LED Bridge Light Mini

by FeedMePi Jun 28, 2017
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could you make a straight section so i can go higher with lilghts? thank you

How many segments do you need to print ?

it is in 5 segments but I was able to fit it all onto one platform but things go awry when I tend to crowd my building platform

Could you please clarify once more - x2 base holders, x1 joiner on the very top and x2+x2 left and right sides ?

print each piece once. they fit together like a puzzle if you try to fit 2 of the same part it will not assemble correctly. that includes the base pieces

Yes, i prefer to print more smaller fragments too, with 1-2hours each. Thanks!

1) Wouldn't the plastic melt from the temperature from LED strip?
2) 1A is too small value for LED strip like this. 100% put bigger one. As soon as i would make mine, i'll attach it to power supply and measure current to be more precise.

1) The Power of the LEDS are way too low to get that hot. The LED strip is designed for low heat and safe to the touch. They do produce some heat but nothing that could burn you or the plastic
the LEDS are rated 24 W at 12 v you would want a ~2A power supply, thank you for bringing that to my attention!
2) In the photos and my daily use I use a 1A power supply I get great lighting and my power supply doesn't get hot. A 2 Amp power supply would probably be more suitable but 1A has been working great for me and not too bright. I would love to see your set up when its complete!

I've measured Amphers - mine RGB has 4 pins for connection and R&G&B diodes. Usage is around 0.58 Amps. So 1A should be fine.

What's the overall width and what is the length of light strip needed?

its about 18" wide overall base to base, and you would need roughly 24" of light strip

Cool idea, really great for painting figurines:)

Thanks! yeah I just needed something much more close to what I was working with. Thanks for the Idea of the bridge light!