E3D V6 Silicone Cover (Mold) / Cartridge Thermistor Version

by Martin_S Jun 26, 2017
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What design software are you rendering in for your pictures? I really like the minimal layout look.


whether you have plans to make such device for Vocano?

an addition for the smaller NON cartridge style heat block would be great.

I use these socks on the smaller blocks by making a tiny block of aluminum and sticking it on with jb weld to make the sock fit.
its a pain in the sitting parts....

But I much prefer having a sock on the heat block....

Thanx for designing this!!

Hi, for the old blocks you mean? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1655134
or there is a different heater block that I'm not aware of?

E3D V6 Silicone Cover (Mold) / Old Blocks Version

no that's the one, and I feel a little silly I did not go looking......

Thanx :)

Awesome then :D
Glad to help.

Awesome, thanks alot, I'm sure it means alot for who can not own this thing :)

Yes sir ^_^

Not sure if you know this but you can buy a pack of 3 of these for less than the cost of the silicone tube.

I've been less than impressed by the longevity and "holding" power of the official sock for the price... and you can make a lot more from one tube...

as an auto mechanic i have tubes of rtv silicone laying around so the only cost for me is some filament and time

Yes I know, and I'm currently using E3D socks with my Titan Aero.
But like I said, I made this as a request. I know for sure that makers want to make :P

Thanks for your input though.

Just wasn't sure. I do the same thing a lot of times.

Weird.. the answer was a "thumbs up emoji" but it disappeared.