Beta Precision Piezo/Moriquendi E3D Titan and Titan Aero Piezo Z probe Bracket

by DjDemonD Jun 26, 2017
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Hi! I'm having problems figuring out where the spacer should be placed when the mount is placed upside down. Is it between the stepper and the mount? Or is it between the carriage and the mount?

"The adapter plate goes between the bracket and whatever you're mounting it too, it provides clearance for the bracket to move up when pushed. If you're providing clearance in whatever you're mounting it to then you don't need the spacer" Idris.

I'll ask Idris (Moriquendi) to take a look as its his design.

Pardon my ignorance but I how do these work. I understand the one that fits to the top of the groove mount, the pressure from the nozzle touching the bed, squashes the piezo which produces a voltage. How do they work when the piezo is mounted to the titan bracket?

Piezos generate a detectable voltage rise, when tapped, squeezed or bent. In the Piezo20 module design https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2319993 the disc is supported on its periphery and it gets bent by the hotend pushing up into the centre from below. In the titan bracket, the piezo is bonded with superglue/CA glue to the base, but the shape of the base means the piezo gets bent when the bracket is pushed upwards by the hotend contacting the bed. It's not quite as easy to tune, as the force transmitted is less direct than in the above-the-hotend implemntation, but it does work. Don't overdo the glue just a thin smear around the underside of the piezo disc. Hope this helps.

Precision Piezo - Piezo20 Hotend Z Probe

Do you have any photos of how this is mounted to the rest? Is it relying on twisting in the plastic?

Yes I'll post an image of one fitted to a printer. The bracket can flex slightly, the flex is directed through the piezo disc, which flexes also.