by hugoarchicad Jun 25, 2017
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do you have a file for the Blue squash balls? they are 12% bigger

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I printed these feet during the weekend and I am amazed how much this helps in silencing the printer. I used 'single yellow dot' balls from Decathlon. Thanks!

Love this design , but took it a step further by adding a better connection to the bottom rail for the raquetball version. I was having issues getting Cura to print for some odd reason , and asked a friend to slice up the new stl in S3d . The results were amazing . They clamp onto the bottom rail perfectly now. Just waiting for the Raquet balls to come.

Thank you again for your work.
You inspired me to create support feet for the control box.

CR-10 Controlbox Feet Support
by Angel3D

Mate that is great!!!! I will print your feet in return it looks great!

I am glad you like my idea too!
I notice some wobbling when turning on the control wheel, but I am also having the 1kg filament role on top of the control box, which might cause that. Anyway, the controlbox is just touched some few seconds per print, isn't it?
But what I like the most, is the controlbox and the printer are going along with a partner-look. :-)

great model and idea BTW,

just a little side question.....
is that an anycubic surface bed on your CR10, only reason i ask, i upgraded to one this week for my cr10, and i have to say, absolute rubbish, every single print this weekend has come off the bed withing minutes,
i'm printing at 50 bed, have tried 60 bed, all exact same results.

the sad thing is, the only print i have had off this, is when i put glue stick on it.
which kinda defeats the reason i bought it.

so if you do have one, what are your results, and what are your settings?

if its not one i apologize, unless someone else can answer it.


Hi there! Thanks.
I no longer use the stuff I had on the bed.
I know 3D print on a mirror sheet I bought as a packet of 4 tiles from ikea.
And I spray once a month spray adhesive ( only a light mist) that is all I do.
I have i’d Say a 99% success rate with pla at 60 degree bed with original nozzle at 210 degrees. I hope this helps

Thanks for the quick reply mate, appreciated.

Yea must say my near perfect success has been glass bed original, and just glue stick.
Funny Think is, I’ve ordered an Ikea mirror just yesterday .

And I’m printing this as we speak.
Is it just the fans that are on the CR10 now?


Am I right in thinking that for less vibrations, I should go for the competition squash balls (double yellow) which are softer?

I don’t know anything about squash balls, I had the idea and a friend gave me 4 balls to try out. I have noticed two sag more than the other two. So I would go for the softer ones.

Okay, the softer the better.
Don't know that much either about the color thing, had to google it out.
For further referencence, here are the dots color ranking from softer to firmer:

  • orange
  • double yellow
  • yellow
  • green
  • red
  • blue

(credits to : https://thesquashcompany.com/squash-balls-what-are-the-coloured-dots/)

I haven't played racquetball for 25 years, but I just happen to have 4 balls lying around. I will be trying this soon. Thanks for the idea.

perfect! let me know what you think of their performance

so this is what a squash foot is!!! nice!!

Anyone printed the big feet? How you placed it in slicer? thx

Are there any problems with the quality of the print based on wobbling of the printer?

if i'm not mistaken the vibrations from the printer movement to the underground/table/enclosure getting reduced - but isnt it possible that instead of that the movement / wobbling on the squashballs getting transfered to the printer itself and also on the printed object?

It's a great idea but it made my printer alot more unstable. The wobble from the printer transferred to my print and ruined it.

Oh thats a shame, i am sorry to hear that.
most people are liking the performance!
I have two CR-10's one with this and one without...so much quieter.
I have it on my desk at work and I have been printing a huge AT-AT model with prints over 90 hours long with no problem at all.

FYI, you can get the same result without printing a thing, take the styrofoam from the box your CR-10 came in, cut it to 1.5 inch squares and your set. In all reality this print is also not needed if you get the stepper motion dampers from amazon for about $7, which eliminates almost all the vibration from your machine to begin with.

you are most probably right ....


Where is the fun in that!!!!!!

thanks for the squash foot. I just print one, now the other 3. I don't know why the model was on its side. I had to turn it 90° in Cura. ( the text CR-10 was at the bottom. )
I'll post a picture once all is done.

did you ever make the enclosure? did you post plans or parts anywhere?


I have designed it but have been recuperating from operation, so soon

CR-10 enclosure system

Ok. Get well. Let us know when complete

Interesting idea, If you want to preserve your ownership - I do have an idea on a mod.
Cork is perfect for vibrations as well, adjusting the mod so it fits corks from wine bottles would be a nice idea.

now thats a great idea!! do you know the diameter of a wine cork in mm?

how much will this raise the printer? Looking to see if I could fit this on my shelf.

Hey @hugoarchicad any plans on releasing the Enclosure pics? I'm very much interested in making my own.

Hi there, I have been on holidays.
I just returned.
Give me a week and I will have it made

Do you have the enclosure plans or videos on YT of the enclosure? I just but a Creality CR-10
and understand to print ABS an enclosure is a must.

I have it all designed, just need to put it together and take photos BUT I am going on holidays so it will be posted when I return at the end of the month

Ohh thanks for the feets, my printer is so quiet... thanks a lot. https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00WNZ2KXA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
this balls are under my feets

I am glad you like them!
Can you post a photo on thingiverse for me please??

there are squash balls with double yellow, this are the ultra slow bals, so the softies :-D Thanks

Bought 4 balls today. Two with one blue dot and 2 with one yellow dot. Different qualities. The blue dot means fast and yellow dot means slow ball. They only had two packages with balls so I had to get different ones. Going to put the blue dot on the back and yellow on the front. Printing the supports now.

I looked up "squash balls" on amazon and they seem too big. Is there a specific one I need to get or do those work fine?

hi there, all squash balls as far as i know are the same size.
The ones i got were from a friend who plays squash.
they object i made has a diameter hole of 30mm from memory, the squash balls from memory are 29mm in size.
they are soft and squishy they will fit, they are not solid like a golf ball.

I think that they are 40mm, not 30.

Squash balls are between 39.5 and 40.5 mm in diameter, racquetball ~ 57.15mm

look at the new updated photos!

Thise are tenis balls are what?

Clearly says in the description that they are squash balls. :-P


Google "Squash balls".

pretty cool do you have a design for 3030 profile?