating a layer, to break it.

NOW! I know this isn't ideal. The print will probably require some post processing, BUT it should hold up to whatever you (reasonably) put it through.

In fact, this practice is valuable in a lot of areas, this scenario not withstanding. Just be aware of the direction of shear stress relative to layers. Try and apply it anywhere from 15-165 degrees off of the xy-plane (if the xy-plane is the first print layer).

Hope this helps :) Happy printing

Thanks for the compliment!

In layman's terms, print the parts in the provided orientation and you should be fine ;)

I am totally printing this! :)

Great design! Printed perfectly, rotating sliding hinge part so I didn't need brim. Assembled easily with very smooth operation. Thanks, jakejake!

This has been so popular for so god damned long that I'm making one just to see why everyone is so excited.

Do i need to use support for the jaws?

I didn't and mine worked fine

Cool design, worked on the first try. Thanks. Used PETG.

hey this is great im printing one now for around Christmas. im going to buy a big bag of mixed nuts and let the grandkids crack em should keep them busy for hours lol. kidding i will use it alot om sure for clamping small wood projects. thanks for sharing.

Thanks, I hope it works out for you

Congrates on another fearture

Anyone else have thin voids in their "jaw" stl files? I thought maybe my slicer was messing up. But then I see that it is in the stl file itself, even when looking at the jaw1 part in the Thingiverse 3d viewer I see it. It's like the outside walls of the jaws, rather than being 1 solid piece...or 2 pieces with a almost invisible gap in between them.

Those gaps were added to increase the number of shells running down the jaw to increase it's strength. The inserts inside of the knob have always been the weak link, however.

I was about to ask about those, I sort of guessed their purpose was to double perimeter count, nice and fresh design btw, thanks for sharing. :)

It does have what your saying. Still works though.

My friend made tonz of these and sold them. Made mad money. Awesome design!

This has a non commercial licence attached, please tell your friend to learn basic community guidelines and not to sell unlicensed designs, or at the very least,(you) try not to brag about it to original designer on a public post...Thanks. Have a good day...

wow that's a tough way to scrape together some cash

What brand of filament are you using for the orange pieces in the images?

it is matterhackers pro pla, thats pretty much the only brand i buy

This is an excellent design. My only thought for improvement would be to make the jaw arms longer so there'd be more space between the pads and the threaded screws. I may remix it when I have time.

IMO, this is one of the best design for 3D print I have ever seen. I deal everyday with people who want to use AM and the knowledge about how to design for AM is 0.

Thank you!, I am going to use it as an example of a good design for this technology.

thanks for the kind words I'm glad you enjoy it :)

Don't print Jaw2.stl - that don't fit

What's the difference between Jaw1.stl and Jaw2.stl?

the two jaws are slightly different, one has wider spacing inside for the hinge mechanism. Both are needed to print the clamp

Making the "slide hinges" and they want to keep coming loose from the build plate. Using a Prusa MK2S, printing in PLA with the build plate at 55c. Thinking of adding a brim and wondering if anyone else has had to do so. I've got all the other parts, just need these.

I had similar issues. Try rotating the part 90 degrees so it lies flat. It printed a lot cleaner for me with less sagging or warping.

Thanks for the tip ! I ended up using a brim, but I've got to make two more, and I'll rotate and see what happens.

Hi JakeJake,

your design is awesome thanks again. When I show my prints to my brother he asked me if I can print few for him. He is building scale models and he need such clamps. But he needs little bit longer threads. Before I do remixing I wanna kindly ask you if you can upload two or three additional Threadsx2.stl elements - say x2, x3, x4 longer? I will be very grateful.

sorry i didn't have time to make that, thanks for making the remix though. it looks great! hope that worked out ok for your brother

tolerance is too tight

may want to print the nut at 101%

Love the clamp, but did you also know you can use the same parts and assemble it the other way around and use it a a spreader.

Nice! maybe there are some special grips that can be designed for that purpose

This is a very nice design! I also like your love for details and how you present your designs, especially the exploded views. Would you like share with us how you did them ;-)

Thanks! I just uploaded my design process for these on my blog:

as far as the visuals, it is a manual process that requires a few types of specific software that is not free, but maybe I will release a guide in the future anyway.

Having dabbled in woodworking these clamps could be very useful. I see these as a way to construct a unique clamp for each situation. very good design and shows instinctive talent for design. Very good

thanks for the kind words Grampa, I might release some variants in the future.

This is amazing jakejake. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks guys, I hope it works well for you. Might release alternate "pad" designs in the future for special tasks depending on how useful it actually is.

I made a few different pads for use with this clamp. check in remix

looks good! thanks

Great designs, thanks!

Good job man I've printed several of your things now and they all work great. Keep up the great work.

quite impressive!!
what material did you use? ABS?

wouldn't the clamps become much stronger, if you'd change the orientation of the "jaw"-files?
sure, you will need supports, but the holes will withstand much greater forces!!

thank you! It is PLA

After some early prototypes, I kept them in the orientation shown, so I must admit I haven't tried the final design in that orientation. Maybe I will try that.

The shells layered in this orientation gives the side walls a structural rib function which prevents tear-out around the holes so the holes themselves don't need to be strong. If you zoom in there is actually a tiny gap in the center of the rib, doubling the shells in that area. But I'm not sure what the effect of layer gaps in a print would have on this.

printing the jaws up and down would make them weaker because of the smaller layers

What filaments are you using? I really like the matte red and matte white.

I use matter hackers pro pla for just about everything. I like the colors and I never have any issues printing with it, so I use it exclusively (I have no affiliation with them).

Oh, I've heard good things about them. Thanks!

Another awesome design, thanks for sharing!