e3D V6 Bowden mount for Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus

by CarstenD Jun 28, 2017
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What length of screws does this need in order to assemble?

Hi, did you have to modify something in the firmware when you put the E3D thermistor?

Hi! Would you be willing to share the cad files or even STEP files? Thank you!

Hey, I am having trouble understanding the workings, where would the Mk10 extruder go if the wiring is short. Do I need to buy an extra wire too? If there are images of the wiring that you have and the entire rear of the printer that you could share, that would be great to get an understanding.

What stepper motor did you use for the extruder? I just tried with my (powerspec) i3 plus' stock extruder motor and the connector protrudes and prevents the motor from lining up with the mount.

EDIT: I did not try to remove the extruder pieces from the extruder and simply rotate the motor and reassemble, would that work?

EDIT 2: Yes, that works. remove the lever assembly and re-install it so the connector is out of the way (facing down, in my case), and it works. The screw holes do not line up 100% for me, but they line up enough that two screws can hold the motor in place!

I am trying to use your 10mm motor mount with a microswiss extruder level and plate. the screw hole for the 10mm bowden screws on smoothly, but the motor mounts screw holes don't line up for me. It is off by juuuust enough that it doesn't fit. All the other dimensions look perfect. i've tried editing the stl in fusion, but to edit i have to reduce the poly count, which reduces quality. could you possibly help me edit your file, or share it?

carstend, this is a great upgrade, once it is working properly. Prints are %150 better quality, all try and upload some before and after prints when i get a chance.

problems i had, ordered chinese v6 hotend would plug due to bad all metal throat. luckily i had another chinese one and between the two i could frankenstein one together that works.

I ordered a real e3d and it's on it's way, will swap the frankenstein with genuine e3d once it arrives.

other major issue was the spring used to tension the extruder gear to the filament wasn't strong enough to properly feed filament(thanks to your design and can visually watch the gear turn and look for slipping or jamming). i fixed this issue by cutting an stiffer bed spring to proper size and added it to extruder. Now has a double spring design and i can visually see the filament leave with indentation in the filament caused by gear teeth.

minor issue holes for heat sink fan could only get 3 out of 4 screws to line up. Probably the chinese version not properly to spec compared to e3ds.

many thanks for your design, saved me some time in solidworks.

swap outside and then swap inside wires and motor direction will reverse. Youtube video show just swapping the outside wires. This didn't work for me i had to swap all four. Example say wires are ABCD swap it to DCBA


any idea on how to reverse the rotation of the extruder stepper motor? Only problem i have came across in this upgrade.

nevermind i realize what part it is just don't realize why you didn't put another arm on the backside to add extra rigidness.

thanks for design all see how it works.

file to attach stepper to frame?? can't use this without it???

I plan on printing this tonight, installing it tomorrow, and then printing the spool holder. I'll tell you how it goes. If it works I'll post a pic of it. Thanks for saving me a lot of time designing one with stock nozzle height. -Kellen

What all additional hardware does this print require?

Hello ?

What is the model for 10 mm? What exactly 10 mm?
I ordered a E3dV6, but that there is 10 mm I do not know and what will come too, I don't know.

Will it be OK to make these parts with ABS filament?

Installed this on my MP Maker Select (Wanhao Duplicator I3 clone), and it's amazingly great. I used a E3D clone kit (from https://www.ebay.ca/itm/All-Metal-V6-Hotend-1-75mm-Bowden-Extruder-Prusa-i3-Reprap-3D-Printer-Deluxe-Kit/162867363426?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649) and it fit perfectly. Thanks very much!

What size screws did you use to hold the mount together

m3's, and m3 non locknuts, but I forget the length. Not very long, maybe 12mm,


You are welcome jblakey. Thanks for info, nice words and more

This is great, thanks for sharing with the rest of us!!
One question... how do we re-wire the extruder servo to run in reverse? With this new mount, it now runs the wrong direction.

So I'm actually having this problem after wiring everything up. Load/Unload filament work in reverse and if I use repetier host to extrude, it withdraws instead. Any ideas?

I'm using this cable with the black and red wires swapped on the 4 pin end to make it match the stock cable: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B077Y3BB7J/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Edit: Fixed it. Red-Green-Blue-Black on the 4 pin side

It doesn't need to be reversed, it's still moving filament in the same direction it was. The entire setup was just rotated 180 degrees to now push filament up into the bowden rather than down. I'm wondering the best way to get the wiring over to the extruder ... I'd love to try this, but I'd need to figure that out first.

Hi Carstan, I'd like to print the extruder frame mount. Problem is the extruder screw that feeds the filament it is only 4mm in diameter. The typical screw that the e3d v6 comes with is 9.5mm. Any way you can provide the file? I think you used fusion. Much appreciated.

Hi joblackk4949,
Will do, if you, in return, promis to spell my name right next time

Update: Done!

What screw size are you using to attach the fan piece to the base? Is the base supposed to have a captive nut to catch the screw?

i looks like you're using the ciicooler as well. when i installed your parts i realized that the nozzle is not in the middle of the cooler but has an offset of like 5mm. can this be true?

True, I simply forgot about the 2 washers I had to add to one of the CiiiCooler's mounting screws.

i meant offset to the right (if you sit in front of the printer and look at the print head). so the print head is 5mm off to the right compared to the ciicooler. so the print head is almost touching the cooler. unfotunately i don't know how to add pictures here so i could show it.

I know. Added text and image to clarify.

left side ok. took me some time to understand what you mean. you're TILTING the whole fan. i just modded the e3dfan and e3dbase by shifting the e3d "hole" by 4.5mm to the side.

Is the cap necessary? Or just for a clean look?

Just a clean look, mine is fine without it

what size fitting did you use on the extruder

How did you wire up the extruder stepper? Did you seperate the ribbon cable?

i would like to know that as well. i installed all parts before i realized that the extruder cable needs some extension :)

Hi, in the original picture set you have a part cooler that utilizes a blower style fan, do you still have that file laying around?? I have a 24v blower that I'd like to use in this set up. Looks like a great design, excited to give it a whirl!

Did you have to get a longer cable for the extruder stepper and run it back to the assembly?

this is awesome. I bought an e3d clone a few weeks ago but due to my printer smelling of fire before fitting it. I've sent it back for the vendor to see what was wrong. I'll be printing this when I get it back

Hi Carsten
Looks awesome really want to try this, but have a few newbie questions about it. Did you print this is in ABS and when you say pretty much just start print what changes did you have to make. And Where did you buy e3D V6 extruder?

Hi royrogers,
I printed it in PLA (Fillamentum PLA Extrafill Vertigo Grey). No changes needed other than ordinary leveling. I bought the extruder directly from 'e3d-online.com' and it was delivered at my address in Denmark within 2 days :-)

Thanks for the quick reply. Did you buy the 24v extruder kit, what do you need for this upgrade, sorry for all these questions but I'm on vacation in Lisbon. So don't have the i3 plus here to check. Wanted to order them know so I have them when I'm back.

I'm out of town too. Will add a part-list when I get home.