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Mini FPV quad copter kit for V929 or HK Q-bot

by 3dxl Feb 4, 2014
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I would love to print this, but it slices weird and what actually does print is so thin and brittle that I can hardly get it off the print bed, much less print it. What is up with these models? Your print looks great

What printer you use? I use PP3DP UP printer, my buddies who uses UP 2 have no problem. But i heard printer such as makerbot have such issues with my STL unless try to tweak up the printing setup before print. For our printer we kept our setting default.

Its a Robo3D. We use it mostly for everyday prototyping and I don't have trouble with most objects. This one shows "cracky" as you said for example, the rings don't actually connect to the rest of the frame. They printed in midair just resting on the support material. I watched it make arcs that didn't connect to the rest of the model with a confused look on my face lol. It looks like that all over the model and I can't figure out how to fix it. I even ran it though some of my CAD and STLsoftware as well as the online netfabb one. I broke an arm yesterday on my u818a and would love to just print this model and get back to flying. I'm at a loss at what to try next. I appreciate the reply. Let me know if you have any ideas

Update: I used Cura Slicer and actually got it to look much more connected. Printing now. I hope this works. MatterSlice nor Simplify3D could slice it properly

Update again:
I spoke too soon, still can't print it

Comments deleted.

Great job!

(it looks like it's Drone │ Assimov xd)

Thanks bro.

Love your designs!

There's just one question: on your homepage you mention 1-1.5km range with the v929 board and a turnigy 9X. What module are you using in the 9X/which modules are compatible to the v929 FC and are any modifications to the v929 board necessary?


Just a minor mode to make it possible. First, default V929 antenna located pointed below the quad, unsolder and resolder back on the opposite side up pointing upwards to clear the antenna LOS obstacles.

I use original TURNIGY 9X (TGY9X) radio that comes with its 2.4ghz V2 module behind. However depending of which year of batch production, upon inspection when open several module of same model but different year it seem different manufacturer/contractor build different radio transmitter board module supply to the controller that have variable radio power range. My 2012 module can push up to 1.5km compare to 2013 module. However the other compatible radio version FlySky 9X (TH9X) could bind but have lower range around 600~800.

Man I love bothof your designs, Im pretty sure I can adapt my parts from my WL-V252 into the pixxie frame, and this for my QBOT (: Love it instead of trashing the outgrown evolve them has been what I am doing as well. (: Keep up the great work! (:

Great build!

Do you want me to fix the "cracks" and send you the updated files?

Dangerweenie: Awesome, that would be a great help for everyone in thingiverse. Let me know when its done. :)

I have a few question for you.

1- What camera + lens are you using
2- Do you print and sale parts my 3D printer kit will be coming for x-mas but would like to get started sooner on a Mini-fpv quad

my e-mail is hugues (dot) 1968 (at) gmail (dot) com

Last question are those the original boom ?

Yes those are original carbon boom, i'll update again the list of hardware build for this kit at my website tonite. ;)

Hi, Sorry for the late reply,

  1. Im using 520TVL nano CMOS camera with 90 degree lens:

  2. Nope, i not doing commercial/sale printing stuff. I'm just doing it for hobby and fun. I like to share my stuff and setup. Since your 3d printer kit is coming just download these for free.

Thank for the info and nice work I guess I'll be patient and wait ti have my machine up and running...!
That will give me some incentive to get the kit together a little faster wife won't be happy lol...!
Thanks for sharing