Eiffel Tower (Scaled 3x) printed on Ultimaker

by approx Jun 2, 2012
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I can not get a good tip of the Eiffel part2.stl ... I have missing pieces and badly printed ... my Ultimaker 2 what are the parameters used for the PLA? I am using a nozzle 0.4 - layer 0.2 - infill 20% - speed 60mm/s - latest version Cura software.
Who can help me?


I tried printing this twice on my Ultimaker 2+ using Simplify3d and BOTH times it failed at the same spot. Right after it starts printing a solid layer and then starts making the tiny rows of X's ... at the top end of the X's.. .it just stops extruding. Perhaps its my Slicer... Simplify3D hasn't let me down yet though. Also tried with two different filaments.

Oh well.. Réessayez plus tard

Printed this at 80% scale, 20% infill with no support, but needed a raft/skirt/brim. looks excellent, wish I had done it bigger. Will upload pics soon.

can't seem to get the bottom to print anything but the feet. very odd. tried twice.

if u look at the pics it looks not so good. rough to be fair. is this on the new ultimaker. was going to buy one till i saw the pic of quality

I printed the same gc file (with the rail) and no support needed, ended up removing the rail and printing it flat and ca'd it on.

mine was 244mm tall

mm really nice i will try to print it i suppose without support

Any feedback if I need to print support??

Any feedback if I need to print support??

Did you guys printed this with supports?

Is supports necessary??

Can you post the print settings for the UM2? I have trouble with printing the arch of the bottom piece...

Anyone can help me??i got an error in my replicatorG software also tower of pisa... "gcode sourcereplicatorg.app.gcode.MutableGCodeSource@6e375e" Please help..

Hey, would it be possible to make the part2 into 2 parts? So it turns out being 3 parts? Let me know. Thanks.

really a brillint job

I tried many times to get the gcode from it. It says "something went wrong during slicing". Any idea?

we have same problem

Built perfectly on my Ultimaker! The detail on this is fantastic.

Printed on my Replicator in black ABS with 0.1mm layers. 12 hours for the bottom and 4+ for the top. Sliced using Miracle Grue. The gcode looked like the railings would be printed, but sadly, they were not. But the top came out nice.

Shockingly, this didn't print so well on my Replicator when I shrank the full model down to 4 cm /side at the base. 

Hey this is awesome! I'm currently printing the top part but for some reason I don't get any of the outer lattices. With lots of X lattices it'd look much cooler.

Any ideas?

I used Cura for slicing with 0.2mm height.

Found out after my UM skipped a few layers at the beginning of the very top part(pinnacle). There was some empty layers where very very intricate columns should have been, due to "wall thickness" setting.

In order to print out smallest parts, set your wall thickness below 0.45mm, which will probably work with 0.4mm nozzle size. If it's thicker than that Cura will skip anything smaller than that.

If I'm saying what everyone already knows, please discard.. ;)

i'm glad you figured it out minifacture :) another option is to reduce the nozzle size in cura to .3 and slice... this might have other implications, but it seemed to work for me when i tried printing the railings (which are in the middle of the tower)

wouldn't it mess up the extrusion amount? I've always thought the nozzle size setting in Cura is on of the variables in g-code calculation.

yea it was alter the extrusion amount.. but if you're printing a small part - like i was printing the railing - i don't think matters a whole lot.. the goal was to get the slicer to slice something smaller than .4mm in width..

Amazing, I've never thought that an Ultimaker could do this!!!

Nice job!!!

Thanks! Yea I wasn't sure either until i actually printed it :)

I want to print this on my makerbot so bad but even cut in half my printer can't fit it on the print bed at a decent resolution to print well.

Also the whole slicing thing is a big problem, because most slicer drop the details... #need_better_slicers

i think the makerbot replicator should have the same build space as ultimaker.. but I am assuming you have a previous version of makerbot printers...

I've got a Thing-O-Matic and it only has a 120x120mm build platform. I guess I'll have to wait until we either get a better slicer or a larger print platform.

Wow, looks awesome. How long did it take to print and what kind of glue do you recommend to tight the parts together?

Thanks! So it took about 20 hours to print (Base 14 hours + Top 6 hours) at .2mm layer height