Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bottle rocket launch pad and nozzle

by Depronized Jun 27, 2017
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hi :)
going to start printing this in the weekend :)
but wondering if you have a parts list??

Nice design but why such a large nozzle, won't you lose a lot of thrust like that?

That's a perfectly valid question. :) The nozzle is actually based on one that I found from a bottle rocket team that has apparently tried and tested a lot of different designs, because I wanted to put my energy into the launch ramp rather than trying different nozzles. However I'm not at all sure this is the most efficient design, but it gives a lot of thrust so I had no reason to seek alternatives. But I made the nozzle interface on the ramp possible to change if it should be needed later.

I'm soon ready for launch with this design. I must say that I am impressed by the mechanics.

A few questions or comments;

1) Did you place an o-ring between the inner ring and base? I did, it seemed like the right thing to do.
2) The lock is a very tight fit, If the flat head screws used to tighten the inner ring to the base "build up" just a tiny more space, there is no secure lock. Reducing the nozzle neck diameter could fix it, or just work in some more slack? Or just my bad?


Yes I put an O-ring there. Regarding the inner ring, I used countersunk screws and yes, it is a very tight fit, so you can sand down the locker ring upper edges until you get a good enough lock function. As you can see I made two O-ring slots on the nozzle insert, but I lnly user the lower one on mine as it is a too tight fit otherwise. I also recommend to put an arm extension on the locker ring to attach your release line to so you don't have to pull so hard. I was a bit afraid that the locker arms would push too hard on the locker ring when pressure builds up but there was actually no problen to launch, just that I noticed an arm extension would be good.

What types of screws so you use to secure the air valve adapter to the main base? There are four screw holes. Any glue or other adhesives?

Comments deleted.

Is this usable yet? I was thinking about printing one for the 4th.

Hi! yes it is useful to the extent that I have tested air pressure by filling up the bottle first under the tap (to about 3'd) with water and then placing it on the launch pad, then pressurize it from a compressor and release with a string attached to the locker ring. This far I can say for sure works. What I haven't tested is the water connector as I didn't have time to complete it before I went to the country house to test it. Also, my prototype leaked pretty much so I had to fill fill the water end of it with melt glue to get it pressure tight. I guess I was printing it too fast with too thick layers (0,35mm, the fast profile in Slic3r) so the layers wasn't bonded 100% leaving lots of small gaps. I used 6 perimeters and 20% infill, and I think that is OK if you print with 0,2 or 0,25mm layers and not too fast so that you get even and well bonded layers. What you can do if you only want to use the air pressure connector is make a plate with 4 holes and just plug the water end for now.

Very nice and unique launch base.
Exactly what I searched for a long time.
But I miss the triangular base body.
Have you may forgot to upload?
Would be very kind if you can ad it.

I forgot to upload it yesterday, now it's added. :) thanks for letting me know, I was a bit too fast.

You have also forgotten about the fins, but it is nothing difficult to design yourself :)

Hi, no, but you are right in one sense, I forgot to write that the kit only includs mounting for the fins, you have to cut out the fins according to the design you want. :) Mine in the picture are too small, rocket went bananas. :)

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately there is a different thread in the bottles I can get in my country and I will have to modify it by myself (I will then post it as remixed).

If you haven't gotten too far with your modification yet, wait, I'll upload a STEP-file with the nozzle without threads so you can import it into your CAD-software and add the threads.

Actually... still haven't started it. Whenever you can please post the files (IGES would be great too!